Does LOVE always find everyone?

My question of the day is: Does LOVE always find everyone?

For all of my life I always believed it did. I always thought that there was someone out there for everyone. I am not sure if that was my "optimistic" way of looking at things, or if that was the way I was raised, or if that was something I was just always hoping for myself! I never thought that LOVE wouldn't find everyone.

However, I happen to be a follower of "Desperate Housewives", anyone else watch that show? So the other week, I was watching it and Susan was talking to her "boss" the art teacher about LOVE. Her art teacher was telling her how she has spent all of her life chasing LOVE and still hasn't found it. This is when Susan told her, LOVE doesn't always find everyone. If I would have been standing, I know I would have fallen over. I was shocked to hear her say that. I didn't expect that. And that is what got me thinking. It made me think, Does LOVE always find everyone?

I mean there are so many people out there, that have gone through divorces and had their hearts broken... was that when LOVE found them and now it is gone?

What about the people that lost the LOVE of their life? Is that their only chance for LOVE in their life?

The world is so huge now, can we really expect LOVE to find us wherever we are? I know nowadays we have Internet, email, IM, online dating sites, friends, family, work, blind dates, so one would think we should have no limitations in finding the LOVE of our life.

I also happen to be addicted to Face book. :) So today I put my "status" as :Tammy wants to know if LOVE really does find everyone. What do you think? I was hoping I would get some comments from some people.. I got a few, not as many as I had hoped for but I did get some.. here they are:

1.One of my oldest and dearest friends, tells me, "YES, and to start looking!" (I love her. She is married to a wonderful man and has 5 beautiful children).

2. A friend from HS that I have recently reconnected with through my newest addiction, Face book, advises me to "ask out guys that I want to go out with!" I think that is a great idea, if only I had big balls!! LMAO However, that is just not my style.

3. A dear friend from work, tells me, "LOVE finds you when LOVE thinks YOU are ready for what it has to offer." ( I believe this.. but you know sometimes you just get tired of waiting, ya know??)

4. My last comment is from a long lost friend, this one happens to be male. I mention this because I think it matters. He tells me in all of his comic relief (because he has great humor and can always make me laugh my ass off), "that if LOVE found everyone we wouldn't have a single song worth hearing from *anyone* we listen to". He then goes on to tell me "that being said, He cannot think of anyone - *anyone* more deserving of true LOVE than me." (He is so sweet, he must want something, huh? Just kidding).

Believe it or not. . . I still believe that LOVE does find everyone.. however it may not find us when we would like it to, or when we are looking for it, it may even be hiding at least until the time is just right. . .

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