My Mouth Overloads My Ass

I am sure you are wondering how I came up with the name of this website. I mean it is not the most usual name or saying for that matter. This is something that my Father has told me for years. When I would say something that he thought was out of line he would tell me that I was letting "my mouth overload my ass". He would tell me I was "getting too big for my britches". I absolutely hated when he would tell me this. When I was young I got it, I understood that I might have said something that I should have thought twice about before saying it out loud. However, as an adult, this really killed me. I would tell him, "Dad, I am an adult, I am saying what I am thinking or feeling, and I am not being disrespectful." Yet he would still tell me the same thing. Not until towards the end of his life did he finally (I think) realize that I was finally grown up and that I was really saying my own thoughts and feelings and if I was letting my my mouth overload my ass, then this was "me".

So I named this site because it seems that I have always had a tendency to do just that.. let my mouth overload my ass! I have always said what I think and feel. I never want to, mean to or intend to hurt any one's feelings. I have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor - this is me. If you ask me something, be prepared for the truth, because that is what I will tell you. I am the friend, co-worker, boss, family member that will always tell you truth. Oh yes.. I am sorry to tell you, but I will. I will be as polite and respectful and nice as possible and I would want the same for me. I will tell you if I saw your husband/wife out with someone else.. if I know they are cheating.. I will tell you. If your boss is undermining you and taking the credit for your ideas.. I will tell you. If your co-worker is a backstabbing bitch, I will let you know. Now some might say this is snitching or causing problems.. well.. to me it is being truthful. I would want to know.. but before I tell you, I will have proof to back me up so that you know I am not the one trying to ruin anything or undermine anything else that is going on in your life.

More times than I care to remember I have had someone be offended by something I have said. Why? Because I say it how it is. They either misunderstand what I am saying or perceived it incorrectly. Like I am sure we have all heard before, "Perception is Reality", I think that SUCKS! If I say something and you take it the wrong way, the least you can do is tell me how it made you feel so that I can either explain what I meant or confirm that you are right and I did mean it the way you took it! I mean that is only fair.

So needless to say, I am still this way.. "letting my mouth overload my ass". Truthfully, I wouldn't have it any other way. This is me. I don't know me any other way. On this blog, I can be me and not have to worry about what I say or how I say it. I can say it just like I normally would and not worry if anyone "might" be offended.

I hope that you will find my "stories" interesting and not be offended, but if you are don't take it personally. It is just me, letting my mouth overload my ass ...again!

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