Patience? What patience??

Anyone that knows me knows I am not someone that has a ton of patience. It doesn't go without saying that I wouldn't love to have some, even a normal amount, OK truth be told, I would love to have an abundance of it. I would love to be the one that people could say " oh my, she has the patience of Job". However, I am thirty something (age really isn't all that important is it, and if it is, put whatever 30 something age you want in that spot) and I know that is never going to happen to me, at least not in this damn lifetime!

So the other day my mom and I were at Urgent Care for the day. It is one of the many places it seems that my mom likes to spend her free time, either that or an actual hospital! Kidding, although we have teased about the hospital being her home away from home! So there we were at Urgent Care and I went to check my email on my Blackberry Curve because I was actually expecting an urgent email. Wouldn't you know it, (sarcastic tone) the damn thing had an hour glass on it, like it was working... yeah OK it might have been working but nothing was getting done. I then tried to turn it off, no luck. Finally, gritting my teeth, I was able to get the damn thing off. I waited a few moments and turned it back on, OK, I attempted to turn it back on. Finally it came on, but had the hour glass figure and was "working". That is all I could get it to do. Needless to say, since I have no patience, I am already OK with throwing this thing out the window, or down the hall or whatever. However, for some reason I refrain. OH, I know, there a million people in Urgent Care and am able to some what calm myself.

We finally get done at Urgent Care.. in case anyone is wondering, we went because my mom was in so much freaking pain about her knee she could barely walk. For a women who can handle pain she was telling them that the pain was off of the scale. This is not like my mom, for anyone who knows her. They finally decided to give her a steroid shot in her knee and we were told to ice it every 15 min. I will basically have to chain her down to keep her seated. They said they think she has tendinitis and her arthritis is flaring up in her knee. She says, "It sucks to get old.. don't do it!"

So when we are done there, T-Mobile is not that far away. I ask her if she minds and I drive over there. Mind you I have tried in between to get this damn phone to work and I am unable to. I can't make a call, I can't do anything because all it wants to do is "work". I show it work, I am thinking!

I run into the store and this poor unsuspecting boy, Philip asks me how I am doing! Wrong question!! However, I smile and tell him, "not well". He asks me what is wrong and I told him that if you can turn it on it will only show the hour glass and do nothing else. He asked me if I tried anything else besides turning it off and on. I said my next thought process was throwing it out the window, but I thought I would give him a chance first. I haven't even had this phone for a month yet. I am now breathing deep, because everyone says that is something good to do. I have already counted to 10, 500 times so that didn't really do the trick!

I take another deep breath and explain to him that I am sorry but I do not have much OK any patience. See, when GOD said line up for patience, I didn't hear him and was in line for something else, but someone else stayed in the patience line and took a double helping. He chimes in and says I know who got your dose! He explains to me that he has a friend that has the patience of Job, yup he said it. He said she can handle anything. I then said, "well tell her thanks allot, the least she could have done was tell God, that she already had already received her allotment of patience and that she didn't want to take someone else's." But ohhhhhhhhhhh nooooo she just had to double dip didn't she. Now I am screwed because she had to have more patience then anyone else. Well at least after all these years I finally know who the hell has my patience, now I just want to meet her!

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  1. ok Tammy have patience with your big sis, u know that i"m still learning on the computer. Did u know that my mothers name was Patience Elizabeth Nance?