Sick and Tired of being SICK & TIRED

It seems that although I have had a weakened immune system ever since I got mono and strep in High School, it has dramatically gotten worse. It didn't get this bad until this last year. I feel as if I have NO immune system. In case you are wondering.. that is NOT good!

On Saturday my mom and I were driving to Ventura to visit my Great Aunt because she became very ill and was close to death. We were running late as usual... usual for these days. I try not to let that get me too frazzled anymore, because that it one of my "new" things. I get frazzled easily. Ain't that nice? NO, no it is not. In fact I don't like it at all. So.. I try and work on that as much as I can.

OK... so we went through the drive thru at Burger King to get a little something to "wolf down" on the way there. We were going to pick up my other Great Aunt and Great Uncle to take them with us. We knew they would have already eaten something. So as we pull around to the drive thru window, the nice young girl was sick. I became horrified. It hit me that she was sick, you could see it all over her. She sounded awful, her throat was hoarse, her nose was stuffy and runny, her eyes were all red.. and she was touching our drinks and bag of food to hand it to us. Now don't get me wrong I am not a total freak. But it hit me.. like a mac truck.. I realized that I had not been sick for a couple of days. Yes, that is right, not sick for a couple of days. And now I was face smack dab with someone who was really sick. I said a little prayer and thought please don't let me get sick.

Then there was today when I ran out early afternoon to get the newspaper. You know when you just run out really quick to get the paper and hope no one sees you. Yup! That was me today!! OK, and just to make sure we are all on the same page, I didn't run, I slowly walked. I don't "run" anywhere anymore. LOL I wish I could, but that is a whole other blog! Well, wouldn't you know it I got caught. And not only by 1 person, but 3!! My God, am I being punished here or what? LOL So I politely chatted with the first one, then the 2nd one approached (mind you I am in my own driveway!!) and we chatted. I finally had to tell her that it was getting way too cold for me and I couldn't afford to get sick. It sounded like I upset her, I felt bad but I couldn't take the chance. As I am thrilled to be finally going into my warm house, another neighbor drives by and yells out, "Hey Stranger!!" You have no idea how I wanted to play deaf! However, I didn't and I chatted for a few until what I felt like I was blue and explained that I had to get in the house. I knew I had to be froze to the bone. Now I am sure you wondering why I would have "ran" out to get the paper if it was so darn cold. First I was in layers of clothes and 2nd it wasn't that cold out, but I cold easily now (apparently). By the time I got in, my face was frozen and my ears were too (I mean they had to be, right?). It took me forever to get warm.

So you want to know if I am sick, don't you?? I have a sore throat and my ears are bothering me. I thought Damn it! This really sucks! You think I would be use to this by now, right? Yeah right, I'll let you know when and if that ever happens!! Like I said, I am Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired.

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