Have you seen these people?

As most of you know I am looking for my Godson, Jacob Bryan Fromknecht . I have not seen him since Nov 5th 2008. I think of him daily and worry about him also. The reason I worry about him is because he is with his parents (Jerry Bryan Fromknecht & Angie Marazzito) and grandparents (Richard & Hortencia Fromknecht) who cannot care for him properly. They do not have the financial means to care for him. However, the worst part of all is they care more about their "drugs" then they do about him. That is always the way it has been. That is why they had always asked me to care for him. Looking back on the situation I guess I should have called protective services but I didn't want him to have to go into Foster care, therefore I thought that if I was able to just keep helping them out as much as possible and keep Jacob out of harms way I could keep this under control and keep him out of foster care.

They surprised me when they did this. All of a sudden they got jealous that I was taking better care of him then they could and came by and wanted him back. They took him with no clothes or toys or anything. They would not give me their address or anything. I only have a cell phone number that I call daily to leave messages for Jacob. They will not answer the phone or return calls. I do have someone looking for them. But I do know that there are so many of you that live in Glendale and the surrounding areas and that is where they are at.

I am begging that if you see them to please call the police or children protective services. Jacob needs to be taken care of properly and I know he is not when he is with them. They don't give him attention or try to educate him. These are the most important years of his life. I have attached pictures so that everyone will know what they look like. I know this may sound odd to some people, but believe me I am only thinking of Jacob's best interest in mind.

One last note, both of his parents have several warrants out for their arrest. It is just a matter of time before they get caught. She does not work. She has 3 other kids by a previous marriage that were taken away from her and are with their paternal grandmother. That must tell you something. Her married name is Leslie and her maiden name is Marazzito. She switches between the two. She was on food stamps and WIC. He works on a call in basis to the studios which is not often. The last I heard they had a room with a friend of a friend somewhere in the valley.
As for the grandparents... they are not able to help financially either. They feel that as long as the child is with his mother that is all that matters, even if he is being neglected. Those are the words straight from their mouths too! Scary, huh??

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  1. I know them, I think I might have even met u, I stopped hanging out with jerry when Angie started, I never liked her. She was not a nice person. Let me do some snooping and see who I can get a hold of. K I don't like thinkin of them abusing their child. I told Jerry it was a bad ideal for him to be with Angie but he never listened.