Muted windchimes

So I am all about jokes.. I mean who doesn't like a good joke, as long as no one is going to get hurt, then it is all in good fun.

Well, it tends to get really windy up here. Like when the weatherman says "breezy" you know it will be more like, being in Kansas! Our neighbor across the street, who also happens to be my mom's best friend has a ton, and I am not exaggerating of wind chimes on her porch. They cover 3 sides of her porch. So one day when she was at work and it happened to be "breezy" beyond belief, I started thinking.. I know, me thinking, huh? LOL

When it gets really windy here we will put a rubber band around our chime so that it will keep it quiet and not scare Tee-Tee our dog. This way it doesn't make so much noise. I mentioned that it would be funny to put rubber bands around all of her wind chimes and see how long it would take for her to notice this. My mom and I laughed... within minutes I was across the street putting rubber bands around her wind chimes! It was windy like crazy.. for a couple of days too.
She must have around 20 wind chimes. So you would think she would notice this, right??

Mom and I talked and laughed about it, wondering how long or if she would even notice it. We kept thinking that if she didn't notice it, one of her granddaughters would notice at least, right? OK.. nope.

My mom couldn't take it anymore so the other day my mom mentioned something to her about it. She said she saw a rubber band on one of them and thought that I might have put it on it because she knows I do it to ours, but she never noticed all of the others! We couldn't help but laugh... the funny thing is my next thought was to take 1 chime away every other day and see how long it would take her to notice they were actually missing! Do you think she would have ever noticed the actual chimes missing?? Hmmm.... I might still try that yet!!

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