Racism - Can you believe it still exists in this day and age and in California?!

I have lived in California basically my entire life. My parents raised me to not be racist. We are in the year 2009 and I have a tendency to think that racism doesn't really exist anymore, at least not in California.

I sometimes have heard on occasion how some of my friends or neighbors have told stories of how they felt they were treated differently because they were black or Spanish or Chinese. I always kind of felt that it just couldn't be true, I mean not in today's day and age. I always believed their stories, but a part of me also thought how horrible it was if something like that actually did happen. It just wasn't right.

A friend from work posted this link about racism. I have attached it for you to watch.


When I watched it I laughed because my first thought was it was a little dramatic, yet you hear about things like this happening. However, I still find myself having a hard time believing that this still happens in this day and age and in California. I mean, My God, California is the melting pot, right?

Well... I experienced Racism first hand. I was appalled. I couldn't believe what was happening. A short while back I was at the movies on a date. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have probably dated every ethnicity out there, it is the person that matters to me. OK.. so we went to see a movie. There were a few open seats. So we made our way to them and asked both couples on each side if these seats were taken. Both couples said they were open. We took our seats. We were not seated for very long and all of a sudden the couple on the side of my date, decided to get up and move. They moved over 2 seats so there would be a break between them and my date. They kept looking over at us for awhile which I thought was strange. I kept telling myself that couldn't have been the reason why they moved and kept looking. I made a joke to my date, that the husband probably insisted they move because he was jealous of his wife being so close to such a hunk. He liked that idea. I'll tell you I liked that idea better then what it might have been. . . racism. Unfortunately, I think I might as well admit it and say it was racism.. which makes me sick to admit it.. but it sure does seem that way.

I thought this wasn't suppose to be going on anymore? I know I certainly didn't think I would be seeing it, not anymore anyway.. at least not unless I was in the south and in a small town. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't make it OK, I just kind of understand the "backwards" thinking a bit more.

I am one of those type of people that prefers to wait till everyone leaves the theater and then I will leave. So I had the pleasure of allowing that "nice" couple to walk in front of me to get out of the row. It was awful . . . it was like she tripped all over herself. Thank goodness she didn't fall or anything. I wouldn't have wanted that.

I know most people would say how awful.. well.. I figure that was the least I could come back with to make up for them moving and the looks that he/we received. It just wasn't nice. Truthfully, if I had been on a date or with a friend, that is just not cool and I think about that almost every day. It is just so wrong. I still can't believe it still goes in this day and age.

So I guess when someone I know tells me about a situation that concerns racism or a possible racism situation, I guess I won't be so quick to think that maybe they are making it out to be worse then what it really is. Although truthfully, I still kind of wish it was.. and I am sure they do to kind of.. if you think about it.

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