Spanx ~ Flexees ~ Assets all you ever need to know about Control Wear!!

I am in love. There I said it. Ladies, if anyone out there is looking for a piece of clothing to help them look a little bit better than what they are already looking.. then this is it! Let me tell you this! I checked out all three brands.
Spanx is the top of the line and that is the one I was planning on going with. However, it is only sold at Nordstroms and there is not one nearby, so I would have had to gone into the valley, and I really didn't feel like doing that.

Assets is sold at Target. Flexees is sold at Kohl's and both are middle of the line products. I did a bit of research and had heard good things about all of the products.
I was at Kohl's and decided to try on a few different items. I unfortunately am not the web savvy person that so many others are so I was only able to "steal" or show you the pics of the items from the Spanx catalog. However, they look identical. I promise! Here are the items that I tried on...

This is a cami like tank top. They come in several different colors. You can wear it just like a plain tank top. I decided against it.

This is just a mid-thigh shaper. It goes from right under your bra to your thighs. It just wasn't that comfortable. It felt that it wasn't sitting evenly all the way around me. I know strange, but true!

This is the winner! This one rocks!! This one is so thin, you can see through certain parts of it, yet it is firm enough to hold you all in so you can see no rolls or flab or anything! This item allows you to wear your own bra under it if you chose to but you don't have to. It depends on what kind of support you are looking for. The crazy thing about this.. is it is not like any of the other ones that we all use to wear. The crotch is cotton but it completely opens so that you don't have to completely take this dang thing off to use the restroom! Can you believe it?? Someone finally got a clue!! This is so darn comfortable, yet does what it is suppose to do, I can't believe it. One more thing, they come in a variety of strengths, lite, firm, ultra.
I thought for sure I was going to want or need the firm or the OMG firm! LMAO However, I only needed the lite! I know it surprised the hell out of me too! You can go to the stores and try these items on so that you can get a better idea of how they fit and see what you will be more comfortable in or you can go online straight to the website if you like.
Like I said.. I am in LOVE.. and this thing is COMFORTABLE. Even if you have a nice body, this will make it even look hotter!!


  1. And may I say....This time of trying these undies on was hilarious!! Course..
    seems we make .. no-matter-what we do..
    FUN...and the chosen one is GREAT!!
    Have been following you from the first blog
    and as sure as can be BFF and I will continue to read them. We find them really interesting,fun,informative and educating. Hope you will continue doing them..we really look forward to them...in fact..BFF says she looks forward to reading them. Hope others' enjoy them as much. Thank you for the entertainment..news..fun!! Of course, we pray for you to get healthier but it is so nice to show you can still have a sense of humor...fun...joking (even dry sarcastic) but it is YOU and always has and always will be YOU..no matter what..how bad you're feeling...you do still "SMILE" and are pretty nice for the most part !! ( you know who this is,so I can get away with saying these things) he he...think it's safe to say I KNOW YOU BESTEST !!! know you have been having a really rough bout this time but I know you will have some GOOD DAYS real soooon!! as we say...LIFE does move along and soooo quickly!! we do the bestest we can. My Love..Hugs and Prayers are for you !!! Thank you for sharing....

  2. that's good to know...i've seen them at target but wasn't sure if they were any good or not.