A Burst of Energy!!

A much welcomed burst of energy visited me today. It was so wonderful, it was so exciting. I was so happy. I had a smile on my face from ear to ear.

Mom had a physical therapy appointment that I took her to. While she was in having her treatment I sat in the waiting room (as usual) and waited. I was lucky enough to get a great phone call from a good friend of mine from work, Vero! She recently moved to GA, so it was great to hear from her. She always makes me laugh. She is almost always full of piss and vinegar. Then again, she is still young so she should be, right? LMAO

After mom's therapy we went to Chili's to get a bite to eat. I have been getting my migraines again lately and had had one since the a.m. When we were done eating I needed to run into the grocery story to pick up a couple of things. By this time, my migraine was getting worse. So I decided I would take 1 pain pill. Lately it seems that if my pain pills are going to help at all, I need to take 1 1/2 to 2 at a time. I really don't like taking them but I will if the pain gets too bad. So before running into Albertsons to get a couple of things I took a pain pill and went in to the store. Moments later I return with more than a couple of things, because it seems that is something I just do now. I don't know why, but it just seems to happen that way. Does that happen to you? I mean it is not like I buy things we are not going to use or will go to waste, it just might not have been on the list for this run. OH! By the way, Albertson's has cut almost all of their prices.. so things are priced really good!! In case you are wondering! Hee hee

By the time I come out, I notice I am feeling pretty good. It takes me a short while to realize that I don't have any pain, not just in my head, but my body as well. Hmmm... and did I mention I have energy? Oh wait.. not just energy but a freakin' BURST of ENERGY.

Yes.. that is right.. I am freakin' elated. Although I am sitting in my car... I swear I could be jumping for joy. It feels so great. In the past there have been times when my pain pills will give me some energy but not like I am right now. Woo-hoo or is that woot!! woot!! ;)

So we come home, and I proceed to bring in the groceries and put them away. So far so good.. no pain and not tired. I bring in the trash cans b/c it was trash day. Still good. I feel as if I have so much energy I could keep going for days. OK.. maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but I can have wishful thinking right? I proceed to do a few other things around the house. I picked up poo in the back yard (I know y'all wanted to hear that, huh?), and watered the trees in the back yard. I promised Tee-Tee (my dog) that I would take her for a short walk. I didn't want to go too long b/c I wanted to be able to come home and still have some of this great energy. I wanted to get some things done while I still had some energy.

So we went for a short walk and by the time I got back to the house... I was DONE. You would have thought I ran a marathon - twice and been up straight for 2 days. NOT!!

So much for my Burst of Energy. Oh well.. It was short lived but well loved. I look forward to it visiting me again sometime soon, hopefully.

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