Closed minds... something I just don't get.

I was raised to have an open mind, not just when I felt like it, but all the time. I believe that everyone has different opinions and thoughts and that is one thing that makes the world go round. It is yet another reason that makes us so unique, so much more interesting.. to be open minded.

The name of my blog is My Mouth Overloaded my Ass. Anyone that knows me, knows that is just me. That is the way I talk. Yes, I curse. Do I curse too much? It depends who you ask, I guess. :) I try to watch how much I curse and not go overboard. I do not curse in front of children but otherwise I am an adult and I do curse at times. However, I do not feel that it makes me a bad person. Just something else that makes me who I am.

So I have a half sister from my father. She is extremely religious. And truthfully that is an understatement. Although I don't always agree with her views and the way she deals with situations, I know that is what makes her who she is. I do not try and change that. I do try and get her to see other points of views, because she does seem to have a problem with that. Although she will tell you no, she only knows one way.. her way.. which is all biblical.

I sent an email to her (Tina) letting her know that I now have a blog. Her first response was that she was offended by the first few words. I actually had to stop and think what was it that offended her. My first thought, was that I wrote about Jacob.. but then I realized it was the name of my blog. ASS to be exact. She was flippin' offended by ass. You have got to be kidding me. I mean seriously??? She acts as if she is holier than though. She acts as if she has never said a curse word in her life. I know that is NOT true. This hurt me but I let it go. It amazes me that someone can get that upset over 1 word and yet not "see" past that.

I recently wrote a blog about our dad. It has been a year since he passed and so I sent her an email letting her know about the blog. When I emailed her, I talked about other stuff and then told her that if she can get past the "name of the blog" that she might want to read the blog about dad. I sent her the link to only that blog so that she wouldn't have to bother with anything else. So... I was really trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. Give her a chance. I figured that way she would only have to read the one blog and not have to look around to find the one on dad and by chance see any other cursing that I may have said in my other blogs. I tried to make it as easy and safe as possible for her.

I received an email back telling me that she can get past the name, but she just has to make sure the kids are not around. OK.. seriously? Her children are 18, 15, 13 & 11 and are you going to tell me they have never heard a curse word? I know they live a sheltered life.. but come on. This really got me. Obviously it had to if I am blogging about the darn thing.

As you can see, I am not worried about her reading it, because I know in all of it's reality she won't ever read any of the blogs. Then again if she would happen to find her way to this one, maybe, just maybe she would see the light. You think?

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