Please, Thank you, Your welcome, Sorry. . .

Does anyone use these nice little words anymore? I wonder. I thought these words were used among any and all languages - you know a universal saying. Please, Thank you, Your Welcome, Sorry... I thought that everyone knew those words. I have come to the conclusion that although everyone may know these words they just don't use them anymore. This saddens me terribly.

I can't even blame it on the "young" ones either! I was raised to use all of those words, then and now. However, it seems I hear those words less often then not. What happened to people saying Sorry or Thank you or your welcome or Please? Is it out of style? Is it no longer cool? Is this form of etiquette not taught any longer by parents and /or school?

I couldn't imagine not saying sorry to someone if I knew that I might have hurt or upset them. I couldn't imagine not saying Thank you for something. I couldn't imagine not saying Please. And yet I hardly hear these words anymore. Are you experiencing this as well? How do we fix this? Does this bother you as well?

OK.. I could go on ... but I will step off of my soap box.. because if I don't I am afraid I might go into detail as to why I got started. There are 2 instances that recently happened that has really bothered me.. but like I said.. I will be nice this time (ha ha) and step down from the soap box.

I am not saying I won't come back to this one though!!!

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