Things I dislike...

It's not that I don't like a lot of things, it's just that I thought it might make a funny read. I thought about naming it things I hate.. but hate seems like such a strong word, doesn't it? I am sure I won't list everything but let's see what does come to mind!

  • I don't really like veggies.. and by that I figured I would just put the term "veggies" because if I were to name all of them this list might just be a list of all veggies I dislike!
  • whining
  • when my face breaks out.. it never broke out my entire teen life time, now that I am 37, I am breaking out like crazy. What is up with that?
  • being late.. me or you.
  • extreme heat
  • extreme cold
  • diet drinks (yucks!)
  • pain (but then again, doesn't everyone??)
  • Universal Music Group (ha ha)
  • getting sick
  • being ill (I mean a real disease)
  • people that can't or won't control their children!!
  • LIARS (Don't get me started on that one)
  • people who say they are going to do something and then do not follow through (probably my biggest pet peeve)
  • TOFU - granted, I have never tried it, but have you seen it? GROSS!
  • depression
  • that time of the month(women you know what I am talking about!!)
  • not having money! (course then again.. doesn't everyone hate that one?)
  • buying toilet paper. What a waste. It is so expensive and then all we do is throw it away anyway!
  • losing loved ones
  • getting sunburned
  • not working (for a short time it is OK, but for a long time not really)
  • a bad haircut (yikes!)
  • gaining weight
  • being tired.... OK what I really mean is being exhausted. That SUCKS!!
  • making mistakes
  • getting angry
  • traffic
  • having to give my animals their medicine
  • feeling as if I disappointed someone
  • OK.. but what I HATE is that I used bullets to do this damn list and for some damn reason they show in the preview but not when I publish it. Now that I HATE!!!

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