On the side of my Blog, it shows how many followers I have. It shows that I have 9, but do I really? You can't really count me, and then there are 2 of my cousins that are listed under the Face book followers and the other followers. Thanks guys! I appreciate your support. Love ya.

So I wonder does anyone really read any of my blogs? If so no one comments on the dam things. I mean are none of them worth at least one word good or bad? I mean don't get me wrong, I know my mom and her BFF read the blogs, and they comment. Thanks you 2 I really appreciate it. I know I can at least make you 2 laugh and cry. LOL

So I am asking, if anyone is following me, make some comments for Christ sake. And if you are not following.. why the hell not??

Hoping my begging gets me some more "fans", I mean followers.


  1. See..now you know how I feel! haha.

  2. Ya, I follow yours, but no reciprocation huh?

  3. ROFL - I used to think the same thing about Joshua's CB page... I was beginning to think I was talking to myself at times. Oh well... I dont worry unless I start talking back :-)