Permanent Disability

I have been on disability since April 29, 2008. When I first went on disability I thought it would be for a short time. Soon it kept being extended. Before I knew it I was being told that it was approaching a year (boy did the time fly) and that I needed to apply for Social Security Permanent Disability. OK.. wait a minute.. let me sit down here. What did you just say to me? I am not going to be like this forever, I mean right? I kind of laughed, but not a real laugh, just something under my breath because I am talking to one of the insurance people and it's not like they really know who I am or how bad I am or if I will be like this forever. I know I don't want to be like this forever. So I ask if I do this does this mean I have to be on and stay "disabled" forever? I am told no. I think Thank God. I am told that if I do get healthy enough to go back to work, that I will be able to have a "trial " period. I am told that because it takes so long for this process I must start the paperwork now. It is a long process. I am also told that I will have to see "their" doctors. Oh that should be fun. NOT.

My thought process was no way at first. I mean I am only in my 30's and I feel like I have my whole life ahead of me. I know I loved working and I know I hope and want to work again. It kind of made me feel like it was all over now. UGH!! I don't want it to be all over now or soon for that matter.

So after talking to a few doctors (it felt like a few million) and talking to some others... I decided to move forward with permanent disability. God help me. What would you do if you were me? Do you know what you would do?

I just received my first 2 notices for my first medical exams with "their" doctors. Guess I will have to keep you posted. See what fun I have been having in this last year? I bet y'all are jealous, huh? LMAO

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  1. Hi Tammy:I just happened to see your blog when I was joining another one and noticed the name...lol.I,too am permanently disabled(back injury)and I felt the same way you did but I thought after a few weeks I would be back to work at the job I loved with the gals I also loved.That was over 2 years ago and I'm on Perm.Disability(from my Insurance Co.) and am applying for my C.P.P.(Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits)I know how you feel but I suppose it's a little easier for me because I am quite a bit older than you(58).I didn't have to see Ins.Co. docs or C.P.P. docs,thank God but I had a 2 year "fight" to get my Disability Ins.(from work).They will do whatever it takes to try to deny your benefits.You didn't say what your disability was so I should be careful with my comments...lol..If you care to e-mail me,please do so OR message me on my facebook profile. :) joannhutt@hotmail.com (attach a "note" so I'll remember who it's from and don't delete it...lol)