Threading. . . goodbye peach fuzz!!

I am sure most of you know what it is like to have something on your body waxed. I have had my brows waxed. I find it so relaxing I actually am able to fall asleep while having it done. I know a freak, huh? I had my legs waxed once.. need I say more? I will continue my daily shaving. I thought I was going to die when I had my legs waxed. Nothing relaxing about that.

So.. I have what I call heavy peach fuzz on my face. I have always hated it. I had it waxed once, and my face broke out like crazy and was numb for like days. Not a good thing. I don't want to shave it.. but I hate it. So I started looking into Threading. I had first heard about it many years ago. However no one did it in the states, or if they did I didn't know of any places that did it. An article was written about a new place that opened up in the Santa Clarita Valley, Tippy Toes. I checked it out and called them and talked to her. I called a few places, and she was the only one that could speak English clearly enough that I wasn't having a difficult time understanding what the hell she was saying. That was one point for her. There was also a review written about her shop, and it was a positive review, another point for her. :)

I made an appt. and went in today for my first Threading. To preface this, not only am I super sensitive, but with all of the meds I am on, I never know how I am going to react to things. She tested out a small area on my face to see if I would get red or break out immediately. I was praying I would not break out immediately. Boy did I get red though! But no breakouts!! So I wanted to have from the top of my cheeks to below my chin done. She decided to do from the middle low side of my cheeks to below my chin. She was worried that with this being my first time, I might break out in the upper chin area. Surprisingly it only took about 20 minutes. I am not going to tell you that it doesn't hurt, because it does. But my face is so dam smooth, like smoother than a baby's butt! She said it will last 3-4 weeks. The next time I plan on going for the full face. Yeah baby! I can't believe how smooth my face feels. I came home afterwards and washed my face and then put some cool water and some toner on it like she suggested, that way it won't break out hopefully. So far so good. I am keeping my fingers crossed though.

The area that she did, there is not one stray hair left!

Goodbye peach fuzz... Hello smooth face! Lovin' it!!

In case you are interested in Threading.. here is a link

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  1. oooooo i think i need it done too. Too bad Erie doesn't have stuff like that here.