What is your Title?

Funny how it seems everyone needs a "title" to define themselves. Have you ever thought about that? Maybe since I have been ill and off of work for so long that is why it has come to my mind. I use to say and proudly I might add, that I was in "accounting" and a "caregiver". Those were my 2 main titles as far as I was concerned I held them high above for everyone to see. I was proud. I worked hard to get where I am in the accounting world, especially without an accounting degree! I am very proud of that or at least had always been and for being a caregiver that was nothing to be ashamed of. I proudly took care of my father and my Nana and take care of my mom. I guess that is something that has always come naturally to me. I never really thought much about it.

I am not working now and I find myself looking for a "title" or a "name". I don't want to say I am disabled or ill. Even though I may be at this point, I pray, hope and wish to God that someday I will be able to do a high stress job that I've always loved - but I guess that is something I will have to learn to handle.

So for now at least when someone asks me what I do - I pause for a moment or two and depending who it is I either tell them that I am in accounting (and smile) or that I am on a sabbatical now! I have come to find that believe it or not that answer usually stops people cold and they are not too sure what to say next.

Not everyone "needs" a title but with today's society it seems we all assume everyone has one and a "hi class" one at that!!

So for now... I am on sabbatical!

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