What I really and I mean really like. . .

I have already written about what I really dislike so now it is time to write about what I really like, and I mean really, really like.
  • the smell of leather
  • the smell of horses (I know this may sound odd to some, but it smells so fresh to me!)
  • babies- they are so adorable and so loving
  • animals - I love them all (this does NOT include reptiles or bugs of ANY kind)
  • going into a place and having them know you by name (maybe because you know the owners or managers or maybe b/c you tip well or maybe because you go there so often, but whatever the reason, it is nice)
  • a strong hug
  • a warm kiss
  • Pepsi - my drug of choice!
  • surprising someone or treating someone
  • taking pictures
  • pain free moments
  • working (believe it or not, I truly do miss working)
  • beach - listening to the ocean and feeling the warm sun on my face and the breeze on my
  • Amaretto Sours and Margarita's
  • accomplishing everything on my to do list
  • helping someone out
  • writing
  • food (I was going to name my favorites, but as I was thinking about it, I realized now that I am older, I basically love all food, who am I kidding!!)
  • Face book - I said it, in fact I think I might even be addicted to it. Is there a 12 step program for Face book?
  • Gummy Bears - I am addicted to those (but I don't buy them often, because I would probably turn into one!)
  • riding a motorcycle (memories!!)
  • traveling
  • learning new things
  • feeling relaxed or at peace (although I don't get many of those moments, when I do get them I do cherish them)
  • reading (mostly self help or non-fiction)
  • being able to solve problems or issues
  • my mom (she truly is the best of the best)
  • desserts - I think those deserve a mention all on their own, you know separate from food!
  • hearing and learning about my heritage and history
  • having energy and feeling it too! That is really nice.
  • laughing so hard that you almost can't breathe
  • finding something you really like on SALE

I know I have probably only listed a few items as to what I really really like, but at the moment of writing this, these are all that came to mind. I guess this will have to do for now anyway...

So... what do you really, really like???

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