Can men do anything without a woman's help?

I ask this question because I am hoping someone out there can tell me that there is a man out there somewhere that can in fact do something, anything by himself.

I used to think it was my Father that was like that. He would do jobs around the house and it seemed as if forever he would be calling for my mom to come and see or ask her if we had something that he needed for the job or something. It seemed that if she was home, she was always needed. However, if we weren't there, he seemed to manage OK...well for the most part anyway.

We had a young kid do some things around the house, and it was the same thing with him. Only a bit worse. He would go in one door and out the other door. That is a big NO NO in our house. LOL It was a bit nerve wrecking with him.

Most recently we have found a handyman. He came highly recommended and has been at our house a couple of times to do some jobs. I wonder. I mean this is his company, he is the owner, he has been doing this for 4 years and yet, he still is calling either me or my mom. Really?? I wonder if he is like that with us, is he like that with his other clients? How has he managed to stay in business for 4 years? Today he was over doing some work and I swear he was calling me constantly.

Is there something innate with men that just makes them do this; that just seems to make it necessary that they need or require our help as a woman? Does anyone out there know the answer to this life long question of mine?

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