Another trip to ER

Another trip to the ER with mom; this is something I should be use to, but in reality I don't know if anyone ever gets used to this- you know trips to the ER. My mom has been sick on and off most of my life (since I was 11), so I have been to the ER many times. In fact the joke is that our local hospital is my mom’s home away from home and that at one time I was there so much (b/c of one of my mom’s many long visits) many of the times I was mistaken for an employee!! Both of those statements are true. The emergency guys actually remember me - now that scares me! They don't come for me, they come for my mom. I always have a smart ass comment for everything, I mean I gotta keep things light, right? Hell if I don't who the hell is?? It is just me and something that I do. Guess you could call it one of my coping mechanisms...hey if it works what does it matter??!!

Like I said another trip to the hospital... I could probably give you more pointers or tips then you could imagine. I don't like hospitals but they don't scare me. I definitely know my way around them, it doesn't seem to matter if it is my first time at that hospital or not.

-make sure you have the INS card for the person that is being taken to ER

-if at all possible I suggest that you already have a med list printed up of what they take prescription and non prescription and if you can also include any allergies and any surgeries they have had, this I promise will be more helpful than you can ever imagine
-take note as you are walking to the patients’ room, for the bathroom, the nurses’ station, the room marked "employees only". That is a room that you may use more than any other room. I know it sounds funny, but this is the room where they keep the ice machine, water, and refrigerator. There are going to be times when your nurse or aide are nowhere to be found and the patient needs water or ice... This is when you take it upon yourself to ever so nicely walk in there as if you’ve done it daily and get your patient what he/she needs. You’re not only helping the staff but helping the patient. Knowing where the bathroom is comes in handy as some places are big sticklers about letting visitors use the patients bathrooms.  As for the nurses station if you know where that is at, you can at least have an idea where they are hanging out at.  Some hospitals it seems that is where they "hide".  LOL  Some places not so much.

-always bring extras -you don't know how long you are going to be there. Bring something to do, read, write,play, but something. Also you never know how the temperature is going to be, I tend to wear layers and make sure I have a sweater/jacket. Oh yeah and don't forget something to eat and drink- you will need that for sure!  At least a bottle of water and granola bar or bag of cookies or a fruit, but it will come in handy.

I could go on with my tips but I'm not going to. As my mom is laying here in ER she seems to be waking up a bit...she was given some pain meds and this time they worked and quickly (which is nice for a change). Now it is time for me to be with her 100% and to dote on her. Hold her hand, rub her head, whatever that makes her pain ease and might make her the least bit more comfortable until the next test or we find out what is wrong this time.

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