Confessions of Me. . . I still don't believe I am doing this...

So I am new to this SITS site.  So far I LOVE it.  I am learning some really great things and seeing great layouts and well, I could go on.  Anyway, they have a "feature blogger" everyday.  Wednesday was Karen's day (Lucky Duck). Her blog today was about confessions about yourself.  She invited everyone to write something and link it up to her site.  I had planned on doing this much earlier in the day, you  know actually on Wednesday.  However, as usual my day started later than I would have liked and I moved much slower than normal, and here I am at 1am trying to do this.  :)

Confessions of me...I am assuming this will be just between you and me(right?) Good!... I was hoping you would say that, because I really don't think I want EVERYONE to know these.  Ya know what I mean??

  1. I have always been one of those people that like to have everything in its place, like everything just "right" and am crazy clean.  However, my father passed away (5/11/08) and those things don't seem to bother me quite as much and that does bother me.  I hate not being so organized like I had been. I am still a clean freak, but not such the organized freak I had been.
  2. I hope/pray/wish/dream to have a child someday.  However, deep down inside, I don't think I am ever going to be blessed.  That breaks my heart.
  3. My mom and I don't look anything like each other and I have always secretly wanted to have a mom that I look like.  You know the kind that you see a mom and daughter and you know they are related?  I know it sounds strange but its true.
  4. I have a few auto-immune diseases and some others issues as well.  I feel like I should be out there out doing something to raise awareness or raise money or something and yet I do nothing.  It really bothers me but I still do nothing. 
  5. I hate when I see spelling errors.  Yes I am one of those people that wonder why people don't always use spell check on computers.  I am one of those people that when reading something on hard copy want to always circle the misspelled words. (Just so you know, I don't but it takes a lot of restraint!) 
  6. I don't have patience for stupidy.  I know that may sound harsh but it is what it is. 
  7. Oh.. and since we are on that.. what happened to common sense?? You can't teach someone common sense and God help the people that don't have it.  I am finding out the older I get the more people out there that just don't have it.  I seriously worry about them.. I mean how do they make it through life. 
  8. I love donuts and I am talking about the bakery fresh kind.  I love them so much... they know me by name there. But they are so good and they are nice people there anyway. 
Ok.. enough about me... I have really never liked talking about me.  I am not one of those people that can go on a date and talk about myself and not know when to shut up.  So NOT me.  I am not one to blow my own horn (beep beep)!!

Thank you Karen for this interesting topic! 


  1. I don't like spelling mistakes also, but English is not my first language and I'm pretty sure I make them myself too. And make a lot :)
    But working as a journalist keeps me correct and wherever I see a mistake, I passionately want to fix it :)

  2. Wow, I really like the list you've put together. Very touching and somewhat sad. Maybe your next post should be "10 Things I need to change and 20 ways to make it happen"

    Great post SITSta!

  3. Popping in from SITS to say Welcome & Hello!

    Wow! We have some things in commom. I did a post not too long ago about Remebering Common Sense and I received an Honest Scrap award a few days ago and had to post 10 Honest Things About Me. Some things are funny but, very true!

    Try to pop on over when you get a chance!

  4. I liked your post, but oh-oh, you mispelled stupidity! lol (See, I have the same fault you have!)(Automatic proof-reading)

    Just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

  5. We had amazing donuts last weekend...after our 5K. lol

    Glad you're at SITS, visiting you to say hello!