HELP!!! I can't stop eating!!!

I can't quite figure this out but I literally can't stop eating. I know I know this is NOT good. I have gone over my meds and there is nothing new. In fact I am not even on my prednisone so that should help with the NOT eating. Most of my meds are suppose to make me lose weight... for some reason they do the opposite for me. I know I am lucky. ha ha There hasn't been anything stressful going on lately...I mean I totally have a stress free life like everyone else out there (can you detect the sarcasm??). But truthfully there has not been anything new that is upsetting or life changing that would make me want to eat myself out of house and home.

But for the last few days I feel like I can't eat enough. I have always said the Pepsi is my "drug of choice". I can't seem to get enough of that. Normally I am not one to drink several a day but I have been. NOT GOOD. Normally I can control my portions... hell I sure can't do that now... it is like I have no control or willpower and I just keep eating and more and more. It seems to be more sweets then anything but I still eat well at my meals.

Where is this coming from?  The weather change?  The time change?

Usually if I were to have something sweet, I would have a bite size candy and that would be fine, now I want the whole bag and I do a pretty good job of taking care of that too. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorites, normally 1-3 would be plenty for me - lately I have to hold myself back from polishing the package off. That is horrible...yet it all tastes ohhhhhhhhhh soooo very yummy in my tummy!!

I have no idea where this hunger is coming from? Any ideas or suggestions? You do know that as I am writing this I am having a nice ice cold glass of Pepsi and chocolate chip cookies!! I have already eaten my dinner and had previous desserts. What is wrong with me???? Somehow I am not worried about that like I normally would be... it just tastes so damn good I haven't really thought about anything else! Is that horrible? Is that wrong of me?

I will be back... and I am sure when I am I will still be eating and drinking...but God only knows what I will be stuffing in my face by that time. I do know it will be something very yummy in my tummy though!!

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  1. hormones. they get me every time. put the cookie down and go for a walk...or take the cookie with you. whatever works, girlfriend.