Massage is just what the doctor ordered

I had originally contacted my massage therapist in hopes of being able to get a massage sometime this week. It has been awhile and I so needed it. Well if anyone read my previous post, I fell out of a jacuzzi so as I am sure you can imagine I am sore as shit!!! It just so happened that I was able to get a massage booked for Monday @ 3pm.

After my fall I have been really sore. I have scratches and bruises where I didn't even know and my body is sore in spots that I would have swore barely touched the cement!

So today Pj arrived with her massage table, rocks and all of her "tools"(big long sigh). First it was great to see her. She is a bubbly person and very positive but has this energy that is so healing and warm that it seems to take over the room in such a calming and loving way. She is a great massage therapist.  

 She is great at what she does.  She is able to do massages at her home studio or at your own home.  That is what got me. You mean I don't have to drive somewhere ???!!! Wow!  It might be a few dollars more, but SO WORTH THE $$$!!  The first time she massaged me I thought it was great...but it each time it just gets better and better.  No she did not aske me to write nor have I even told her I was going to write this.  She seems to always use the perfect amount of pressure, the perfect amount of lotion (you know so you are not so covered with lotion you are slimy!!), always has the right music and is on time.  I am thrilled that I found her.  PJ does several different types of massages and also does reflexology. 

My mom has had several sessions with her for reflexology and she says it is like none other that she has had.  Not only does she work on your feet, but she also works on your hands and head.  I have never seen or heard of that...but mom sure does love it. The great thing about that, is my mom can be set up on her bed, all comfy and cozy and PJ comes to her, in her comfort zone and just seems to enhance all of it.  That is wha I call true talent.

After my massage, I swear this is the best one I have ever had;  I feel so relaxed and like jell-o.  I so didn't think I was going to get online...but I knew I had to write about this massage experience and about PJ.  So please don't just sit there and read about this be all jealous, reach out to her.  And if by some chance you are not fortunate to live in this area, do some research and find a good one in your area.  Trust me, your body and mind will thank you.  I know mine does!!!



  1. Hi, stopping by from SITS! :)

    I love getting massages. It is my once a year treat to myself. I feel all stretchy and relaxed just thinking about it!

  2. I'm extremely jealous! I've never had a massage, I know I really need to try one out! I've had facials and I do so love those!

    She sounds amazing.

    Dropping by from SITS to say hello!

    Also--The name of your blog made me LOL!

  3. shout out from SITS! love the name of your blog :)

  4. mmmmmmmm...
    massage...do you think she'd drive to missouri?