Wish lists are funny things. I can remember when I was little making lists. They were always difficult for me. I was the one that always worried about the price of what everything cost. I always wanted everyone else to do a wish list but never wanted to do one myself. I have always been that way and still am. If I did finally do a wish list I always tried to make sure I had plenty of choices on there in all of the price ranges so no one would have a problem. That seemed to always worry me. I know you would think a young child wouldn't really think of those things, but I did and still do.

It has always been hard for me to come up with a list of things that I want or wish for and then put them "out there" for any and every one. It seems that the older I get the harder it is for me too.

I always wanted my parents to do a wish list for Christmas time. It was always pretty easy to shop for mom, but dad was a bit trickier at least for me anyway. So I would always beg them to make a list. They would of course. Funny the older they got, the more dad got into it. LOL He always made such extravagant lists more to tease me than anything. So that got me started on adding extravagant items to my lists as well. The really weird thing was on the offshot I would get them. That always floored me. I never expected those gifts, it was always nice to get them but I always felt like it was too much.

I will say that one thing I have always enjoyed is getting cards. I LOVE cards. I like e-cards, but the real hard copy ones that you get by snail mail are the best in the whole wide world. I know that sounds funny but so true. I love sending cards too. It is great to write something nice inside them, decorate the card and envelope with stickers or stamping and fill the card with confetti. I think cards are great any time of year, but for some reason for my birthday (12-1) I really love getting cards. Did I mention I LOVE cards? I have always loved getting cards, it says so much. I love buying cards and making them. Ok... I better stop now... because I can feel me getting off the subject (wish lists) and I see that I could very easily write an entire blog on cards! YIKES!

I thought I would tell you my wish list for this year. Since my birthday (12-1) and Christmas are pretty close to each other I have always just made one and it served its purpose. Here goes:

• Cards - Did I mention I love them? Especially the ones sent via snail mail
• Wii and the Wii fit (this is my extravagant gift)
• silver cross and chain
• Gummy bears (I love gummy bears!!!)
• CD’s(Trace Adkins, Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw)
• An hour massage at my home
• 5 qt stand mixer(extravagant gift)
• Silver ring
• Amber ring
• Book- The Lonely Patient
• Book - Keep working girlfriend
• Book - The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Word
• Health – this is always first on my list. I wish there were no illnesses or pain in the world but I especially wish, hope and pray that my mom could be healed completely. I seriously would give my right arm for that. (I know this is something that can’t be given to me, but since it is a “wish” list I always seem to include as if one year it will actually be granted!)
• I would like to have my health back as well, but I would gladly give it all up if it would guarantee my mom to be healthy and pain free again.
• A beautiful healthy baby girl (this is not what I would call an extravagant gift but something I know no one can give me, but since it is a “wish” list I do put it on there)

I have read many different people’s lists this year already and they are nice lists. Some wanting world peace, some wanting to have more family time, others want domestic items and then there are the ones that want it all!! I get those lists… I have never been one to want, want,want.

What do you think about wish lists? What is on your wish lists? I would love to see what is on your list. If you are interested please grab the mclinky and let me know.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I'm a huge list maker, but I can never make up my mind when it comes to things I want.
    I've always been a giver around Christmas season and whenever someone asks me what I want, I have no idea what to tell them!

    I really love cards as well.
    Snail mail rocks.
    And I can relate to wanting a baby girl.

  2. OMG Tammy, I had to come visit you from SITS...your comment in rollcall made me Laugh!!!

    I don't have a wish list up yet....seriously never thought of it. But it's funny b/c we just got the new Tiffany catalog...& oh my if there isn't a post in that right there...I might be back with a linky:)

  3. that's a nice wish list...i hope your wishes come true!

  4. oooh ... that is a good idea for a post ... and given that I am brain dead from the last week I will see if I can pull something together and contribute! Sharefesting is always so fun!

    P.S. - I also want a baby girl! :) But it is not the time for that to be in the cards for us right now. So I understand how frustrating that wish can be.

  5. Hi! Stopping by from SITS Sharefest!

    I'm with you and wish lists. I hate "asking" for something, but I will admit that I love making my own private wish lists on Amazon.com. :) I can get as extravagant as I want, because it's not for anyone but me! It's fun to "shop" without a budget.

    And I want a Wii fit too!

    Good luck with the rest of the list and I wish you good health! (Not that I have any power there, but maybe my positive vibes will help... :))

    Have a good weekend!

  6. I love making lists. I have a ton on Amazon and I keep them all private!

    May you get everything on your list!