Phil Vassar

I LOVE country music. I was raised on it and still like it. Don’t get me wrong, I like other types, but country is basically my favorite type. The country station out here is Go Country 105 FM and they put on a holiday acoustic concert every year. I was able to go last year and it was great. What makes it even better is that the venue is really close to home, like only a 20 min drive. I mean how much better can that get? Well, this year they have Phil Vassar & Jonathon Singleton performing . I am was totally looking forward to going and seeing them. I bought 2 tickets over a month ago. A friend of mine and I were suppose to go. The concert is Sunday as in 12/6. As you can tell from the wording, I am not going.  

So I called my friend to check and see what time she wanted to meet and blah, blah, blah. I called her on Friday and she mentioned to me that she has been sick with the swine flu and then pneumonia. Really?? We have been in contact via email and she never mentioned any of that. So she just happens to mention that on Friday afternoon. UGH!! However, she says she is well enough to go and wants to still go. I was a bit worried about my immune system but I thought about it and decided that God only knows what else everyone else will have in that venue!!! I called her on Saturday and she says she doesn't feel like going. I was like what? (In my mind I was saying WTF!!) I couldn't believe it...then after I thought about it for a moment, I thought yes I could. It seems this kind of crap always happens to me.

So it is kind of late notice to find someone to go with me to the concert. She still hasn't even paid for her ticket. So it looks like I am going to miss out on a great concert. Unfortunately, I am not one of those "wild" gals that can go to a concert by herself. I think that is great if you can, but not me. I may have a mouth on me, but I don't have that much guts to go to something like that by myself!!

I was so looking forward to going out. It is rare I go out besides to doctor appointments or to do the errands that I have to do. So this is something that I had planned a month ago and was looking forward to. I had been preparing myself for this for a week, to make sure I would be well enough to go.

...sigh...(that is a really heavy sigh btw)

I thought I should include a photo of Phil so in case you don't know what he looks like you can see why I am sighing..so heavily!! 


  1. Awww...so sorry that you missed out on PHIL! Your friend SUCKS. LOL...unless of course she was really sick...then I guess it couldn't be helped. But it still sucks.
    I mean...Phil Vassar is a great musician..he writes the best songs and I love that he actually started performing himself. I heart 'Little Red Rodeo'...
    I've got a pretty big mouth myself...but no ass to back it up, sometimes...good thing I've got family to back me up when I need it:) So you aren't alone in that aspect.
    So....did you go and scalp your tickets...try to recoup the cost? ;)
    Nah, probably not. Then you might as well have gone in to watch the show. A movie I can see, but a concert? Who does that?
    Well, I'm sorry you missed out. Hope things are looking up!!

  2. That is just sad. I probably would have gone anyway because I looove Phil Vassar. I'm sorry you didn't get to go :(
    Found you at SITS :0)

  3. Oh no! Did you ever find anyone else to go with?

  4. Sorry to hear about this. I totally would have gone with you! Sounds like it would have been fun...I hope you found someone to go with after all and had a great time! I went to a movie once by myself and lunch once, it was hard but a little empowering too, I'm not sure I'd be able to do the concert thing either.

  5. I'm sorry, that stinks! I LOVE Country Music as well. I listen to it all the time, except now, my husband and my daughter have gotten me into Talk Radio. Nikolina will not fall asleep in the car to Country Music!! I think it's bc she wants to get up and dance when it comes on. But, she does fall asleep to Talk Radio, so now my dial is always on that. There is something so honest and simple about Country music and the lyrics. They do have some "tall drink of water" artists in the country music business, too!

  6. Well, that STINKS! You should have called me...I totally would have come! Not to rub it in or anything but we saw Phil this summer...here's my post: http://forwhatitsworth-ornot.blogspot.com/2009/07/did-yesterday-really-happen.html
    Okay, maybe that was rubbing it in. SORRY, SITSTA!

  7. He is handsome. I have never heard of him.

    Sorry you won't be able to attend his concert.

  8. Bummer. i love Phil Vassar- my husband and i's wedding song was Just Another Day in Paradise. When we got married, i had two girls from a previous marriage- him and I had been together almost 8 years and we had two daughters -who were 5 and about to turn 3... it was the perfect song!

  9. man, that stinks. i would have loved to have gone! i'm a country girl!

    p.s...haven't seen you around for awhile...are you ok?