Happy New Year!!!

My Wish for You in 2011

May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts.
May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $50 bills.
May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!
May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy.
May the problems you had, forget your home address!

In simple words ...............

May the year 2011 be the best year of your life!!!

Happy New Year!!


Christmas Past, Present and Future. . .

I can remember how Christmas was growing up and even into my adulthood. Although I basically grew up as an only child we always had nice Christmases. It was either the 3 of us (mom, dad and I) or many times my Nana (my mom’s mom) would be with us as well. We always (and I do mean always) decorated the outside of the house. It didn’t matter where we lived it got decorated. Dad took care of that. It seemed that each year we he would do more. Even though he would “complain” about it and say how he “hated” doing it and that next year he wasn’t going to decorate he would always look forward to doing it the following year. Each year we he always added something, more lights, or snowmen (mom collected snowmen so they were our theme) something always seemed to get added. Mom and I took care of the inside. In the beginning the living room would be the main room that would be decorated. It always looked nice. As time went on and we collected more items we were able to decorate all of the rooms. It looked great! All of the rooms managed to have a little bit of Christmas spirit and the outside was covered with it as well. It was always nice to have people over because they always remarked at how nice the house looked inside and out. I use to tease about our house looking similar to Clark Griswold’s house but let’s face it ours always looked better. Heck we always took first place in our neighborhood. We usually either had a few relatives over for Christmas dinner or some friends that didn’t have family and they would come over for the day. That was always nice.

Recently Christmas is lacking a whole lotta something, ok a whole lotta everything. My father passed so the outside no longer gets decorated. That sucks!! Even if we couldn’t have the house decorated as awesomely as he had always done it, it would still be great to at least have some lights up. Ya know? And now we hardly even decorate inside the house. We still have a ton of decorations for inside and outside it is just too damn difficult for me. This also sucks. All the decorations are in the sheds. With neither mom nor I feeling all that hot to trot we are not up to doing all that. It is A LOT of work to make several trips to bring in Christmas decorations, then to set everything up and then to take all of the empty boxes back to the sheds. I know that would take me several days and then would put me outta commission for several more days. I barely have a small tree up with lights only on it and a few Christmas decorations, and I do mean very few. Now it is just mom and I. There is nothing wrong with that; I mean quiet Christmases can be nice…sometimes. Now I cook a small Christmas dinner for the 2 of us and I don’t have to worry about having to entertain anyone if either of us are not feeling well on that day. We can lay around in our pj’s or stay in bed till whenever depending on how we are feeling.

As for Christmas Future I can only hope it will be similar to Christmas Past. I know that may sound a bit strange to many of you but humor me. I would like to see the outside and inside decorated like it had been in Christmas Past. I would love to be able to be the one doing the inside decorating again. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to feel well enough to have people over and cook for a house full? Be able to decorate and not be out of commission for several days? But one of the things I hope for most of all  is to have a child to celebrate Christmas with because those are the best holidays yet. Wouldn't you agree??


Senior Texting Codes

I have never been one that is all that into texting.  Yes I do text but that is not my preferred way of communication. A friend of mine sent this to me and I found it rather funny...yet scary at the same time because in the back of my mind I was thinking how much longer will it be till I am using these codes???


Since more and more Seniors are texting and tweeting, there appears to be a need for a STC (Senior Texting Code). If you qualify for Senior Discounts this is the code for you.

ATD: At The Doctor's ( I could use this now, as that is where I spend most of my time now)
BFF: Best Friend Farted
BTW: Bring The Wheelchair  (I have to do that already)
BYOT: Bring Your Own Teeth
CBM: Covered By Medicare (Soon I will be covered by medicare.. and that sucks!)
CUATSC: See You At The Senior Center
DWI: Driving While Incontinent  ( I am almost there now...)
FWB: Friend With Beta Blockers
FWIW: Forgot Where I Was  (This happens to me already and I am not a senior)
FYI: Found Your Insulin
GGPBL: Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low
GHA: Got Heartburn Again  (Join the club.. that is my life)
HGBM: Had Good Bowel Movement  (those are few and far between... they should be celebrated!)
IMHO: Is My Hearing-Aid On?
LMDO: Laughing My Dentures Out
LOL: Living On Lipitor
LWO: Lawrence Welk's On
OMMR: On My Massage Recliner  (Oh how I wish I had one of those!)
OMSG: Oh My! Sorry, Gas  (This is not something that just seniors get, eveyone else just blames the dog!)
ROFL, CGU: Rolling On The Floor Laughing, Can't Get Up ( Gee, sounds too familiar)
SGGP: Sorry, Gotta Go Poop  (When you gotta go, you don't want to lose the moment they aren't often)
TTYL: Talk To You Louder ( I do this anyway for my mom)
WAITT: Who Am I Talking To? (I wonder this alot already)
WTFA: Wet The Furniture Again (Thank Goodness not yet anyway!)
WTP: Where's The Prunes?  (I will use something else besides prunes...yuck!)
WWNO: Walker Wheels Need Oil (hopefully I will be able to afford a slick scooter!)
GLK: Gotta Go, Laxative Kicking In (and we shouldn't keep that waiting b/c then the furniture will be wet!)

The items in blue ( ) were my comments but I hope you all got a giggle out of them.  I am assuming that at that age there is not sexting going on... if so I know I sure the hell won't be involved in it..hell I am not now, I wouldn't want to scare the hell outta anyway and then get sued for it!!!


Deck the Halls - sung by animals on YouTube

I had 2 different friends send this to me.  It was too funny not to share.  That is in case you haven't already seen it.  I hope you enjoy it.


Drunk on Christmas

First of all if you don't already know I am a HUGE country music fan.  Secondly I am also a huge Big & Rich fan whether they do a group or solo album I am there. So when I heard that John Rich and Jimmy Fallon did a song together and about Christmas I had to hear it. I find Jimmy Fallon very funny, and knowing how John Rich plays up, it was absolutely hilarious. 

This is basically about all of those "Dysfunctional Families" out there and how we cope with them or at least how most of use would sure like to cope!! 



Like most women I LOVE shoes.  I mean right, who doesn't?   It is one of those things that whether you need a pair or not, you just have to look when you are in the store. I love seeing all of the new up and coming designs of any type of shoes.  I get a giggle out of looking at the children's (you know the itty bitty ones) shoes.  I have a few tons of shoes.  Tennis shoes, flip flops, sandals, high heels, low heels mid heels and flats.  Let's face it you gotta have a shoe in every color and every heel height, it just wouldn't be right if you didn't. I think it might even be sacrilegious!!  I will have to do more research on that one. 

Anyway, I have not been a good blogger buddy lately so I am now trying to catch up on some of my reads that I do like to follow.  I was reading Always in my Head and came across a most recent blog about an online clothing store.  Now if we remember back to my previous post about online ordering we know that I don't tend to have much luck with that kind of thing.  However, she mentioned ModCloth and showed a picture of a cute dress that she purchased.  So I thought I would check this place out.  OMG! They have tons of things... clothes, shoes, accessories, household things.  Way cool.  I was scrolling through the shoe section, because it was there and it was literally calling screaming my name. I am sure you have had the same thing happen to you.  You can admit it to me.  I won't go blabbing it all over the Internet or anything. :)   Anyway I came across a pair of gorgeous brown boots.  (I love browns, btw).


Aren't these just wonderful dreamy (insert long heavy sigh)??? If you click on the link under the picture you can also see the other views of the boots.  These really hit me as soon as I saw them. 

I think might be falling in love...I mean a girl can NEVER have too many shoes!


Happy Thanksgiving

“Turkey Day” - the infamous day that comes but once a year that allows everyone to over indulge in just about everything from watching sports and eating lots of turkey and carbs, to laying around afterwards because we are all so full of over indulging! Like I said it only comes but once a year. Everyone seems to have their own family traditions of what they eat or who does the cooking. I always find it interesting to hear other people’s traditions. Don’t you? Some are creatures of habit and others are always doing something new each year. I thought I would share some traditions of mine and of some friends.

This is "Thanksgiving"

~ A good friend of ours that is a chef went through a phase of deep frying his turkey and making a special marinade to inject into it. It was pretty tasty. Now for the last several years he enjoys making a duck instead of a turkey. I have yet to try that…not so sure I could do it. He actually leaves it to look like a duck. Umm... yeah that I could not handle.

~ Another friend of ours always has to have macaroni and cheese with their meal. If there is no homemade Mac and cheese, it is like a sin to them! We never did that growing up.

~ Some people seem to change off every other year. One year their house the next year the in-laws or a sister or something like that. Some have potluck, etc.

~For our Turkey Day there are always some things that have to be at the table otherwise it simply isn’t Thanksgiving. We make homemade Banana Nut Bread and Pumpkin Bread every year. I have yet to have anyone not like these breads. They are very yummy if I do say so myself. Then there are the deviled eggs. They always seem to go pretty quickly. Dad always really enjoyed them. It didn’t seem to matter if we were going to have a large gathering of family and friends or if it was just going to be “us” these items always are expected to be at the table. At those times when it would be just the three of us (mom, dad & me), dad would always say to mom and me to not go so overboard and kill ourselves with making so many dishes, but we always enjoyed it. We would say we were going to tone it down but by the time the day came it always seemed to happen. I am sure you know what I mean. For instance before you know it your menu consists of…turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas, rolls, sweet potatoes, peas, relish dish, deviled eggs, on occasion we would have a small ham, cranberries, cucumber salad or creamed cucumbers (a favorite of my mom’s), creamed corn, pumpkin and banana bread, pumpkin/apple/pecan/sweet potato pie (we might have all or one), chocolate pie or cake (since not everyone likes pumpkin and pecan) and ice cream. I think that about covers it. I mean besides the little munchies that you have out before the big meal. For the most part we always did Turkey Day. On rare occasions we went to an aunt’s house. But the food was NOT good. Sorry but it just wasn’t. By the time dinner came, everything was cold. She didn’t know how to cook everything at the same time so it would be done at the same time and everything would be ready and hot at the same time. Oh well, thank goodness that didn’t happen very often and we don’t do that anymore! Now that it is just usually mom and I we do cheat a little bit I am sad to say. I think it is more because of my health than anything else. Now I order a meal from somewhere, so I get the turkey, potatoes, gravy, and rolls. Then I basically just “doctor” it up a bit and heat it up. I still do some extra sides because that is just what I am used to. LOL The deviled eggs, and breads, and peas, cucumbers and a dessert and there you have it. We still get left over’s.

My infamous Deviled Eggs
 What are your traditions? What items does your family insist be at the table on Thanksgiving?

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and blessed Thanksgiving. May you all eat to you are stuffed beyond your wildest dreams!


Happy Happy Birthday Sister!!

Happy Birthday Tina!

Just a quick shout out to my favorite half sister (oh wait she is my only sister!) to wish her a very happy and blessed Birthday!  We are so different in our ways of thinking it is almost comical at times! But that is what makes the world go round, once she realizes I am always right then things will be perfect!  ha ha (I am teasing Tina). 

I hope that she has a stress free day filled with treats and a year blessed with love, laughter and good health. Enjoy your day and know that you are in my thoughts! xo 

Tina when she came for a surprise visit to see Dad in 2006


That is your reference point?

If you have an illness or injury or are in chronic pain, I am pretty sure you have had someone if not many people tell you that they “know what you are going through”. They understand you. They get you. And then my favorite part comes and they compare a pain of theirs to yours. OMG! Really??? I have had this happen to me for years. I have had many different people tell me that they know what it is like to be “tired”. Now I laugh, because I am like really? I would love to be tired, I am fucking exhausted beyond your imagination and you are telling me you are tired. If I was “tired” I wouldn’t even think of complaining. That isn’t even worth mentioning. Or how about when people tell you that they have a “headache” so they totally understand when you say you have a migraine, oh but wait a minute I have had my migraine for years. I mean it is practically a freaking part of me. You are going to tell me that they sympathize with what I am going through? NO. NO they don’t. No they can’t. No they have no frickin’ clue as to what I have and am experiencing. And by all means please don’t tell me you do.

However, my most recent “comparison” was by far the most upsetting, and most unbelievable. The other day I was talking with someone who happens to be a nurse and a friend of ours. We were talking about having to keep the faith and how difficult that can be when you are not feeling well and it seems as if the cards are stacked against you. She then proceeded to tell me how she totally understands what I am going through because she has the same thing every day! Every morning when she gets up she has to run her hands under warm water so that she can even move them and while she is doing that she prays to the Lord asking him to help her hands work that day. I know I had to have the most shocked look on my face. I kept thinking I couldn’t have heard her right. I mean right? I just couldn’t have. I just sat there for a moment quietly thinking OH MY GOD in my head. I am not saying that no one else experiences pain but how could you even think of comparing that to me? Here she is comparing her hands hurting to where she has to run them under warm water so that she can move them to my excruciating pain, exhaustion, memory, focus problems, constant migraines and concentration issues. That is like comparing apples and oranges. She is in her 50’s and is able to work. Here I am in my late 30’s and am applying for permanent disability. I can’t work. I can barely move and walk at times. Don’t you think that if I could run my body under warm water and it would relieve my pain so that I could move, don’t you think I would frickin do that? Geesh! I would live in a flippin shower or bath if that is what I had to do so that I could be without pain, or lessen it or make it so that I could still live a “normal” life. I tried explaining to her this. And she said I know I know, I get it. I think the only thing that stopped me from going psycho is that we were in a public place! I told her No you don’t get it. Mom kept saying that you did, but I knew you didn’t. I had hoped you did, but I knew you didn’t. I guess in a sense I can understand why she doesn’t because she has never had to experience anything like this. She kept trying to justify and compare the hand thing. I had to tell her to stop.

If you have gone through something like this then you can imagine and sympathize. If you have not, then don’t even try to say that you get it; because you just don’t. You aren’t even close. You can try to imagine, but that is it, you are doing just that TRYING.

I couldn’t believe that she was actually comparing hands hurting to excruciating body pain that doesn’t allow someone to work or live their life anymore. That is just two totally different things as far as I am concerned.


I got approved!

I have been off of work since April 2008. I know, it still sounds surreal to me. Since I was not getting any better it had been decided that I needed to move forward in seeking SSDI . I had written a previous blog about that here. It has been a long road. I was denied twice. So once that happens it usually goes to the next level of a hearing.

I have to say that I feel very fortunate to have had the help that I did. I was one of those people that when I signed up for benefits at work, I picked the short term and long term disability. Everyone always teased me about being young and “wasting” my money. Well, let me tell you, it was some of the best money I have ever spent!

On a quick side note here is some information that I think you might find helpful. The short term disability pays you for the first year that you have to be off of work. The LTD pays you after that. Now depending on what type you have and how it is set up make a huge difference. Usually they are based on a percentage of what you make. You can sign up to be paid a percentage of what your normal salary is. The amount that I had to pay on a monthly basis to purchase this insurance was minimal and it was well worth it. If you chose to get LTD please make sure that you select to at least get 50% of your salary if not more. Now if for some horrible reason you are unable to go back to work and actually end up needing to go on permanent disability your LTD company does not want to have to continue to pay this entire amount to you for the rest of your life. So they start preparing you to start applying for permanent disability. The LTD that I have has a 3rd party company, ALLSUP that helps you go through the entire SSDI process. I cannot tell you enough about how AWESOME this company is. They basically do ALL of the WORK. They are the ones that request all of the doctor’s records, and pay for them if need be, they fill out all of the paperwork for SSDI, and they keep all of the records. They basically do all of the legwork and then some. When it came time for my hearing they had a representative, a lawyer that called me a couple of weeks prior so that we could discuss my case and then we met a short time before my hearing to go over anything. I know that my case depended a lot on what my doctors had to say and if they sent in their notes and answered the questionnaires like they were supposed to, but I also know a large part was due to my representative, Deborah. She has been doing this for 18 years and has a great history with these judges.

Ok…back to the real reason of the blog. Good thing I don’t really ramble on and get side tracked. Phew! So the hearing was in Downtown Los Angeles. It had already been arranged that my mom’s BFF, Dee would go with me so that I wouldn’t have to drive or be alone for that matter. She also happens to be a nurse so that was kind of nice in case of anything. We got there with basically no traffic and found the place with no problems. Yeah for us!! We even got there a bit early! Yeah for us again! I have never done anything like this before so it was an eye opener to say the least. The entire 4th floor of the building is for Social Security Hearings. Once you get off of the floor there is an armed guard. You have to sign in, show your picture ID, he then looks through your purse and then does the wand thing over you to see if you are carrying anything metal. Oh yeah, and makes sure he reminds you to turn your cell phone off, NOW. He was a nice guy. So now you are in a large waiting area. Once it is your turn the Judges clerk will come and call you.

Deborah (my representative) had told me that it shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes. Can you believe that? I have been turned down twice and yet a judge will be able to say yay or nay in less than 30 minutes. Well sure enough when it was our time, the Judge wanted to see Deborah first for a few minutes. Then she came back to get me. If we were in there for 15 minutes, I am exaggerating. So basically we were in a small room, with the judge, his clerk, a vocational expert, my rep. (Deborah) and me. I was sworn in and the judge proceeded to ask me a couple of questions. It was very relaxed. This judge happened to be in a jovial mood and also tends to have a sarcastic sense of humor (I was in luck!!). He asked me a couple of questions about a doctor, and something about one of my meds, and asked what type of education I had. Asked what I did when I worked, if I lived alone. He asked me what I thought was the one thing that I would say is the thing that makes it so unbearable for me to work. I asked him if he meant illness or symptom. He smiled and said, it doesn’t matter just pick one. So I smiled and said, only one? Hmmmm.. and he interrupted and said ok so tell me all. I then told him what all of issues were but that the most upsetting were the mind issues. I don’t have the concentration, the focus, the memory, I don’t have that like I used to. I miss it. Don’t get me wrong, the pain, exhaustion, migraines, tremors, they all suck and all hurt, but the mental part is really killing me….slowly. He then looked at my earnings and told me that I made good money while I worked. I smiled and agreed with him. He then informed me that I wouldn’t be making that kind of money if I was on disability. I kind of chuckled and said that I was aware of that, but God willing maybe I won’t have to be on this for the rest of my life. He got a large smile and said, I agree with you, hopefully you won’t. He advised me that even if I did get disability I would still have to see my doctors. I was like, yes I know that. He then told me that I would be getting something every 2-5 years to check to see if I was still disabled or not. When I get that I have to answer it and/or send in new medical records. He then said good luck and that he hopes I get better soon and that I am not in as much pain as I have been in. I know I was in shock.

Deborah and I got up and walked out of the room. I looked at her and said that’s it? That means I got approved, right? She said yes, congratulations! She said I would probably get a letter around 2 weeks or so. With this disability I will also be able to have Medicare. I was not aware of that, or if I was I didn’t remember it. She said it will take around 2 months to get that. I will also have back pay coming to me. Since I have been on LTD for 24 months that is how much I will be expecting. However, since I have receiving the LTD, they will take the difference of what is owed to them. So I am not really sure what or if I will have anything left over from the back pay.

To say that I was exhausted would be a HUGE understatement. After the hearing was over and we returned home, I made mom and me some lunch. I changed into some comfy clothes pajamas since I was just going to be in the house. I laid down with mom on the bed to watch T.V. and before I knew it I was out like a light. I guess it really did take everything out of me.

I am thankful that this is over. I am grateful and appreciative to everyone who sent me positive thoughts and prayers.

I am finally approved!! Yeah for me!



Congratulations Lewin Family!

I just wanted to send out a little "shout out" if you will to a friend with whom I used to work with.  He and his wife adopted a beautiful baby boy, Nicholas.  It took them a long 3 years but everything finally fell into place.  They brought him home from Russia not too long ago.  He is a healthy, happy 3  year old toddler boy.  I am so very happy and thrilled for them. 

Enjoy every moment that you can with him.  It will go by so fast you will wonder where it went.  Congratulations and God Bless you!!


Nicholas Lewin


Mirror, Mirror

So when I was in my 20's I looked like the girl in the mirror. Now in my 30's I look closer to the girl looking into the mirror.   I swear when I look in my mirror at home, I still look like that svelte 20 something year old.  Yet when I walk by a window or some other mirror, I am just about knocked over with utter shock to see that the person looking back at me is really me and it is so NOT that svelte 20 something yr old that I see in my mind!  Anyone else have that same bitch following them around?


Voting time

**VOTE ****VOTE ****VOTE ****VOTE ****VOTE **

With all of the talk of the upcoming elections I thought this topic might be fitting for the situation.  I have entered both of my animals into The World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show on Dogster & Catster.   It is a pretty great site if you haven’t already heard about it or belong to already.  That is right here I am like the other candidates begging, praying, wishing, hoping for your vote.  I am not going to tell lies about the other candidates, because we don’t play that way.  I am not going to show you pictures of them being  bad and caught in the act or of their owners doing unthinkable things.  I am sure you can just imagine what some of those things are.  It makes me shudder actually. So I am just going to tell you about how WONDERFUL Chip & Tee-Tee are. 
I invite you to check out all of the candidates, but I implore you to come back to the sweet pictures of Tee-Tee (doggy) & Chip (kitty) and vote for them.  There are several categories that you can vote for.  I have entered Tee-Tee into 2 categories and Chip into 5 categories. 
Here are the easy steps to vote for Chip and Tee-Tee.  If you are going to vote for other animals then please don't use these simple steps to help you figure out how to vote for other animals.  :) You will just have to stumble along and figure it out on your own.  hee he
2.  If you have a FB account then you can log in using the Facebook connect.  If not then if you already have an account with Dogster.com or Catser. com you can log in and vote.  If you do not have an account with either then you will need to register.  However, I swear it is easy peasy! I promise.
3.  Once you have logged in and are on this page  http://catster.com/show10/  you will need to enter in their ID#'s
4. Chip's # is 1132482 and Tee-Tee's # is 1132484.  When voting there are 5 paw prints and you can choose from 1(being the lowest) to 5 (being the highest), you will need to decide how low or high you wish to vote for the photo and then click on the vote button.  Once it has accepted it it will say VOTED.  I can only hope that you would want to vote 5 paws for all of the pics.  If anyone needs any persuasion of any kind please let me know and we will see what we can do to accomodate your needs.  You scratch our back, we will scratch and massage your back!!  (Yikes, I am sounding just like those horrible politicians!!?
Here one of the pics I entered of Chip~

Vote for Chip in the World's Coolest
cat photo contest

cat pictures & breed info

Here is one of the pics I entered of Tee-Tee~

Vote for Tee-Tee in the World's Coolest
dog photo contest

dog pictures & breed info

~~So come on people get out there and VOTE!!!!~~


OK I’m up!!! I’m up!!!

It is a dark and dreary morning and I am snuggled in bed. The phone rings at 8:03 am. As far as I am concerned that is sacrilegious. Especially since no one has to be up at that hour in my household on that day. Anyway, it is a doctor’s office and I answer it and take care of it. I get up and go pee since I am awake, right? I know TMI? Oh well you are the one reading this and by now y’all should know what to expect from me…you never know what to expect from me. So I get back in bed all comfy and that damn phone rings again 10 min later. Really people? OK another doctor’s office. Granted mom has been ill, but is it necessary for all of them to call before the crack of dawn? Geesh! Granted if I was a normal person (no comments from the peanut gallery here folks) I would have already been up and at work for at least 2 hours, but we are not talking about normal people now are we? Ok let’s try this one more time. I let Tee-Tee out to go pee and make sure that this time I can at least, God willing rest for a bit longer. See, I stay up late and the night before I did just that. So I need, ok WANT to get a bit more sleep. I crawl into bed and start dozing and 30 minutes later the phone rings again… OK I AM UP!!! Obviously it is not meant for me to sleep. Right? I mean that is how I am taking it.

So the next day is Saturday morning and there is a pounding on our front door at 9am. Ok… does someone hate me? I am not supposed to sleep in anymore? Am I supposed to go to bed early now or what? Another dark and dreary day and there is POUNDING on m front door. UGH!! So I throw on my glasses (since I normally wear contacts) and go to the front door. I am still in pj’s and am trying to finger comb my short wild woman from Borneo hair down as to not scare the holy hell out of anyone.   

Granted I didn't have coffee or slippers but I pretty much felt like this.
I open the door and there stand 3 little boys from the house behind me. Now get this… their father (whom by the way happens to be an ASSHOLE but that is another blog) took one of their sneakers and hit it with a bat and knocked it into my yard. WTF??? And that was for???? So I let the rug rats darling children into my yard to see if they could find it. They were unable to. They think it was on top of one of our sheds. I told them I would check it out later when I was more awake.

Again I come back to bed and think I am going to try this again. The phone rang 20 min later and this time it was a wrong number! I give up. I am up.!! I am up!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


CUJO reborn


Doesn’t she look sweet and innocent? Yeah, I know she does. This is my little brown girl. This is also the one known as my Dad’s perfect favorite daughter, Tee-Tee. The reason she was known as this is because she simply was his favorite. I mean let’s think about it, she never talked back, never asked for money, or rides anywhere. She always wanted to be with him. See, favorite daughter. Heck, it took the pressure off of me.

After Dad passed, Tee-Tee became diabetic. I kept telling him that if she did become diabetic he was going to have to give her the injections. Humph! Wouldn’t you know it, she doesn’t become diabetic till after he dies. Once again it just goes to show you just how much she does love him. She waited to become diabetic until after he died so he wouldn’t have to give her the insulin shots. Let’s face it, we know Dad wouldn’t have been able to do it, and it still would have fallen on me.

I have to give her 2 shots a day. Once in the a.m. after her breakfast. That one seems to go pretty easy. I am thinking because she also gets 3 little pills at that time. I know most dogs you would have to trick them into taking the pills. NOT this one. She thinks they are treats and can’t wait for them. One is a liver flavored glucosamine and the other 2 are homeopathic tablets, Traumeel. They are for her hip and back pain. They are sugar coated so basically taste like candy to her. They are ok for her to have with her diabetes, don’t worry I checked it all out.

However, when I give her the shot in the p.m. it has become a joke. It is like she turns into CUJO. I guess she thinks it is supposed to scare me….but it doesn’t. I just smile at her and tell her to give me a kiss. She does but the whole time she is showing me her teeth (as if to scare me).

This is what Tee-Tee turns into when she gets her nightly insulin shot!


My nephew got married!

Seth & Amberlie Owens

My nephew got married on Sept 18, 2010. I still can’t believe it. It seems surreal really. My sister has 4 children and this is her oldest, Seth. They live in Alabama and I really don’t know any of her children, my nieces and nephews. It’s strange to say that and know that. I have met Seth and Caleb her 2 oldest sons. They were young… not even sure if they remember me. Ok… back onto the real subject. (Can you tell that this bothers me??)

Seth got married! He freaking got married. He married his girlfriend, Amberlie. I have never met or talked to her. They are both young. I am happy for them. The wedding was a quick wedding. They say they are not preggers. As long as they are happy that is all that matters.

Truth be told when I heard he was getting married I was a bit sad or disappointed. Not that I didn’t want him to get married. It is just that I had always imagined, well I truthfully imagined that Dad (Paw-Paw) would be there. But I guess he was there, looking down on Seth. Seth was his first grandchild. They had a special bond. Anyway I had always thought that we would be able to go; that there would be plenty of time to plan and for me and mom (Maw-Maw) to be there. To be able to be there and see everyone for a joyous occasion and not a sad one. To be able to celebrate in their new beginning.

I guess it wasn’t meant to be…

So I hope they had a beautiful wedding. I pray for them to be blessed with everlasting love, good health, common sense (b/c let’s face it not enough people in this world have it let alone know what it is),enough money to always pay the bills and have a little left over. May they be filled with love, and happiness in their souls and hearts.

Mr. & Mrs. Seth Owens on their wedding day
 I had to include a picture of the cakes.  My sister, Tina did them.  She did the flowers and cakes from my understanding. 

Wedding Cakes


Easy Targets?

I am sure you have heard me complain or get on my soapbox about this before, but I just feel I have to air this out another time. We are being walked all over again. Why is that? Are we easy targets? Do we have “SUCKER” written on our faces? What? Seriously, what is the freaking problem?

We have had some much needed work done around the house. We have had several different “handy man” or licensed contractors here to do the work. It doesn’t seem to matter who refers them to us, if they are licensed or not we always end up getting screwed. I just don’t get it. Anyone know why this always seems to happen? I like to think we are good people. We pray. We treat everyone nice, like how we would like to be treated. I mean seriously what gives?

We go over everything we want done with them and what we expect. They always seem so nice and genuine. My mom is so trusting, too trusting for her own good. Me on the other hand we have been screwed so many times I don’t trust anyone anymore. I hate to say that but it is true. I never thought I would be like that either. It seems like even though they say they understand what we want done it doesn’t get done that way. Or even if they do, do it the way we want they might damage something else in the process and just laugh it off. Really? Really? How can someone do that? How can someone do that? Whether you are a handyman or a licensed contractor or a friend, why would you and how could you?

Some recent examples:

Our A/C was installed almost a year ago. Well it was leaking and needed to be fixed. We have tried endlessly to get a hold of the company. No one returns our calls. They were so nice when they were here to install it. However, since it has broke not so nice in my point of view. So we had to buy the parts and pay someone else to fix it.

When we had to have a 220 hooked up it was necessary to create another crawl hole in our house. So the gentleman that did that installed the new window/cover. It needed to be painted to match the house. We have several different types of pain in our sheds as we had both the exterior/interior painted not too long ago. He grabbed a can of paint and thought it was the correct color (Navajo white). When I went out to check it out, it was a sand color from one of our rooms. Oops! He said that he would take care of that. That never happened. So again, we had to pay someone else to fix his mistake. Luckily we did have the correct paint for some reason he just didn’t see it.

When the fridge was delivered it was going to be a tight fit width wise. So we waited until the “gentleman” could shave off an area on the cupboard so it would slide in easily. Oh he shaved a piece off of the cupboard. So much that part of the counter top split and broke. But he will take care of that. We are still waiting for that to be taken care of. And he ended up denting our BRAND NEW SAMSUNG FRENCH DOOR FRIDGE. That was a little upsetting to say the least. If ya know what I mean.

We needed to have new fencing done. The redwood fencing is showing its age. So he took a look at everything measured and gave us a price. His price was a decent price. So I bought all of the supplies. He finally got started 3 months later because of reason after reason and then did the picket fence. He still needs to return to straighten it out, shall we say. As for the rest of the 6’privacy fence he realized he measured or “guesstimated” wrong. Ooops!! Are you kidding me? He had me buy 6x6 panels and we should have 6x8 panels. So he loaded them all up and returned them for us. He did that like speedy Gonzales. Let me tell you. He says you can get the 6x8 panels everywhere. Really? Nowhere in California. When we bought the 6x6 panels we bought then when they were on sale. The 6x8 not made in California and SO NOT ON SALE. He tells us not to worry as he going to find them for us. He wanted to be paid for ½ of the fencing job. My mom God love her was going to pay him; until I started throwing a HUGE FREAKING FIT. I tried talking her out of paying him at all or at least not half. She still paid him, not half but still more than what I would have given him. He said he needed the money for his house taxes. SO. And this affects me how? I know I sound like a horrible bitch, right? This is the man that has told us for months, that thinks of us as family. He would NEVER take advantage of us or do us wrong. Really?? I have sent him 2 emails asking for him to come over to fix the fence and the counter top that he trashed. He has NOT responded. Trust me he so does not want me to show up on his doorstep. I don’t care of all of his neighbors are fireman, police man, and FBI people.

Four examples are enough... at least for me they are. If I remember any more I am gonna be way more depressed than I already am.

So do we deserve this? Are we horrible people? Are we too trusting? I am at the point that I no longer give people the benefit of the doubt. Why should I …. I am the one that always end up getting screwed for being the “nice one”.


You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...

I borrowed this from my cousin for today's post.  My father was from the south and we always enjoyed the "redneck" jokes.  Hope y'all do to!

1. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...

The finance committee refuses to provide funds for the purchase of a chandelier because none of the members knows how to play one.

2. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
People ask, when they learn that Jesus fed the 5000, whether the two fish were bass or catfish, and what bait was used to catch 'em.

3. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
When the pastor says, "I'd like to ask Bubba to help take up the offering" and five guys and two women stand up.

4. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
Opening day of deer season is recognized as an official church holiday.

5. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if...
A member of the church requests to be buried in his 4-wheel-drive truck because "It ain't never been in a hole it couldn't get out of" (Love it!)

6. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
The choir is known as the "OK Chorale".

7. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
In a congregation of 500 members, there are only seven last names in the church directory.

8. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
People think "rapture" is what you get when you lift something too heavy.

9. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
The baptismal pool is a #2 galvanized " Wheeling " washtub.

10. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ....
The choir robes were donated by (and embroidered with the logo from) Billy Bob's Barbecue.

11. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
The collection plates are really hubcaps from a '56 Chevy.

12. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ..
Instead of a bell you are called to service by a duck call.

13. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
The minister and his wife drive matching pickup trucks.

14. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
The communion wine is Boone's Farm "Tickled Pink".

15. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if...
"Thou shall not covet" applies to huntin' dogs, too.

16. You know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
The final words of the benediction are, "Y'all come back now, Ya hear".

God Bless and don't fergit ta say yer prayers...


Oh no not the “C” word

I was talking to my cousin the other day and we got into a conversation about the dreaded “C” word. You know the one, the one that most women don’t really like to say let alone hear. I happen to be one of “those” women. Well he will sometimes say it. When his wife, Michelle worked at her job, she worked a lot with people in Australia. I guess the “C” word to them is equivalent to the “F” word for us. I had heard that somewhere awhile back but have never been privy to a conversation with someone from down under to experience it! When she first started working with the Australian area it was really shocking to her. I guess within a 15 minute conversation they might use the world a half a dozen times or so. After hearing it so often she basically got used to hearing it. After some time now she has come to use it from time to time.

I think most of us have those times when something happens and it seems when only a curse word will make you feel better. We all have that special word that seems to release the stress. For some it may be F-U-C-K, S-H-I-T, D-A-M-N and for some it may even be C-U-N-T. Micah and his wife from time to time have been known to use that word.

They have 2 beautiful little girls. Need I say more? Hee hee So the other day something happened and Charlie the oldest daughter wanted to use a curse word... well here is how the conversation went.

Charlie: Mommy I want to say a bad word, a curse word, but I don’t want to upset you and Daddy.
Mommy: What is the word Charlie?
Charlie: I don’t even want to say it. I do want to say it because I think it will make me feel better.
Mommy: What letter does the word start with?
Charlie: C
Mommy: Tell you what; how about if I let you say the word now, but then you can never say the word again?
Charlie: I don’t want you or Daddy to be mad at me.
Mommy: Why don’t you go talk to Daddy then?

(Daddy has been listening to this entire conversation) Mom and Dad are both thinking that their daughter want to use “THE C” word.

Charlie: Daddy, I am upset and I want to say a curse word, I think it would make me feel so much better.
Daddy: What is the word?
Charlie: It starts with a C.
Daddy: Well if you really think that it will make you feel better then maybe you should say it. Maybe you should just say it and get it over with. Remember though that if you say it now, you can never say that word again. Do you think you can do that?

My cousin and his wife are both sarcastic smart asses at heart. They are funny hilarious. They are great parents and take wonderful care of their 2 beautiful daughters. My cousin thinks of the “C” word as the mother of all curse words. I would have to agree with him on that one. So when his daughter came to him and told him that she wanted to say a curse word and it started with a C, he was elated. He was so proud of his smart little daughter. Here she is so young, upset and she had the general idea that if you are upset enough saying a curse word is suppose to make you feel better. Meanwhile mommy and daddy are exchanging looks back and forth wondering if they should let her do this or what? If they let her do this then she has said the word and promised to never say it again for the rest of her life. But if they let her do this, will this scar her for the rest of her life?

Charlie: If you and mommy aren’t going to get mad at me then I guess I am ok with saying the word.
Daddy: We won't be mad.  We told you that it was ok for you to say it this one time. 
DRUM ROLL please.

Charlie: CRAP!

Can I just tell you that my cousin was so disappointed? It was hysterical. As soon as he started telling me the story I knew Charlie wasn’t thinking about “the C” word, at least not the one he was thinking about. Here he was thinking that his daughter was going to make him proud in such a non traditional way. And then…he was so let down. I was laughing so hard…. I almost peed myself.

Outta the mouth of babes…


Remember when?

The other day I was driving home and saw a father and a daughter taking a walk. She was about 3 years old and oh so cute. He was holding her hand but what struck me was she was walking on the side of the street. I immediately heard my father’s voice in my head, “A true gentleman always walks on the side of the street.” That has always stayed with me. My father always did that with me and my mother. I will never forget when he first told me that.

You just don’t see that much anymore. So of course it got me to thinking and wondering if people teach their children these types of things nowadays. Here are some things that I grew up with as a “staple” in my daily family life. It makes me wonder that if maybe these types of things were instilled upon the children growing up today that maybe, just maybe things might be a bit different.

~We had a family dinner every night. It was rare when we didn’t. It wasn’t something I dreaded either, it was rather nice. (Value = Family time is important priceless)

~My father never cursed in front of us. It was so rare that when a curse word did come out of his mouth, you knew something horrible was about to happen! (Value =A sailor mouth does not make you more of a man)

~My father always opened doors. He opened the car doors, doors to buildings and pulled out your chair for you. (Value = Chivalry is always welcome)

~We always had family conversations. I knew what was going on in the family dynamics. I wasn’t kept in the “dark”, so to speak. We always communicated. They always made me feel as if I was an important part of the family. My opinion mattered. We discussed things before they happened. I was a part of the decision making (to a certain degree). (Value = Communication is fundamental and necessary)

We weren't so caught up with our cell phones, and computers and everything and anyone else.  We knew that family was the most important.  I learned the most important lessons from my parents, not from school, not the internet, not from friends.  My family is who taught me the most important lessons in life.  They are the ones that helped me navigate my way through the tough times and have stood by my through it all. 

What happened?  Where did all of this go?  I don't see this anymore.  The parents are all caught up on their blackberries and laptops, the kids are texting or sexting or on their computers or Wiis.  No one is communicating and no one knows who is doing what.  And then the world wonders why the kids do what they do.  Parents... WAKE UP... be a family and reconnect and communicate.

I don't understand what parents /families are thinking or are they???


Don’t put a paint brush in Jeff’s hand.

We have been having some work done around our house. Some much needed work if you ask me. We were also able to get a new stove and new fridge. If you remember in a previous blog I wrote about how nothing is ever easy and we always seem to have obstacles and yet here we go again.

Jeff our angel was over doing some things around the house. This is the retired fire fighter. I will have to tell you all about him another time as he is a great person and has some great stories. He was referred to us through a friend and literally has become a part of our family, an angel if you will. Mom and I really feel blessed to have found him. He reminds us so much of Dad with the quality of his workmanship. You just don’t find that anymore.

When we got the electric stove we had to have a 220 put in. Of course this wasn’t an easy task because we were never told it had to be double grounded and blah blah blah. Like I said thank goodness we have Jeff otherwise we would have been up a creek without a paddle if ya know what I mean. He was able to take care of this. However one of the things he had to do was cut out another opening in our house for a crawl space and work area.

The colors of our house are Navajo White and the trim is a very pale peach. He finally got the screen and door/window done like he wanted so he installed it the other day. We thought we had some left over paint from when we painted the outside of the house (awhile back). I looked but I only found the trim color. After a few minutes he tells me he found it. I was like ok. I was in the house and figured no worries. Mind you he has always told us the one thing he doesn’t like doing is PAINTING. I can hear him outside painting that area. Of course when he is done he wants me to come look at it. So I appease him and go out there to look at it. Right away I notice it is NOT Navajo White. I get right in front of it and take a few steps back and see that it is a color from when we painted the inside of the house. Which is one of the light browns!! I tried not to laugh too loud, but I just couldn’t help myself. I told him that it wasn’t Navajo White. He said sure it is. I pulled him away from the house so he could take a look at it, and while I am pulling him away he is saying once it dries it will match. He looks at it and says, “Oh Fuck, it doesn’t match. You should never put a paintbrush in my hand.” Just so the record is straight here, I never put the paintbrush in his hand. Granted I/we are grateful that he did do this, but I did not make him do this. Don’t you just love the way you always get blamed for something someone else does?

Then he proceeds to tell us, that he thinks he is colorblind! Nice time to mention that to us now bucko! So on the driveway side of our house; we have an area that is a light brownish color. And because he saw some areas in the nearby area he also painted those “scratches” so it is a bit “colorful” on the driveway side I will say. He says he has some Navajo White paint at home. However, since he says he is color blind, I just want to make sure that it really says that color and he is not going by the looks of it.

He said he felt bad about doing that. So then he offered to paint the rest of the house in the “new” color that he did the door/window in. Ummm… yeah, thanks but no thanks.


Wordless Wednesday -A Typical Day at Kitten Rescue's Sanctuary - 2009

A friend sent this to me in an email and I LOVED it.  So of course I had to share it with you's.  It was too cute not to. 



Drool be gone

I came across this on the Drs.Foster and Smith website and had to check it out.  Have you ever seen anything like it before? I know I haven't. I know Bissell makes good products but really? A drool cleaner? I mean can't you just wipe it up? This was too funny not to share it. 


It’s just another obstacle right?

It seems that whenever we do anything (and I do mean anything) we always seem to run into a problem or a bigger mess or an obstacle. Nothing ever seems to go smoothly for us. My father used to say “If it weren’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all”. I, being the optimist, would tell him that wasn’t true and remind him of all of the positive things and good things that do happen to him / us as a family. I would name some name, but since they are so far and few between, I can’t really think of any at this moment. All the while in the back of my head kind of wondering if maybe, just maybe he was right. Although I would NEVER tell him that, but I often wondered.

Right now we are doing some “small & easy” home improvements in our home. Please note the key words, small and easy. Now for most people that would be true but for us, not so much. Here is a rundown of some of the “small” obstacles we have come face to face with.

• We finally bought a new fridge. I am SO excited over this you have no idea. There are 2 obstacles that happened with the fridge. The first is that online it tells you that the width of it is 35 5/8 inches. My opening is 36 inches. When the guys came to deliver it, it was 36”. OK... Really? Are you kidding me? Someone has to be pranking me, right? I mean this is a measurement on a Samsung fridge that is on a website that people all over the world use to assist them in choosing the correct appliance. LOVELY!! The fridge could not be put into its place and had to practically be in the middle of the kitchen. UGH! We also needed to have a water line put in because we were still living in the caveman era. This was supposed to be an easy thing to do. Well… it would have except for the fact that once Jeff (our contractor guy) went underneath the house he also discovered that our A/C unit was leaking so badly we basically had a small lake under our house. NOT GOOD. I have been trying to get a hold of our A/C guys and no one is returning my call. The A/C isn’t even a year old. I am beyond words on this one. So because the way the A/C duct is run underneath the house he also needs to cut another entry door on the other side of our house so that he can have easy access to make the water line. An obstacle or a problem??

• We are also getting a new stove, an electric one. We previously had gas but before we purchased this one we checked with someone (who will remain nameless, (clears throat) Jeff) who told us we already had a 220 set up. Woo-hoo! WRONG! No 220… so now we had to buy the parts for that and have Jeff put one in for us. Just an obstacle (he tells me) no worries. My father had put a 220 line right outside so that he could use his tools. Well, after he had been sick we remember him telling us not to use it. We didn’t know why, just not to use it. Jeff thought he was going to be able to use that, as that would be an “easy” fix. Wrong! In fact what Jeff did find was rather scary as all HELL. After my father became ill at times there were “friends” that would offer to help out. With my dad not well and not able to check things you have to believe that people know what they are doing and are doing what they say they are doing. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Jeff found out that someone hooked the 220 wire to a 110 plug. That is a major fire hazard. It was a miracle that our house didn’t burn down. Thank you GOD. Thank you Jeff for finding that. An obstacle or a problem??

• The kitchen and the utility room are being re-painted. Why repainted you ask? When we had our house painted back in December, the wonderful man (said with heavy sarcasm) painted our kitchen YELLOW. Now normally yellow for a kitchen is pretty normal, but this yellow is an OMG, scream at you from across the street kind of yellow. Get my drift? I thought so. So we are fixing it and doing the utility room as well. Supposedly this professional painter (I laugh while I say that one) that did our house couldn’t paint our utility room because it was wallpapered and you can’t paint over wallpaper. In case you are wondering, that is so NOT true. So a friend of ours, Tito is painting the rooms and helping out with some other fix it items. When he moved the washer/dryer you will never believe what he found. No no… no dead animals or bugs. Geesh.. I so knew your minds were going. Not in my house anyway!! The dryer duct was not attached correctly. When we bought the dryer it was delivered and installed by Sears. Talk about another fire hazard. We always wondered why we kept having so much dust in the utility room, but didn’t know that was the reason. Thank you God. Thank you Tito for finding it and fixing it. An obstacle or a problem??

• The ceiling fan in my room was dead, well it was on its last round. Jeff was going to install a new one for me with a remote. Normally that would be a quick and easy job. For some reason or another (truthfully I don’t remember what the whole obstacle was) it turned into being a long job. He actually had to build an extra box so that the remote part of it could fit up into the fan on the ceiling. And as for the other ceiling fan in the dining room, Jeff was not able to use the remote at all. BUMMER. Welcome to my world. An obstacle or a problem??

• Last but not least we asked that everything be done by the end of Saturday. We just wanted to have the kitchen/utility room done. The floor, painting, the 220 line and the water line. I know that there were “obstacles” that came up but they told us that it would be done. “No problemo”. And as par for the course it is not… A bit disappointing to say the least. It is just when someone says they are going to do something, I kind of expect that… you know? I surely don’t expect them to go meet someone for another bid when they still haven’t finished this job that was promised to be done by a certain time. Now if there was not a time limit on this it would not be a deal at all, but this was important. Unfortunately both my mom and I get overwhelmed and stressed by things easily. I happen to be going in for a rather important medical treatment on Tuesday and we asked them to have this done so that I could have some time to relax and regroup myself before my treatment. Things never work out the way I would hope or like or expect them to… An obstacle or a problem??

I could list several other items as well, but I think this pretty much gives you an idea of what I am talking about. And I am only talking about the most recent work we are getting done. I won’t even begin to tell you about all of the other “obstacles” that have happened every other time we seem to have something done. We are supposed to get new fencing and I pray that there are NO obstacles for Jeff…or us for that matter.

I have always called them “problems” and Jeff likes to call them “obstacles”. Let me tell you after all of the “problems” or “obstacles” that we have gone through by now I am so OVER it, so exhausted, so tired, so “done” that I just want things to go smoothly. I don’t want a “problem” or an “obstacle”, whether it be big or small. Whether it can be easily fixable or not. I am glad that he can smile and say it is just an obstacle and that it can be fixed and not to worry. I wish I could too. An obstacle or a problem??


Get Fuzzy - Satchel finally comes out ahead

Not sure if anyone reads the comic strip Get Fuzzy but it is my FAVORITE comic.  I have followed it for years.  In fact I really think that these two are in a way related to my two.  Bucky would be Chip -(my male black and white kitty as he basically runs the house) and Satchel would be my Tee-Tee, granted mine is a little brown girl but she is so much like Satchel, (as they are both nervous, and both like to wear jewelry (his-watch, she -necklaces)).

Many times I have read this strip and looked at my "kids" and said, "Gee, sound familiar, guys?"  I know it does to them, because it sure does to me! It almost always brings a smile to my face if not make me laugh out loud.  I had to share this one because like I said Satchel actually comes out ahead in this one, which is rare.  I do have to admit... I am worried about what will happen to him on Monday!

Get Fuzzy

Not sure why I am unable to get the entire comic to show but if you click on the comic you will be able to see it full size.


America's Got Talent and then some...

So I tried to do this post after the show first aired but leave it to me to have a problem. So here is the post now....better later than never, right??
Not sure if anyone watches America's Got Talent or not but I have been watching it this season.  They have some pretty good acts.  Last night were the YouTube auditions.  Now I didn't go online and check those out and vote for any of those but there were 12 (I think) that made it to the show and then from there we get to vote and the top 4 move on to the finals. 

Everyone is talking about the 10 year old girl, Jackie that sings like an angel. Trust me she does.  It gave me goosebumps! Even if for some reason she doesn't win this contest she will make it big, there is NO doubt in my mind.

Then there was this guy, Dan Sperry, a magician. He was AWESOME.  Not only was he good great, he had an element of surprise and humor. Humorous because Howie Mandel(one of the judges) is a germaphobe.  I get the whole germ thing, but it is still be funny even if it is at his expense.  And you will see at the end of his audition, what I am talking about.  Hysterically so!

Do you think these are good acts?  Do you think these should make it to the finals? Would love to hear what you think and feel about these 2 among some of the other acts.


Death warmed over

A week ago Tuesday I had a new infusion scheduled. I read all of the pros and cons for this new “miracle” drug. For this one there are many things to think about. On all of the other infusions that I have tried over the year(s) I have never really been worried or concerned. This one I was, no questions. In fact this one even warned that it was known to have fatal reactions from the 1st infusion. Scary. Right. I think so even if you don’t!
So this time I actually decided to have someone drive me to and from. Yes, I know, normally I drive myself and think nothing of it. I know I know… FREAK. But hey we already know that so we won’t linger on that subject!

This particular infusion takes 4 -6 hours. Nice, eh? And to think they don’t even offer entertainment at my doctor’s office!! I finally get all set up. First I have to get an IV push of Benadryl, IV push of Decadron (this stings and burns like CRAZY in case you were wondering) and some Tylenol. This has to all be given to me 30 minutes prior to my infusion. After waiting 30 minutes and taking my vitals, it seems I am still breathing and all is well. So they start the infusion. Not long into it, I start showing some signs. Signs you ask? First I start itching, show a bright rash all over my face, neck, chest and shoulders and welts all over my head. They say that is a normal reaction. Oh good… I feel so much better now. But wait…. I can’t just be like everyone else. Oh no, not me. Before you know it, I am freezing. I mean I am so cold, I have 2 blankets on me and I am still shaking. Then my head starts pounding and all of a sudden I can barely swallow. You know when you start to get a sore throat and it itches way down in your throat and you can’t itch it? That is what my throat and ears felt like. Yet at the same time, I am having seriously difficult time breathing. And my body… talk about pain… I have NEVER felt such horrible pain in my life. I hurt in places that I didn’t know could hurt that bad. So the nurse came in to check on me and asked how I was doing. So I told her and she turned on the light….and then her eyes got really BIG. So she obviously wasn’t going to hide what she saw. My face was swollen; my eyes were almost swollen shut. I thought I felt something but I didn’t realize it was THAT BAD. Guess I scared her. She ran out of the room (poor little old Korean nurse) to get the Doctor. He came in with another nurse. They started poking and prodding. I often wonder if they think they are really going to discover anything when they do that, because let’s face it they NEVER do. Anyway, he advises them to give me another dose of Decadron and slow the infusion rate down. Lovely. So this will mean it will take longer. And yet still no entertainment. Now they bring in heat packs to lay over me and try and warm me up and coffee for my throat. I don’t drink tea so I guess they felt coffee was the next best thing.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to drive myself home… let me tell you I would have been trying to figure out who I could have called to come pick me up.
Let’s just say the rest of the day and the next day I was pretty sure I was dying. I was beyond exhausted. I was so tired it was scary. I figured it was slow, horrible death. I was suffering for everything, you know all those little things we all do and say we will pay for later… well I figured now was my time to pay. Any white lies (btw I have never told one of those (oops there goes another white lie)), office supplies that were “borrowed” , or stories that might have been embellished just a tad bit, I just knew I was paying for everything and then some.

Thursday (2 days later) I woke up and was like a different person. Granted I was still exhausted but my pain was almost gone. I know. Did you hear that? Almost gone. I almost had no pain. It was so surreal. I almost didn’t believe it. I was in shock. I was so excited. I kept thinking OH MY GOD what if this is THE one. What if this is the one that helps me. All of this time and finally we have found it. OH MY GOD. I wasn’t completely pain free but the amount that I did have I was totally ok with, in my mind it wasn’t even worth complaining about. I was exhausted but almost NO PAIN. Can you tell I was THRILLED?

I will take whatever I can get… it was very short lived. It lasted a few hours. I have hope that with my next infusion (8/17) the side effects will not be as bad and I will have a longer “pain free” time. Trying to stay positive. Hopefully my “death warmed over state” won’t last too long this time.


Swan Lake

I have never seen anything like this before.  Thought I would share.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Fire in the hole!

We are in the middle of making some minor home improvements. Our house is 21 years old. I never in a million years thought I would live in one house that long. Growing up we always moved around so much it just seemed like the norm. We are getting a new electric stove and a new refrigerator.

Our new(soon to be delivered) electric stove

The beautiful Samsung 29 cu ft French door  fridge w/ water & ice on door (2nd ice in freezer!)
I am SO excited about the fridge. Why?? The fridge is a 29 cu ft French door with a water and ice maker ON the DOOR. Now you have to understand I have NEVER had a fridge with a water and ice maker ON the DOOR (OK I did for a short span of 10 months while I was married, but that is an entirely different blog, if ya know what I mean).

We are selling our old fridge and stove for a really really cheap price. Surprisingly someone has bought both fridges (yes we were one of those families that had 2 fridges) and the old stove. Yeah for us. So when our friend came over to get the fridge the 2 guys that we had here working were nice enough (maybe because I begged hee hee) to help take the fridge outside and load it up on their truck. It didn’t take long. As we were walking back to the front door, all you could smell was FIRE and there was so much smoke it was crazy. Thank goodness, one of the guys that are working is a retired fireman.

Our kitchen on fire (OK..maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but just slight)
The Kitchen was on FIRE! YUP!! That is right. Remember I said the stove was OLD? Well when the guys were taking the fridge out they must have accidentally hit one of the knobs. They turn on rather easily. No one seemed to notice this…until we saw flames coming from the kitchen. Jeff (retired fireman) was working on the cupboards above the stove and had a blanket on top of the stove in case anything fell so it wouldn’t damage the stove. Tito was also painting in that area. Apparently when the knob got turned on, it didn’t take much time at all, to light that blanket and the paint tray.

The house filled up so quick it was amazing. The stove looked like it was ruined! Amazingly it is not. Jeff took the range top off and went in the backyard and scrubbed his little heart out and it ended up looking like a brand new stove! Jeff said to me, “you know the next time you want your stove cleaned, just ask me, and don’t start a fire to get me to clean your stove!!” He thinks he is so funny. I assured him that once we get our new stove I won’t start it on fire; I will just call him to come clean it!! LOL


Goodbye my sweet little Chip

May 21, 1998 – July 26, 2010

It took me almost a week to get myself together enough to try to compose a blog or at least a resemblance of one.

The day started out pretty normal. Chip hadn’t been feeling all that great but it wasn’t anything that I was “seriously worried” about. I pretty much figured like most of the other times, Tracy would be able to fix him. I called his fabulous Vet (Tracy) and told them he was still not feeling well. I explained to them that he had now stopped eating, and was going both ends. It even seemed like his arthritis was a bit worse, but then it could have been just me. You know how mom’s hate to see their children sick. So since they are a great clinic they fit us in that night at 6pm. I felt that we were lucky to be squeezed in. Somehow he figured it out and at the last minute got underneath one of the beds. I figured this was a no win situation. Usually there is no way in the world HELL would be able to get him out. No amount of food, prodding, begging, nothing will get him out. Well, I am not even sure but we got him out. Strange… an omen I say.

Off to the clinic we went. We were taken right in, which is strange for having been fit in. I was ok with this. We waited but he was fine. Chip likes walking around in the exam rooms. He is pretty calm there, I guess because he is so used to being there, he knows the surroundings and the people so he is not so uncomfortable, which I am thrilled about. All of the peeps that are there are GREAT people and are good to both of us.

So Tracy (Dr. McFarland) comes in, and we she checks him out. We she reviews his chart. It hasn’t been that long ago that he had his thyroid removed. Yet he still had issues. We still had to have him on thyroid meds, now his heart was galloping; his swallowing was becoming an issue. I could go on. This was a little guy that basically from the moment I chose him I knew I was saving his life. He was known as the ‘Million Dollar Kitty’. Within the first year of his life we she had to do a colon surgery (I can’t even begin to think on how to spell the correct name for the surgery at this time). Chip seemed to have stomach issues, and then we found he started having seizures, and arthritic, and then thyroid issues. This poor little guy has been fighting his whole life. I thought for sure when we came in there, that Tracy would review everything and we she would figure it out, fix him and we would come home and all would be peachy in our household again.

The more we kept talking the more options we kept running out of. And then she saw it. He got up and moved. Normally when we would come in for a visit, he would put on his “MANCAT” attitude and he never let her see him limp or walk with any sense of pain. Even though I told her, she never saw it firsthand. Well… let me tell you when she saw it firsthand, she cried and realized that she was not able to fix this unfortunately. We talked cried some more. I called my mom (Chip’s grandma) so that she could talk to him one last time and say goodbye. Since we hadn’t even had this in our thought process we weren’t there.

Tracy came back and we started the procedure. I won’t go into details. All I will say is that he was ready. I am glad he will not be hurting anymore. He will now be able to eat whatever he wants and not have to worry about gaining weight (thyroid issue), he will no longer have seizures, he can chase and bully as many dogs as he wants (he enjoyed doing that to his sister, Tee-Tee). I am pretty sure he will see his Grandpa, and his older brother (Thums, even though they never met, he heard a lot about him), and his Nana (my grandma). I told him to tell everyone hello and we love them.

I have had to leave him there before for surgeries and it never bothered me as I trusted everyone. Course I was one of the only ones that would come and visit him 1-2 times a day while he was there. But tonight, tonight was different. It was sooo very difficult to leave him. It was like if I didn’t leave him, then he wasn’t gone. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but that is what I felt. I knew it wasn’t true, but it was so hard to leave him. I knew Tracy would take very good care of him. I had no doubt in my mind or heart of hearts it was just one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

I had originally wanted to have some pics of him from when he was just an itty bitty baby…but those pictures are not digital (i.e. on the computer) so that would mean I have to go through boxes of pictures and I am sorry but I am just not ready to do that. I still have several of his things here and I think about him daily.

We are getting him cremated and we will have him with us at home…where he belongs.

He was dressed up as a Piggy for Halloween one year.
I just thought he looked so regal.
Chip- Up close & personal. This was one of my first pictures that I took when I got my new camera (then)  He was my model.

Chip waiting "in line" to be fed.  It was funny with him and his sister!

Here is a full length of my baby.  He came to me barely weighing 2 lbs now almost 20lbs.
His last day... sweet dreams... see you soon.
I love you