Chip(s) and Dip(s)

I was talking to my nail girl, Pink the other day. Yes, I said her name was Pink. I know I know, that is just her American name. She says she goes by that so that maybe she will get all of the customers that just want pink and white nails done. She is cute. So anyway this was my first time going to her because my normal girl was out of town being that it was Chinese New Year.

Ok... back to the story. We were talking about animals, as she likes animals. I find this interesting as you don’t find many Vietnamese people that like animals. She does. Her sister has a Chihuahua that is just so cute she tells me. I tell her that I have a dog and a cat. She asks their names, which I tell her the dog is Tee-Tee and my cat is Chip. She started laughing and pretty hard too. She asked me if Chips name was spelled like C- H- I- P. I confirmed that she was right and was a bit surprised because most of them aren’t really big spellers. So then she explains to me why this is so funny to her.

Her son had chickens as pets. He had four of them and had named them Chip and Dip. I said but that is only 2 of them, what are the names for the other 2, she said that is it. The boys are Chips and the girls are Dips. We both were laughing so hard. It was hysterical. Her son is only 12 years old.

I thought that was pretty clever for a 12 year old.

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