Hello everyone! I am here...yes I am still alive. I know it is hard to believe. Hell I can hardly believe it. I mean it is like I fell off the face of this earth. In my mind I had this "vision" of what I was going to write as my "comeback" blog. It was going to be filled with funnies, and lots of pictures. As I was MIA, I was NOT on vacation in the Caribbean ( I had planned to have an awesome picture here), nor was I working my ass off ( also planned to have another picture here), I didn't return back to school (there was suppose to be another picture here as well). Are you seeing the theme here? GAWD, I sure hope so. LOL

Because I had these "great" ideas in my mind or shall I say my mind's eye I kept looking for pictures and I just was unable to find anything that really sparked my interest, therefore causing me to just put the whole "comeback" off. Which is WRONG. I know that NOW. I mean it has been even longer and yet I kept putting it off...for what... because I couldn't find the "perfect" picture. Leave it to me to do something like that.

So... like I was saying... I have not been traveling the world (although that would have been nice), have so NOT been working in any capacity, did not go back to school, although it was a brief, fleeting thought. What have I been up to, you ask? Well, my illness has been worse than usual, I mean I wasn't in the hospital thank God, but I wasn't doing to good either. We had some work done around the house, and in an odd event, we lost INTERNET CONNECTION. Can you believe that? I sure the hell can't?!! I thought that was going to be the death of me for awhile. I lived through it...not sure how, but I did.

I am back....I have missed writing... missed reading everyone...and hope I have not lost my billions of followers. ha ha


  1. well, well. you're finally back! nice to see you again...hope you're feeling better. so...what have you been up to?

  2. Good to hear you're hangin' in there! :)