Chip - Before Surgery 

My cat son, Chip is 11 years old and has had thyroid problems. We have had him on medication that I have to give him orally twice a day. Thankfully he is pretty good at taking his medicine. However, he does have Jaws of Steel. Most recently he has been having heart problems. His heart has been racing and even with increasing the dosage of his medicine it did not seem to help. So it was decided that he needed to have a Thyroidectomy.

He goes to The Cat Dr. They are really great there. I feel fortunate to have her as his Doctor and the staff as well. So he was scheduled to go in today for a Thyroidectomy. Thank goodness they called early afternoon to let me know he came through with flying colors. He was a good boy and was already asking when I was going to be picking him up! I of course dropped by later in the day to visit him.

The visit was nice. He looks really good. I also ended up having his teeth cleaned as well. Poor guy had to have 2 molars extracted. His canines were still good, and as we all know those are the ones that attract all of the cute girls! I mean that is what the Doc told me!! As soon as he heard me, he went to the front of the cage and was ready to go! It was really cute. I was allowed to open the cage up and pet him. He wanted to get out of that cage and bad too. I really had to work hard at keeping him in the cage. Even after the surgeries he still is strong as ever!

He let me take some pictures of him…although he wasn’t too thrilled about it. Normally he loves to model but I can understand considering just having had surgery and all. I know he was wondering where the hell was I going and why wasn’t I taking him with me. Put it this way, that is sure what the look in his eyes were saying. Well, actually they were saying a few other things but I didn’t want to actually say those things because I don’t want everyone to know that my son sometimes uses that kind of language. I promise you it is not on a regular basis. I am sure it was the pain medicine that caused him to use that tone and foul mouth.

He should be able to come home tomorrow.  I told him that Grandma, Tee-Tee(our dog my sister) and I really missed him and couldn't wait till he was home.  I apologized for not being able to bring him home tonight but told him tomorrow will come quickly.  He then gave me a dirty look and the paw! 

Chip - He really wasn't into posing for pictures.

Chip - In his cage after the surgery.

Chip - Finally a somewhat decent picture

Chip - Isn't he adorable? You can see he is still attached to the IV

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