Mom finally had her total knee replacement surgery. Here she is right after surgery in the ROM (range of motion) machine. She loved that(says in a sarcastic tone).

 This is Mom's knee on Day 4. The first time the bandages were changed. Cool huh? To think the surgeon actually told mom that the incision would only be about an inch long. He must have been on some pretty good drugs when he told mom that one. LOL


  1. OMG Tammy! I had to look a second time to figure out what was going on in that pic!
    Isn't it amazing the aftermath of surgery? I guess that's a rhetorical question...it's just a process, I guess. I hope your mom is feeling better now and I really hope that you have a chance to enjoy the beautiful weekend.

    Well, it's going to be beautiful in the NE. I hope it is for you too....winter kicked my ass!

  2. wow i never realize how extentive thattype of surgery is..anyway i will keep your mom in my thoughts for a full recovery and keep u in my thoughts of the energy to assist her in that as well..xoxo...paul