Animal Pictures with my words (this is fun)

So a friend of mine sent me an email with these pictures in it.  Great pictures.  However, I have this habit to "say" what I think the animals might be saying/feeling.  So here goes...

I am just going to keep drinking and pretend I don't see you.  Because I am sure I can't be seeing a baby porcupine.

Do you see the look on my face?  Do I look cute and cuddly now? That's right, I didn't think so.  Remember that.

(Before I say anything about this pic- I have to say that this picture is just SO WRONG in so many ways!!)
He says have you taken enough pictures? Are you happy? I suppose you are going to post this on your Facebook page or email it to all of your friends? I am glad you think this is "So Cute".  Remember this ok?  Because tonight, when it is quiet and you are all asleep and comfy in bed... just beware is all I am going to say. 

I don't remember any of the other children getting this big but I still love him, he is my son.

OMG!! Check out this fish I just found.  Dad!!!  Come see what I caught us for dinner!! Holy Cow!

What? Hmmm?? What do you mean I shouldn't be in the blinds? My big brother is right here, I am sure he will take care of me.  (Big brother has that cheshire cat grin, and says "of course I will " in a sarcastic tone")

Ummmm... uh... ok thanks for the help.  I appreciate it.  Now that I don't have to take a bath for the next week. Thanks, but next time, I got this covered.

Did you see that? What? Huh? Oh Crap I missed it again.  I always miss it.

Yours always tastes better than mine.  Why is that? 

I don't know how in the hell this happened.  SOS

No this is mine. I am not giving it to you.. ok ok. I will break it for you guys this one last time but you's are going to have to share this one.  Then you have to leave me alone. ok?

ZZZzz- I just need another week of sleep and then I think I will be able to go back to puppiness.  I tell you, being a puppy is some serious business.

This stuff is great.  I wonder what it is.  No one will even notice where I have taken a bite out of this.  Hmmm....I wonder how much I could get away with eating...

Holy Crap!! OMG! What just happened?  I had not idea this thing would swing like that?  Aren't you going to help me instead of just standing there and taking a freaking picture of me? 

OMG!! I just wanted to get a closer look at the fishies -ya know to make sure they were ok and all.  I was concerned about them.  I can't believe I fell in and all the way in too. Now I am all wet and stinky smelly too.  and Do you hear that? I think the fishies are laughing at me!! Are you gonna help me outta here or just stand there making sure you get this damn picture?

Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh!! This feels sooooo good.  The water is so perfect.  The sun is nice and warm. Oh.. and my toes, ahhh this feel so great. I think I just might stay in here all day.  This is the life.  Wanna come in and join me?


  1. wow those were funny as hell...

  2. Seriously awesome!! I loved them all....
    Just one q? What exactly was the hen sitting on...was it a puppy? And the mice on the kitteh's head? OMFG....eww.

  3. this is so hilarious. I love it! Totally brightened my day! Thanks!