I still can’t believe I did what I just did. Ok... well maybe I can. So I admit it, I have a million things on my mind and am trying to do everything with keeping an eye on my mother at ALL times. I haven’t blogged about my mom’s latest “vacation” but here is a quick update. She had her total knee replacement on 3/22/10 came home for 2 weeks and was rushed back with a PULMONARY EMBOLISM only to have to be home for 10 days and have to be rushed back again (Sat night) for CELLULITIS and HYPOGLYCEMIA. I will go into that whole ordeal in another fun filled blog.

Anyway.... so I have her back home and settled and am trying to do a few things. You know, feed the animals, give them their meds, feed us, get her comfortable, look at her new meds and see how she needs to be taking them, answer the phone that seems to be ringing off the hook and do some laundry.

Laundry… So the other day I had thrown some towels in the washing machine and didn’t get to them right away. I had forgotten about them. So today I took a look at the laundry and not that there was a lot but I thought I should at least do some. So I remembered that there were some towels in the washing machine and I put in the detergent and made sure the door was closed (front loading), I looked inside and started it up. So when it was finally done, I opened up the dryer threw in some bounce and opened up the washing machine to find it completely EMPTY! I was like, WTF!! So here is where my blonde moment kicks in. I literally look all around inside the damn washing machine as if I am going to find the damn towels. Hello??? I know I know... most people lose socks, I lose entire loads. I am thinking WTH??? I can’t believe I wasted the time, water, soap, energy, did I say time?? To wash not a FUCKING thing! So I get the load that was supposed to be my 2nd load and throw it in the washer and get it started. I go back to mom and tell her what I just did. She finds this humorous and is like, “You don’t remember doing that load the other day?” No Ma, I don’t if I had I wouldn’t have done it AGAIN.

As you can tell I have everything under control.


  1. Tammy, thank you for the laugh...you are always good for at least 3 laughs a day. I love you and the only thing I can say is Hang in there and I hope things get better real soon for you and your Mom.
    I love you guys, wish I could be there to laugh with you in person. Laughing, Insanity ... I think they're close relatives, huh? Cousin Lynn

  2. Tammy Girl - what a super woman you are!! there
    are so few people in this world who could handle
    what you do every day!! We love you and Elaine
    and are so looking forward to the day we hear you
    ring or doorbell!!!
    Love always, Audrey and Lou xoxoxoxo