Online Ordering is MY personal HELL

I am sure everyone has ordered something at some point in their life via online. It is suppose to be the latest and greatest thing. You know it is suppose to save us time and even money. Really? I never have a good outcome with online ordering. Is it just me? Am I jinxed or do you suffer from this HELL to??

Why is it when you need to go online and really need to order something( and I mean need to, because you really need something to be somewhere, not the ooohhh I really like those shoes, and would LOVE to have them), the website always freezes?
I don’t mean it is slow…. Oh nooooooo that would be ok... it fucking freezes. Now you already have 1 thing in your cart but because of it freezing you have to do a reboot. Gotta love doing that. So now that you have done that, and you finally get it back up, you have to find the damn thing you had in your cart all over again. Because you know it is not in the cart anymore, because it was lost, how, we have no idea, especially since you were logged in with you user id and password. Don’t you just LOVE technology? Please remember how much time this is saving you? At least that is what I keep muttering under my breath so that I don’t throw the damn laptop out the window. (deep calm breath, those are supposed to help, so I am told, I’ll let you know when/if they do).

Why is that after you have finally decided what you are going to purchase online and send to your friend/family it is out of stock?
This has to be a conspiracy, I mean right? They must do this on purpose. Have the best stuff and then make sure they don’t have enough in stock or enough in stock for the needed holiday. (deep calm breaths…still not helping, but I haven’t thrown anything out of any windows yet)

Why is it that they advertise they will ship for free or upgrade you but for some reason your order doesn’t qualify?
 I don’t care what the fine print says and let’s face it we all know that fine print can get pretty damn small when they need it to. But they make sure their shipping prices are inflated out of this freaking world.

So now that I have spent way more time than I ever fucking imagined possible to just send something to a friend/ family, I wonder why the hell didn’t I just buy something and package it up myself and mail it off to them. Oh... wait… that’s right, this was supposed to be more efficient, easier, so that I could be in the comforts of my own home, do it when I wanted to, save money and time. Hmmmm…. I don’t think any of that happened. I ended up ready to throw my laptop out the window (on more than 1 occasion), I was in tears a few times (because everything I planned to buy was suddenly not available, therefore causing me extreme stress in having to choose something else), it took more time then I imagined and caused me to not get everything done that I needed to get done in a day(ironing, dusting, washing clothes, vacuuming, washing floors, making meals, cleaning outside, taking care of mom, the animals) and I still came away empty fucking handed. YUP!! You guessed it. Nothing was ordered.

Am I the only one this happens to ?


  1. ugh, it's so bad i end up not ordering at all. which i think saved me more money...


  2. Okay, Tammy, you aren't going to believe this, but just now I had to leave and come back b/c the comment box froze. Bad karma? Yikes!!

    I do know what you're saying about the frustration of online ordering. I love it, I really do, but it has it's weaknesses. Especially the out-of-stock crap...that really pisses me off. Especially b/c I tend to procrastinate and I can't wait for a raincheck most of the times.
    Oooh, freezing up and when you get back the cart is empty? Effing eff eff frustrating!
    Happy Easter weekend to you...hope you're getting some of the sunshine that we are...it was 80+ yesterday...I'm in heaven:)

  3. I don't see how shopping online leads to such great deals. By the time I get around to (or learn about) an online sale, everything is gone. It's frustrating.

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