You know it is bad when…

So today mom had to go to physical therapy and to see her primary care doctor. We do NOT have the same insurance or the same doctors. However, I have taken her to her appointments for years (she does NOT drive) so they all know me. Basically I think that is why my mom keeps me around…a free chauffeur! At least that is what I have been accusing her of. Ha ha

Physical Therapy was first. Melanie (PT) came out to get mom and of course said hello to me. She came out a bit later and asked if I was alright. I really didn’t look good. Oh Gee thanks for noticing! I gave her my usual answer, “I’m fine, How are you”. It is just easier. I mean let’s face it who really wants to hear the truth? I mean hell I don’t want to hear the truth! When mom came out she took one look at me and said you feel like shit don’t you honey? Poor baby! Ok!! Excuse me!! She is the one that just had the total knee replacement and was rushed to the hospital with a pulmonary embolism , and here she is telling me I look like shit. (Truth be known yes I felt like shit. And yes I did look like shit. I mean I scared myself when I looked in the mirror. I fixed my hair and put a little bit of make-up on and yet it still looked like I packed enough luggage under my eyes for the entire neighborhood. )

Now it was time to see her primary care doctor. He is a funny guy. He is still young and green around the collar. He is a total germ phobic. It is really funny to see that in a doctor. I mean he always wears at least 1 pair of gloves and if he is going to touch you anywhere, he adds either 1-2 more pairs. It is hysterical, but he is a good doctor and does his job well. As soon as he comes into the room he greats us and I can feel that he keeps looking over at me. Towards the end of the visit he remarks at how well mom is looking and to keep up the great work. Then he turns to me and says, I know I am not your doctor, but is there anything I can do... you look horrible, I mean (now he has realized what he said so now he is tripping all over his words, funny really) you look like you don’t feel well, I mean if someone didn’t know they would think it was you that was the patient and not your mom. I mean, umm, that is not coming out right. What I am trying to say is, take care of yourself while you are taking care of your mom. Don’t forget about yourself in this process.

Nice… here I am the “caregiver” and everyone thinks I am the patient. Great! Ain’t that nice?

So the last straw… I decided I couldn’t handle the pain and everything else, so I called my rheumatologist to see if I could come in for a shot. I hate to do that but I did. They were able to take me. I walked in and the front office and the nurse both commented on how bad I looked. They had never seen me look that bad!

Ok! People thanks for the ego boost! I can’t wait to do this again!!!

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  1. Well, HELL! It's no wonder...looking back and seeing all that you've been through. I can't imagine that you'd look like a princess. People's hearts are in the right places, but I don't care who you are or what you've been through, you don't really want to hear that you look like day-old shit. Geeesh.

    On the other hand, maybe it sometimes takes an outsider to notice something about us, that we've too busy to see. You need some TLC and glad you went in for your shot. I seriously hope it brought you some relief. HUGS.