I just don’t get it…

I have been thinking about these things for awhile now and no I don’t just mean the last hour or so. I realize there are a few several many things that I just don’t understand. Here are some of them…

I just don’t get it…

• How people don’t follow through. Please if you tell me you are doing to do something, just do it. I mean how can you live with yourself never following through on anything, big or small?

• If you have animals take care of them. Now this one comes in 3 parts. Anyone that knows me knows I am an ANIMAL LOVER. So if you have animals you better be able to afford to feed them, bathe them, house them, and take them to the doctor. When I say that I mean, they need their shots, they need to be checked out and kept up, you know to be healthy. I would love to have a million animals, but let’s face it, it isn’t realistic for me, financially or physically, so I have limited myself 2. I know I can always care for them in any capacity that is needed. (Trust me I am not even going to get started on abuse here, because that is one worth an entire entry!)

• Still on the animal thing. When I see a sign that says, “PLEASE HELP ME FIND A HOME FOR SMOKEY, WE AREMOVING AND CANNOT TAKE HIM WITH US”. Seriously? My next question is are they leaving the kids and spouse behind too? Because let me tell me you, it would be a COLD FUCKING DAY in hell that I would give up my animals because I was moving. Granted there are certain situations that no one can avoid, but it surely doesn’t happen as often as I see these signs around.

• Another animal issue… How can people have animals (Dogs) and let them bark continuously and be home and never try to get them to stop barking? OMG!! I know I can’t be the only one in the neighborhood that this drives up a freaking wall. Am I the only one that can hear this? UGH! Oh yeah, and they leave their dogs out 24/7!! Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t care if they are small or large, I just don’t get it. Especially where I live, owls, coyotes, cougars are regulars in my neighborhood and have been known to take them right out of their yards.

• How people can just not give it any thought or much thought at all and just put a family member into a nursing home. I have cared for 2 family members who passed away and I am currently caring for my mom (who will be getting better soon) and couldn’t imagine it any other way. I would do that for whomever I could.

• Why they charge so damn much for toilet paper. I mean seriously, we are going to throw the damn stuff away anyway. UGH

• How is it that you I can feel great one minute and the next you I suddenly feel like death warmed over? I would love to know how a person’s body, ok mine, can go from zero to shit in under a second.

• Why is it breezy outside and for some reason I can’t seem to get the breeze inside my house?

• Before I start on this... I LOVE CHILDREN. I do, I really do. But I don’t understand why they always seem to play in front of my house. I don’t have children. It doesn’t’ matter what their age is but they always seem to be in front of my house. The screaming, the yelling, the bouncing balls. Sometimes it is just TOO MUCH.

• How my little dog, Tee-Tee is so in tune to me. I have had other animals, but she takes the cake. She is so in tune, she seems to always know when I am sad, hurting, angry, excited. She knows almost before it happens.

• Why people don’t smile. It doesn’t hurt. If you have a smile on your face you feel better. It is much more pleasant to come across someone with a smile. Hardly anyone does that anymore. I would love to see more of that.

• This one tops it all. I don’t get why people who read my blog don’t comment. I know I have people that read my blog. Although you would never know it because no one “FOLLOWS” the blog. God forbid for anyone to “COMMENT” on the blog. Trust me peoples it doesn’t hurt, in fact it makes me feel freaking fantastic. So if you could please “FOLLOW” and or “COMMENT”, I would LOVE you all so much more than what I already do.


  1. TO be honest, I don't comment because Micah will always write something wittier than me and then tease me about what I wanted to write. Yeah, let's blame Micah.

    I am with you on the pets thing, they are our family members.

  2. Yeah, sometimes I have comment fear, like I won't be able to write a good enough comment. But then I think, I love EVERY comment (except spam) that I get on my blog. So I guess I should not worry my curly head so much.

  3. I'm a hit or miss commenter, sorry. And you're right -- people don't smile or say hello as much as they probably did when our folks were our age. Sad.

  4. I'm a mad commenter!
    One thing I don't like, which is sort of spammy, is when people come to my site and leave a link to theirs and maybe say, 'nice blog!' UGH. You know they didn't read at all. I'd rather they didn't leave a comment, you know?
    My commenters go in spurts. I get half a dozen or 20 or none. Ah well...all in the day in the life I guess:)