Passed out

I had run out to get some groceries as it had been a rather long time since I had done this. Needless to say we were beginning to look like Poor Mother Hubbard. I had mom all set up with everything that she needed and figured I shouldn’t be gone long. I did have to go to the grocery store and the pet store. I mean like the rhyme says, gotta feed the Dog (and cat too)! I had my cell phone and told her I would call her and check on her. I made sure she had pills, water, snacks, and even her bedside commode right by her. There was really NO NEED for her to be up and about. I hadn’t been leaving mom alone because of her not feeling well. If you go here, this will refresh your memory.

I was pretty exhausted after going to the 2 places & thought I would pick us up something to eat. So I called her to see if she had a taste for something and that I was going to pick something up. I had already spoken with her a few times and all was fine. I called her at 7:40pm and told her I was on my way home. I was gone no longer than 3 hours. When I arrived home at 8:15pm, I came in and announced I was home. There was no response. So I kept talking all my smart ass crap that I normally do. Still no answer. I realized she was in the bathroom and when I peeked around the corner she looked as if she was passed out! I first thought she was trying to be funny and play with me. I quickly realized she was not playing. She was indeed passed out. When I finally was able to arouse her some, she had no idea where she was at. She did not remember even walking to the bathroom. Now mind you, we don’t live in a huge house so it wasn’t like she had to go from the east wing to the west wing of the house. I mean did we forget she had a fucking toilet at her bedside? OMG! Ok... breathe Tammy. I was able to help her up and get her to the dining room table. I took her sugar (she is a diabetic) and it was at 30. That is extremely low. I took her blood pressure and it was 98/45, again extremely low. I knew I had to get both of them up and quick. I tried to get sweets food and/drink in her. She was not cooperative. This is NOT like my mother. I realized that it was not “really her” but she was in fact not aware of what she was doing. I had to call a very dear friend over to help me move her to her bed. She was not being cooperative and I was unable to do it by myself. Clarence came over quickly. We are so lucky to have him and so close by. He was one of my dad’s closest buds. He lives a couple of houses down from us and continues to look in us. Her BFF also came over as she is a LVN and I thought maybe she might be able to help. I had to end up calling 911. I hated to but I knew it had to be done. We were unable to bring any of her levels up. So the crew of “men” arrived and once they started giving mom some sugar through the IV she started coming around. Once she realized all these “Men” were in her house and that she was going to the hospital, can we just say that if looks could kill, we would be attending my funeral! She was not too pleased with me at all.

She was taken to the hospital and that is when we found out that not only was she now hypoglycemic but also that she had cellulitis. I guess everyone at the hospital kept asking her, who found her passed out, and where was she and what happened. All she could tell them is my daughter found me; I don’t remember anything, so you will have to ask her. She said she felt like she lost the whole day/night. She was so confused. I felt so bad for her. So they had to start her on some heavy duty antibiotics to get the infection, swelling, redness and heat to reduce. This was the shortest hospital stay ever for her. They released her the next day. I brought her home and she was on Keflex (antibiotic) and a completely new regime for her insulin. Ok... I can do this.

Can I just tell you that Cellulitis is very serious and can be deadly? If you decide to check out the link, look at the pictures as well. They compare it to the flesh eating bacteria! It can cause you to lose a body party & die. This is not always caused by having surgery; it can be from a scratch even. If someone has a low immune system they are at a higher risk for this. Scary…very scary!

I had to take her back to her doctor a couple days later and he noticed right away that it was not healing the way it should be. So he decided to start her on Rocephin. That is given via an injection. So she got one that day and then we had to come back the next 2 days. Oh… and he also decided to change her insulin. So now the insulin is a totally different brand and completely different schedule. I now have notes I follow until I get used to this new way of insulin!

On Monday she all of a sudden was sicker than a dog. Ok... actually she was projectile pooping! I know huh! I felt sooo bad for her. Poor thing. So I emailed the doctor (isn’t that awesome emailing a doctor?) and he wanted her to stop the injections, and start a different antibiotic and get a kit to do a stool sample to make sure she didn’t have C.diff. I got her started on the Flagyl and finally 2 days later she started feeling better. Her right leg looks completely normal and her left leg looks really good. It is still red and still very sore to the touch, but all in all it looks so much better than it had. Huge sigh of relief. The doctor calls and tells me to put her back on the Keflex for the next 7 days to make sure we get this infection out of her leg. Wouldn’t you know it but I gave her one at night and the next morning the poor thing wakes up with the projectile pooping again! I have taken her off all antibiotics and she is still having pooping issues but not quite as bad as before. I mean kind of projectilish but not nearly as bad. Thank GOD!
 So I came home to my mother passed out…cold. Can I tell you how freakin’ scared outta my mind I was? So many things flew through my head. Did she have another heart attack? Did the pulmonary embolism move? Did she have a stroke? Did she stop breathing? Did her blood pressure drop? My mind was racing so fast I had no idea it could move that fast!

I think she finally gets it that she needs to stay off of her feet in order for this to heal. She needed to be in bed with her legs elevated for the swelling and redness to go away. Now that her leg is looking better the doctor said that she could walk around the house a little (very little) and make sure she doesn’t sit with her legs hanging, as that is the worst thing for it. I guess she is feeling “pretty good” because she had been trying not to use her walker, I mean it is not like we have a huge house, right? So last night she was walking from the living room to her bedroom and she fell. YUP! She fell. And she wonders why I hover? She wonders why I want to be either in front or behind her when she is walking still. Luckily she fell on her ass!! She is sore to say the least and of course black and blue – more!

Although all of the doctors assure me that whether I was home or not, this could have happened (her passing out), I still feel that I am not leaving her alone anytime soon.

I tell you it was the scariest site I have ever seen.


  1. Tammy,
    I am so sorry you and your mom have to go through all of this horrific stuff, you two are the most gentle, sweet people I have ever met. Neither of you deserve any of these health issues. I wish I could wave a magic wand and you both could be healthy and unafraid...is that a word? It is now. Hang in there you two, my love, prayers and white light are all yours.

  2. oh my, things seems to be getting out of hand. i wonder how you can keep to be on top of everything.

    i pray that your mom gets better soon, so you'd have less to worry about...

  3. I am so sorry...for scaring you !!

    Wish I could be all better.