Poor Mother Hubbard

Soooo my cupboards are bare... I’m talking like Poor Mother Hubbard is looking rich compared to my cupboards here. I hate that. I hate being out of EVERYTHING. I LOVE when my cupboards and refrigerators and freezers are full. There is just something about that that makes me feel so good inside. I feel FULL, but prepared also. I know it sounds weird, but then again, I never claimed to not sound weird. On a side note I had an old boss tell me that he thought I must have had a previous life during the depression because I always liked to be stocked. One of my duties at that place was to make sure we always had enough of all of our herbs and meds. I always had enough and then a little extra because you just never know. He always teased me about that. OK back to the story.

I have needed to go grocery shopping for what seems like eternity. Mom is home and I am unable to leave her alone. I hadn’t been able to find anyone to stay with her so I could run to the store and at least pick up a few things. So I did it… yup… I finally did it… I went online and checked out grocery shopping online.

I normally shop at Ralphs or Albertsons. However, after checking it all out, I decided to go with Vons. I felt like it took me all me night to “shop” online. I am sure it didn’t but it sure the hell felt like it. I do know that it took me a bit longer then if I had actually gone into the store, but I figured it was my first time. I mean I would like to think that every Vons Virgin takes a little longer the first time. Right? I am hoping that if I do this again, I will be like an old pro.

I was pleased with myself at how well I handled the situation, because if you remember, I hate online shopping.  (Insert link to my blog of Online Ordering is  my personal Hell, which is what I was going to do, but for some unknown reason I couldn't get the damn link to work for nothing in this world. So after trying a million and one times and realizing the time I knew I had to give in to defeat (YUCK) and move on to get this blog posted this month!!) The ordering was pretty easy, they had it set up pretty well. I set it up so that the groceries would be delivered today between 1-3pm.

At 1:30 pm Vons arrived.

What a great site that was to see… the Vons truck. If anyone would have ever told me that I would get excited over seeing a Vons truck I would have laughed. It made me feel giddy inside. You know what the best part was? He unloaded and carried all of the groceries into the house! Did you hear that? At first I felt so weird almost guilty. I said almost guilty…but the giddiness and happiness took over and I was elated. That part alone made it SO much easier on me, I don’t know if anyone out there has any idea how wonderful that was. I am getting giddy over it now just talking about it. Happiness took over and I was elated. That part alone made it SO much easier on me, I don’t know if anyone out there has any idea how wonderful that was. I am getting giddy over it now just talking about it!!

So all I had to do was put away all of the groceries. Granted there were a lot, but in a sense it felt like there was hardly anything because all I had to do was put them away. I didn’t have to drive to the store, go shopping, load the vehicle, unload the vehicle, bring them into the house and then put them away. I only had to do 1 out of 6 of those tasks.

Basically they did a pretty good job. There were only a few things that were off. I wanted only ½ lb of the deli meat and instead I got a full pound and it was sliced the way I had requested. There were 2 things on my list that they were out of stock on. And the weirdest thing yet, I received 1 banana. Yup, that’s right 1 banana. I had asked for 3 small slightly green bananas, and instead I received 1 HUGE banana. It cracks me up every time I look at it sitting on the counter. I wonder why they think I wanted only 1 banana. LOL

All in all it was a GREAT experience. Did I say I was giddy over having groceries delivered? I could never have imagined that grocery delivery could have  made me so excited elated.

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  1. Thanks for visiting me!! I often flirt with our online grocery services here in NZ but haven't been brave enough to give it a go yet. Glad you had such a good experience... even if it was only one banana. (giggle)