Trina Billingsley - Harleys, Butterflies & Smiles ~ you are missed.

I lost another dear friend. I still can’t believe it. I was on Face book and I started seeing different postings on her page. I was like what? I couldn’t believe it. I mean she and I had just emailed each other a couple of days earlier. It all seems so surreal. Hell it still does really. So after realizing that something was terribly wrong, I reached out 2 other people that both of us knew and I was hoping they would be able to fill me in some.

I was fortunate enough to meet her through work. I worked in the LA office and she in the Brentwood Benson (TN) office. We basically knew each other through phone and emails. We became friends that way. Then by luck, it was needed for me to travel to that office to “train” several of the women. So of course I was thrilled to go and finally meet all of the wonderful ladies I had been communicating with for a few years and be able to put faces to names. I walked into the office and there she was waiting at the front desk to greet me and help me carry my stuff upstairs to the main office. It had been one hell of a ride over to the office (funny story) but I finally made it there, 2 hours late (Thank you taxi driver) and alive!

This is a picture of my Brentwood Benson Southern Belles (as I called them)
(l-r Leslie, Marianna, Robyn, Amy, Jeri, Trina, Shannon & Ms. Betty)

Trina was always a happy, smiling and positive person. No matter how much work she had piled up on her desk, how many deadlines that were fast approaching and God only knows how many policies and procedures were changing daily she always seemed to find something “funny” out of it all. She always kept her spirit up. I mean sure there were those rare times, but like I said, they were rare. Did I say she LOVED bikes, and that would be Motorcycles, because those are the only bikes worth liking (as she would tell ya!). We both loved bikes and talked about them on probably all of our conversations. There is just something great about a motorcycle, but what is even better, is that she was able to finally get her dream bike…Her Harley! I remember her telling me about it. You could feel the excitement in her; it was like a kid on Christmas. I was so happy for her, jealous at the same time, but thrilled to death for her. I kept telling her that on my next visit out there she had to take me out on it. She always told me she had never had anyone on the back of her bike, and I would always respond with, Great! Guess I get to be the first one! We always giggled over that. When I thought I was going to be coming out to TN again this time for personal she even offered her home to me. We all know not just anyone will do that.

Trina on her dream bike – A Harley (what else is there)

My mom was sick during this time so I was only able to send flowers. However, if she had not been ill, I know I would have flown out there for the services.

Trina passed away on March 27th of this year. From what I understand she and her sister, Kim were out on a bike ride with a group they ride with. There was an accident and she and her bike flipped. She died instantly. The only thing I can say is that she died doing something she LOVED. She left us way too soon. I have to tell myself that GOD must have had greater things for her to do.

I think of her daily and will continue to do so. I am so blessed to have been able to meet her and get to know her.

Rest in Peace my dear friend.  I know you are riding your Harley and watching over everyone! Till we meet again...

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  1. aww, i'm so sorry to hear this. you're right, at least she went doing the thing she loved. you did justice to her life with this beautiful entry..