Tee-Tee is afraid of the camera.   Truth be told she is afraid of most anything, but don't tell her that, it will just make her more nervous and upset! I love to dress her up but taking the pictures is the difficult part with her.  As you can see she was simply exhausted from all of modeling that I was "making" her do for this photo shoot!  Since most of my Wordless Wednesday's seem to be about Chip I thought I would do one of his sister, Tee-Tee.

Tee-Tee barely able to keep her eyes open while I do her photo shoot.  Her "hat" was a top from a new treat that Chip just got.  Her new treat did not have a decorative adornment like that.

As you see, I am a slave driver and she is exhausted.  Can you see the sweat running down her face? LOL

Here she was still able to have her eyes open but for how  much longer we weren't sure.

She is done.  I think you might be able to see it in her eyes, begging me to stop with the bright lights and flashy thing.  In case you didn't know that is really scary!


  1. Love the animal pic's Tam. What would we do without our little furry Angels? Mare ^j^

  2. OMG! these photos are super cute :)
    stopping by from SITS by the way!