KFC not a quick choice

I decided to pick up KFC yesterday for dinner. As I thought that if I went through the drive thru that would mean a quick meal and be on my way home to throw it together. I guess it wasn’t meant to be, that is a quick meal. I go through the drive thru and am told that the roasted chicken won’t be done for another 4 minutes, and asks if I want to wait. Yes I tell them and am asked to park up front and wait. I chuckle and ask them to try not to forget about me, as that had happened one other time before. The young lady in the drive thru assures me that she won’t let that happen.

After waiting 15 minutes I decide I should go inside and see what the status is. I go in and it takes quite a while for the cashier to acknowledge me. The drive thru girl comes over and apologizes and says it is all her fault. She tells me that when they told her it would only be 4 minutes until the roasted chicken would be ready what they didn’t tell her was that they were only doing legs and thighs. I ordered breasts of course (white meat!!). They said that they need another 5 minutes and it will be ready. I said are you sure? Please don’t tell me something just to calm down…tell me the truth. No no, only 5 more minutes. So I sat down at a table and waited…and waited…and waited…

As I am sitting waiting I am watching the cashier and how she is handling the customers. At first I wrote off what I was seeing. But it kept happening again and again. I realized that she was playing favorites. By that I mean…when she would wait on a white person, she always made them wait, she didn’t greet them and after making them wait again, she would finally get them their food. When a Spanish person would come in, she smiled, greeted them in Spanish, and always got them their food. They never ever had to wait. She would make the white people wait in order to make sure she would be able to give it to the Spanish people. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe I was seeing this. I kept thinking I was seeing things. I mean this stuff doesn’t go on anymore. Ok… In my mind it doesn’t, it sure the hell shouldn’t anyway.

After another 20 minutes of waiting I went back up to the counter and told them I wanted a FUCKING manager and I wanted my FUCKING money back, NOW! I mean this was ridiculous. All of a sudden the young drive thru girl came out with my bag of food and apologized. I told her I still needed a manager. She brought out, Marcella. I explained to Marcella, that normally if this had been the first time something had happened, I would have been upset, but I would not have asked for a manager. However, this is the 2nd time this has happened, and while waiting I witnessed something I was uncomfortable with. I told her what happened. I explained to her that there was a breakdown of communication between the team members. I also let her know that just because I am “white” doesn’t mean I don’t understand Spanish. I informed her that the cashier and the workers were speaking negatively in Spanish not only about me but about some of the other customers. I informed her I knew what they were saying and I didn’t appreciate it. I then went on to tell her who said what. I think she was a bit shocked to say the least. Then when I went on to tell her that the cashier was being biased when serving the customers, I could tell she wanted to question it. Before she had a chance there were 2 other customers there that overheard and agreed with me that what I was telling her was the truth.

I felt bad that I was complaining. I know sounds weird huh? I don’t like to do that, but in this case I really felt it was necessary to do it. Marcella then took my name and number and said that she would put my name on “the board” for a free meal. When she said my name would be on the board with the others. I asked others? She said yes. In my mind, all I could think of was, do I even want to know how many other people are on that board? Geesh!!!

Going through the drive-thru isn’t always the quickest way to pick up dinner. That is for damn sure!

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  1. I'm glad you took the time to bring this to their attention. I would have been too skerred to say anything!