Who needs toes and fingers??

Who needs fingers and toes? Obviously I don’t. When I was young I was known to occasionally on a pretty regular basis get my fingers caught in something smash my fingers. Trust me it is not like I tried. It seemed that if there was a sliding glass door around, it had my name all over it. In fact both of my thumb nails actually have grooves and ridges in them because of getting caught on so many different occasions. Those are just the times in the sliding glass doors; I am not even going to mention the car doors.

I thought I had grown out of that stage. Apparently not. This week alone, OK, in the last few days I have managed to slam 3 of my fingers in either a door or a drawer. Amazingly I still have all 10 fingers…for now that is. My toes seem to be following the lead from my fingers for some reason. Anyone have any reason as to why they think this might be happening?

About 2 years ago, I took my Godson to Toys R Us and wouldn’t you know it my big toe got smashed in the sliding glass doors at that place. Lovely eh? At first I thought it was OK. It wasn’t bleeding, it was throbbing and screaming at me, but this was his first trip there and I wanted it to be special. So I was walking along and all of a sudden a pregnant lady has the most horrified look on her face and pointing at my foot. Ok…at this time, my entire foot was covered in blood, and I had a trail following me. Would you believe that no store employees or any other guests noticed this? Anyway, I calmed her down and told her I was fine and tried to make sure she was OK too. The last thing I wanted was for something to happen to her because of my toe nail. Anyway I couldn’t get it to stop bleeding and I had to go to urgent care. The nail had to eventually be removed and it took 4 months for it to completely grow back in and be A OK. Just to let everyone know, my nails have always been very thin. I was born without any nails... so I basically don’t have a fighting chance here.

This week I have run into so many things I have lost count. I have re injured the infamous big toe, and lost most of that nail, as it was just ripped off in what I got it stuck in. Oh wait I remember, I actually did something fun and went four wheeling and was lucky enough to lose that nail. Since then I have walked into things or whatever and for some reason hit it so hard that I managed to damage the nail to the point of it either ripping off or hanging on for dear life. Let’s see I have done that to about 3 other nails.

Granted this is NOT my foot, but you get the idea, right?  Oh wait.. there is only 1 toe bandaged, I would several more between both of my feet!
Again, not my hand but at this point most of my fingers would be bandaged. I just wanted to give you a visual.

 Ok.. this is my foot (after the first OMG toe injury at Toys R Us and before this week's tragedies)

I always enjoyed getting pedicures and at this point I am going to need acrylics put on if I am going to be able to get a pedicure anytime soon. At this rate if I keep this up, I won’t have any toe or finger nails. Hmm... did we decide if we really do need them or are they just a fashion accessory? 


  1. Seriously? Is that comment above me from a friend of yours? Hmm...

    Tammy, You seriously need to look into little helmets for your toes and fingers! LMAO...I'm sorry...I know it's not funny...but the visual is freakin' hysterical.
    I have the worst luck with my toes...I can't tell you how many times they've either been broken or broken. LOL. But I can't remember losing a nail. I will consider myself vera lucky!!
    Oh, and the pedi?? Awesome! I never do anything fun with my nails...but that is sah-weet!

  2. I know now how my daughter will turn out. She is forever doing things like this. Her nickname is Tumble-ina.
    I do feel for you. It hurts soooo bad to have stuff happen to your digits. :(