Why you should wear a helmet, even if you are a doctor

We were talking to my mom’s primary care doctor today. He is a very nice “young” doctor. By young I mean by age and by experience. It has taken him some time to get used to my smart ass comments but he is coming around. So today during our visit for some reason he decided to tell us a story. Oh wait, we were discussing my mom’s Coumadin levels and activities that she should and shouldn’t do.

He went on to tell us how the other day he was riding his nephew’s scooter. He always thought it was a really easy thing to do. He never really saw a reason as to why a helmet would be needed. Can I just remind you that we are talking about a grown adult man who happens to be a M.D. So there he was riding the scooter, being all cool (these are his words too funny, I know) and all of a sudden he realized he was a bit close to the wall, so he put his hand out and before he knew it he was on the ground. Luckily he broke his fall with his leg and scraped his knee up pretty badly. He also hit his head on a sprinkler! After that happened, that is when he realized, boys and girls, that why a helmet is necessary, even for scooters!

He said he was lucky that he broke his fall with his leg and not his head; otherwise he would have ended up in the ER and then wouldn’t have been able to keep our appointment. As I was laughing I asked him and I would love to know what you would have told the ER what happened as to how you ended up in the ER with your head cracked open! He smiled and said, thank goodness, I landed on my leg first and just slightly hit my head!

He went out and bought himself a helmet now so when he does ride his nephew’s scooter he will be protected, I mean just in case, you never know.


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  2. You can heal a broken leg or arm, but a broken head is scary!

  3. I guess men will always act like little boys sometimes, even when they're doctors.