Movie review - Old Dogs

I belong to Netflix because let’s face it; I hardly ever get to see a movie in the theatre. I am ok with that, well I mean kind of anyway. Truth be told I do believe it is highway robbery what they charge to see a movie in the theatre now. I mean matinee is a cheap (note the sarcasm in my voice) $9.50 and after that it goes up to $11.00 (Sun-Thurs) and $11.50 (Fri & Sat). Because don’t you know if they didn’t raise it that 50 cents they would probably go out of business. Ok... sorry about that… started getting off on another subject… and we all know how I never (cough cough) do that.

Ok... so we put Old Dogs in the queue and when it arrived we were pleasantly surprised. They say laughter is the best medicine. The rating scale on Netflix is a 5 star scale, and I would gladly give it a 10. I don’t understand why it didn’t have more press. It was a REALLY GOOD MOVIE. It had great actors. I mean come, John Travolta, right there that should tell ya something, I mean right? If you don’t like yourself some John, that what are you thinking? Then there was Robin Williams and he is always funny, and with this being a family movie he wasn’t all vulgar (you know like I can be sometimes). Kelly Preston, Rita Wilson, Matt Dillon and Seth Green are just a few more of the well known actors that are in this great movie.

Needless to say we laughed so hard that at times we had to pause it as I was afraid my mom was going to have issues with her breathing. She is on oxygen 24/7. But it was such a good laugh. We laughed till we cried, till we were blue in the face (sorry not pics of that one!).  We laughed until it hurt, but this time it was good hurt! This is one of those movies that I would definitely spend the money and even at full price to purchase to have in my collection to be able to watch again and to share with others.

They did an excellent job on this movie. I cannot say enough nice things about this. I believe it was not given enough press or media as it should have done so much better in the theatres and awards.

If you haven’t already seen it for yourself, here is a clip. I hope after seeing this it will make you want to at least rent it to check it out. Let me know what your rating is.

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