No no not that kind of Spam! Although to be truthful when I do hear the word Spam that is the first thing that comes to mind. I have never really liked that stuff, do you? I hear it is a big thing in Hawaii, however any of the times I was over there; I don’t ever remember seeing it on any menus, but maybe because I wasn’t really looking for it. However, growing up, I remember it being a staple in our home, because my father grew up on it. He loved the stuff (while I would silently gag). I can remember opening the can and seeing the meat and all that jelly stuff and then it would happen… gagging almost to the point of no return! I know awful huh? I just couldn’t control it. I could make it for him but I couldn’t eat it. UCK!! It still makes my stomach a little queasy. I could never get over the site of the meat with all that gel/jelly stuff. (Gagging)

Geesh…almost got off of the topic. It is a good thing I don’t do that, just think of how crazy this post could have ended up being. Good thing I always stay on track.

My thought process was Spam… Spammers… WTF! Do you guys have any issues with this stuff? I mean I am sure you get tons of spam email. But I am talking about on your blog. I seem to have gotten a following from the Chinese. I don’t have a problem with that at all… but could you please write it in ENGLISH? Could you please write at least something? I get these comments and either they are blank or their comments are written in Chinese or there are just a bunch of symbols. You can’t possibly tell me that they are actually reading my blog. I mean I guess you could tell me they are reading my blog, but I don’t think I would believe you. I know that I can go in and delete the comments, which I do. I am just kind of curious as to how they found my blog. Why would they want to “spam” my blog with these strange comments or symbol? I guess I was just wondering if you get that type of spam and what do you do?


  1. I get those ridiculous Japanese spam comments every single day! I turned on comment moderation for posts over 2 days old, because they always target older posts. You can go to Google language tools and do a translation. Here is a translation of the Japanese comment that I got today:

    "Summer vacation becomes imminent, an important holiday to spend alone hate anyone different? Checker at a time more popular and easy diagnosis like that, you get valuable advice for you also spend the summer with her boyfriend, thanks for the advice daily e-mail now! ! Do not miss this summer you also"

  2. I confess:
    I love Spam in a can. I hardly ever eat it...maybe once every couple of years, but I think it's sort of tasty. It probably helps that I didn't grow up on it:) Just rinse it off, slice it skinny and fry it in butter.
    GAH, I'm a walking/talking heart attack.

    I have only gotten maybe 2 or 3 spam comments on my blog. With squarespace, the filter is built right in, so none hardly make it past the sentry. I also pay $14 a month to my blog host, so they should do that if you ask me.

  3. I will not lie - I HAVE enjoyed some fried up spam however I have never had to open the can and this is the first I am hearing about jelly stuff. I was gagging right there with you as you were describing it. So, moving forward, I will likely never ever eat it again. Not a huge loss.