It seems that all you hear lately is talk about Twilight and Vampires. I guess with the release of the latest Twilight movie I can understand the fascination. But of course this got me thinking about Vampires and all. They make it out like all of them are horrible people. I know they are not. I am sure everyone knows at least one Vampire if not more.

We know a few, but are really good friends with one. Her name is Bonita. She looks like any of us do. She is even married with 3 beautiful children. Her husband works and her children all go to school/college. She owns a nice home and drives a minivan. She enjoys shopping and getting out and doing things. She is very warm and inviting. She is smart and comedic. She comes to our house at least once a week and sometimes more. It never seems like we have enough time with her. The time always flies by so fast when she is here.

Her need for blood is not a problem for us. She has been open about this “need” from the beginning. I am sure you don’t mind doing things for your friends, right? I mean the way we look at it we are friends and she does things for us. Friendship is a give and take kind of thing anyway.

I am sure you all are dying to see what she looks like. I have feeling you are thinking that you just can’t imagine that you would know a ”Vampire”.

Ok...so maybe I left out that she is actually a phlebotomist!  But to me in my mind, that is just like a Vampire. I mean that is what I call them.  What do you call them?


  1. At our surgery we have a lovely nurse called Julie but everyone - staff and patients alike - call her Vampira.
    After the two other nurses couldn't get anything out of me she gave it a go and succeeded. It was a more painful experience than previous draws but she got some, which at the mo is a bit of a miracle!

  2. OMG Tammy, I was like...Where is this going, and is she off her rocker?!? LMAO!!
    I was actually trained to be a phlebotomist. It was all well and good. I passed and was certified, but after my clinicals...I gave it up.
    Why? Because grown ass men would start crying and shit when I walked in the room. It broke my heart b/c I HATE causing pain to another. With babies you expect some tears...but grown people? GEESH.
    The elderly were my favorties. They've been poked their entire lives and hardly flinched. Such dears.
    Anyhoo, I was a vampire for a minute.

  3. Tammy I can't believe you did it, you said that you would. I was thinking like Christine "where is she really going with this"? You are so sweet. People like you and your Mom remind me of how much I really love my job. You are more than a friend to me; your like family. By the way Christine is right about the men, and the elderly is my favorite too.

    Many people have called me The vampire lady Phlebotomist, it's funny, Gotta love it!!!.