Drool be gone

I came across this on the Drs.Foster and Smith website and had to check it out.  Have you ever seen anything like it before? I know I haven't. I know Bissell makes good products but really? A drool cleaner? I mean can't you just wipe it up? This was too funny not to share it. 


It’s just another obstacle right?

It seems that whenever we do anything (and I do mean anything) we always seem to run into a problem or a bigger mess or an obstacle. Nothing ever seems to go smoothly for us. My father used to say “If it weren’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all”. I, being the optimist, would tell him that wasn’t true and remind him of all of the positive things and good things that do happen to him / us as a family. I would name some name, but since they are so far and few between, I can’t really think of any at this moment. All the while in the back of my head kind of wondering if maybe, just maybe he was right. Although I would NEVER tell him that, but I often wondered.

Right now we are doing some “small & easy” home improvements in our home. Please note the key words, small and easy. Now for most people that would be true but for us, not so much. Here is a rundown of some of the “small” obstacles we have come face to face with.

• We finally bought a new fridge. I am SO excited over this you have no idea. There are 2 obstacles that happened with the fridge. The first is that online it tells you that the width of it is 35 5/8 inches. My opening is 36 inches. When the guys came to deliver it, it was 36”. OK... Really? Are you kidding me? Someone has to be pranking me, right? I mean this is a measurement on a Samsung fridge that is on a website that people all over the world use to assist them in choosing the correct appliance. LOVELY!! The fridge could not be put into its place and had to practically be in the middle of the kitchen. UGH! We also needed to have a water line put in because we were still living in the caveman era. This was supposed to be an easy thing to do. Well… it would have except for the fact that once Jeff (our contractor guy) went underneath the house he also discovered that our A/C unit was leaking so badly we basically had a small lake under our house. NOT GOOD. I have been trying to get a hold of our A/C guys and no one is returning my call. The A/C isn’t even a year old. I am beyond words on this one. So because the way the A/C duct is run underneath the house he also needs to cut another entry door on the other side of our house so that he can have easy access to make the water line. An obstacle or a problem??

• We are also getting a new stove, an electric one. We previously had gas but before we purchased this one we checked with someone (who will remain nameless, (clears throat) Jeff) who told us we already had a 220 set up. Woo-hoo! WRONG! No 220… so now we had to buy the parts for that and have Jeff put one in for us. Just an obstacle (he tells me) no worries. My father had put a 220 line right outside so that he could use his tools. Well, after he had been sick we remember him telling us not to use it. We didn’t know why, just not to use it. Jeff thought he was going to be able to use that, as that would be an “easy” fix. Wrong! In fact what Jeff did find was rather scary as all HELL. After my father became ill at times there were “friends” that would offer to help out. With my dad not well and not able to check things you have to believe that people know what they are doing and are doing what they say they are doing. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Jeff found out that someone hooked the 220 wire to a 110 plug. That is a major fire hazard. It was a miracle that our house didn’t burn down. Thank you GOD. Thank you Jeff for finding that. An obstacle or a problem??

• The kitchen and the utility room are being re-painted. Why repainted you ask? When we had our house painted back in December, the wonderful man (said with heavy sarcasm) painted our kitchen YELLOW. Now normally yellow for a kitchen is pretty normal, but this yellow is an OMG, scream at you from across the street kind of yellow. Get my drift? I thought so. So we are fixing it and doing the utility room as well. Supposedly this professional painter (I laugh while I say that one) that did our house couldn’t paint our utility room because it was wallpapered and you can’t paint over wallpaper. In case you are wondering, that is so NOT true. So a friend of ours, Tito is painting the rooms and helping out with some other fix it items. When he moved the washer/dryer you will never believe what he found. No no… no dead animals or bugs. Geesh.. I so knew your minds were going. Not in my house anyway!! The dryer duct was not attached correctly. When we bought the dryer it was delivered and installed by Sears. Talk about another fire hazard. We always wondered why we kept having so much dust in the utility room, but didn’t know that was the reason. Thank you God. Thank you Tito for finding it and fixing it. An obstacle or a problem??

• The ceiling fan in my room was dead, well it was on its last round. Jeff was going to install a new one for me with a remote. Normally that would be a quick and easy job. For some reason or another (truthfully I don’t remember what the whole obstacle was) it turned into being a long job. He actually had to build an extra box so that the remote part of it could fit up into the fan on the ceiling. And as for the other ceiling fan in the dining room, Jeff was not able to use the remote at all. BUMMER. Welcome to my world. An obstacle or a problem??

• Last but not least we asked that everything be done by the end of Saturday. We just wanted to have the kitchen/utility room done. The floor, painting, the 220 line and the water line. I know that there were “obstacles” that came up but they told us that it would be done. “No problemo”. And as par for the course it is not… A bit disappointing to say the least. It is just when someone says they are going to do something, I kind of expect that… you know? I surely don’t expect them to go meet someone for another bid when they still haven’t finished this job that was promised to be done by a certain time. Now if there was not a time limit on this it would not be a deal at all, but this was important. Unfortunately both my mom and I get overwhelmed and stressed by things easily. I happen to be going in for a rather important medical treatment on Tuesday and we asked them to have this done so that I could have some time to relax and regroup myself before my treatment. Things never work out the way I would hope or like or expect them to… An obstacle or a problem??

I could list several other items as well, but I think this pretty much gives you an idea of what I am talking about. And I am only talking about the most recent work we are getting done. I won’t even begin to tell you about all of the other “obstacles” that have happened every other time we seem to have something done. We are supposed to get new fencing and I pray that there are NO obstacles for Jeff…or us for that matter.

I have always called them “problems” and Jeff likes to call them “obstacles”. Let me tell you after all of the “problems” or “obstacles” that we have gone through by now I am so OVER it, so exhausted, so tired, so “done” that I just want things to go smoothly. I don’t want a “problem” or an “obstacle”, whether it be big or small. Whether it can be easily fixable or not. I am glad that he can smile and say it is just an obstacle and that it can be fixed and not to worry. I wish I could too. An obstacle or a problem??


Get Fuzzy - Satchel finally comes out ahead

Not sure if anyone reads the comic strip Get Fuzzy but it is my FAVORITE comic.  I have followed it for years.  In fact I really think that these two are in a way related to my two.  Bucky would be Chip -(my male black and white kitty as he basically runs the house) and Satchel would be my Tee-Tee, granted mine is a little brown girl but she is so much like Satchel, (as they are both nervous, and both like to wear jewelry (his-watch, she -necklaces)).

Many times I have read this strip and looked at my "kids" and said, "Gee, sound familiar, guys?"  I know it does to them, because it sure does to me! It almost always brings a smile to my face if not make me laugh out loud.  I had to share this one because like I said Satchel actually comes out ahead in this one, which is rare.  I do have to admit... I am worried about what will happen to him on Monday!

Get Fuzzy

Not sure why I am unable to get the entire comic to show but if you click on the comic you will be able to see it full size.


America's Got Talent and then some...

So I tried to do this post after the show first aired but leave it to me to have a problem. So here is the post now....better later than never, right??
Not sure if anyone watches America's Got Talent or not but I have been watching it this season.  They have some pretty good acts.  Last night were the YouTube auditions.  Now I didn't go online and check those out and vote for any of those but there were 12 (I think) that made it to the show and then from there we get to vote and the top 4 move on to the finals. 

Everyone is talking about the 10 year old girl, Jackie that sings like an angel. Trust me she does.  It gave me goosebumps! Even if for some reason she doesn't win this contest she will make it big, there is NO doubt in my mind.

Then there was this guy, Dan Sperry, a magician. He was AWESOME.  Not only was he good great, he had an element of surprise and humor. Humorous because Howie Mandel(one of the judges) is a germaphobe.  I get the whole germ thing, but it is still be funny even if it is at his expense.  And you will see at the end of his audition, what I am talking about.  Hysterically so!

Do you think these are good acts?  Do you think these should make it to the finals? Would love to hear what you think and feel about these 2 among some of the other acts.


Death warmed over

A week ago Tuesday I had a new infusion scheduled. I read all of the pros and cons for this new “miracle” drug. For this one there are many things to think about. On all of the other infusions that I have tried over the year(s) I have never really been worried or concerned. This one I was, no questions. In fact this one even warned that it was known to have fatal reactions from the 1st infusion. Scary. Right. I think so even if you don’t!
So this time I actually decided to have someone drive me to and from. Yes, I know, normally I drive myself and think nothing of it. I know I know… FREAK. But hey we already know that so we won’t linger on that subject!

This particular infusion takes 4 -6 hours. Nice, eh? And to think they don’t even offer entertainment at my doctor’s office!! I finally get all set up. First I have to get an IV push of Benadryl, IV push of Decadron (this stings and burns like CRAZY in case you were wondering) and some Tylenol. This has to all be given to me 30 minutes prior to my infusion. After waiting 30 minutes and taking my vitals, it seems I am still breathing and all is well. So they start the infusion. Not long into it, I start showing some signs. Signs you ask? First I start itching, show a bright rash all over my face, neck, chest and shoulders and welts all over my head. They say that is a normal reaction. Oh good… I feel so much better now. But wait…. I can’t just be like everyone else. Oh no, not me. Before you know it, I am freezing. I mean I am so cold, I have 2 blankets on me and I am still shaking. Then my head starts pounding and all of a sudden I can barely swallow. You know when you start to get a sore throat and it itches way down in your throat and you can’t itch it? That is what my throat and ears felt like. Yet at the same time, I am having seriously difficult time breathing. And my body… talk about pain… I have NEVER felt such horrible pain in my life. I hurt in places that I didn’t know could hurt that bad. So the nurse came in to check on me and asked how I was doing. So I told her and she turned on the light….and then her eyes got really BIG. So she obviously wasn’t going to hide what she saw. My face was swollen; my eyes were almost swollen shut. I thought I felt something but I didn’t realize it was THAT BAD. Guess I scared her. She ran out of the room (poor little old Korean nurse) to get the Doctor. He came in with another nurse. They started poking and prodding. I often wonder if they think they are really going to discover anything when they do that, because let’s face it they NEVER do. Anyway, he advises them to give me another dose of Decadron and slow the infusion rate down. Lovely. So this will mean it will take longer. And yet still no entertainment. Now they bring in heat packs to lay over me and try and warm me up and coffee for my throat. I don’t drink tea so I guess they felt coffee was the next best thing.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to drive myself home… let me tell you I would have been trying to figure out who I could have called to come pick me up.
Let’s just say the rest of the day and the next day I was pretty sure I was dying. I was beyond exhausted. I was so tired it was scary. I figured it was slow, horrible death. I was suffering for everything, you know all those little things we all do and say we will pay for later… well I figured now was my time to pay. Any white lies (btw I have never told one of those (oops there goes another white lie)), office supplies that were “borrowed” , or stories that might have been embellished just a tad bit, I just knew I was paying for everything and then some.

Thursday (2 days later) I woke up and was like a different person. Granted I was still exhausted but my pain was almost gone. I know. Did you hear that? Almost gone. I almost had no pain. It was so surreal. I almost didn’t believe it. I was in shock. I was so excited. I kept thinking OH MY GOD what if this is THE one. What if this is the one that helps me. All of this time and finally we have found it. OH MY GOD. I wasn’t completely pain free but the amount that I did have I was totally ok with, in my mind it wasn’t even worth complaining about. I was exhausted but almost NO PAIN. Can you tell I was THRILLED?

I will take whatever I can get… it was very short lived. It lasted a few hours. I have hope that with my next infusion (8/17) the side effects will not be as bad and I will have a longer “pain free” time. Trying to stay positive. Hopefully my “death warmed over state” won’t last too long this time.


Swan Lake

I have never seen anything like this before.  Thought I would share.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Fire in the hole!

We are in the middle of making some minor home improvements. Our house is 21 years old. I never in a million years thought I would live in one house that long. Growing up we always moved around so much it just seemed like the norm. We are getting a new electric stove and a new refrigerator.

Our new(soon to be delivered) electric stove

The beautiful Samsung 29 cu ft French door  fridge w/ water & ice on door (2nd ice in freezer!)
I am SO excited about the fridge. Why?? The fridge is a 29 cu ft French door with a water and ice maker ON the DOOR. Now you have to understand I have NEVER had a fridge with a water and ice maker ON the DOOR (OK I did for a short span of 10 months while I was married, but that is an entirely different blog, if ya know what I mean).

We are selling our old fridge and stove for a really really cheap price. Surprisingly someone has bought both fridges (yes we were one of those families that had 2 fridges) and the old stove. Yeah for us. So when our friend came over to get the fridge the 2 guys that we had here working were nice enough (maybe because I begged hee hee) to help take the fridge outside and load it up on their truck. It didn’t take long. As we were walking back to the front door, all you could smell was FIRE and there was so much smoke it was crazy. Thank goodness, one of the guys that are working is a retired fireman.

Our kitchen on fire (OK..maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but just slight)
The Kitchen was on FIRE! YUP!! That is right. Remember I said the stove was OLD? Well when the guys were taking the fridge out they must have accidentally hit one of the knobs. They turn on rather easily. No one seemed to notice this…until we saw flames coming from the kitchen. Jeff (retired fireman) was working on the cupboards above the stove and had a blanket on top of the stove in case anything fell so it wouldn’t damage the stove. Tito was also painting in that area. Apparently when the knob got turned on, it didn’t take much time at all, to light that blanket and the paint tray.

The house filled up so quick it was amazing. The stove looked like it was ruined! Amazingly it is not. Jeff took the range top off and went in the backyard and scrubbed his little heart out and it ended up looking like a brand new stove! Jeff said to me, “you know the next time you want your stove cleaned, just ask me, and don’t start a fire to get me to clean your stove!!” He thinks he is so funny. I assured him that once we get our new stove I won’t start it on fire; I will just call him to come clean it!! LOL


Goodbye my sweet little Chip

May 21, 1998 – July 26, 2010

It took me almost a week to get myself together enough to try to compose a blog or at least a resemblance of one.

The day started out pretty normal. Chip hadn’t been feeling all that great but it wasn’t anything that I was “seriously worried” about. I pretty much figured like most of the other times, Tracy would be able to fix him. I called his fabulous Vet (Tracy) and told them he was still not feeling well. I explained to them that he had now stopped eating, and was going both ends. It even seemed like his arthritis was a bit worse, but then it could have been just me. You know how mom’s hate to see their children sick. So since they are a great clinic they fit us in that night at 6pm. I felt that we were lucky to be squeezed in. Somehow he figured it out and at the last minute got underneath one of the beds. I figured this was a no win situation. Usually there is no way in the world HELL would be able to get him out. No amount of food, prodding, begging, nothing will get him out. Well, I am not even sure but we got him out. Strange… an omen I say.

Off to the clinic we went. We were taken right in, which is strange for having been fit in. I was ok with this. We waited but he was fine. Chip likes walking around in the exam rooms. He is pretty calm there, I guess because he is so used to being there, he knows the surroundings and the people so he is not so uncomfortable, which I am thrilled about. All of the peeps that are there are GREAT people and are good to both of us.

So Tracy (Dr. McFarland) comes in, and we she checks him out. We she reviews his chart. It hasn’t been that long ago that he had his thyroid removed. Yet he still had issues. We still had to have him on thyroid meds, now his heart was galloping; his swallowing was becoming an issue. I could go on. This was a little guy that basically from the moment I chose him I knew I was saving his life. He was known as the ‘Million Dollar Kitty’. Within the first year of his life we she had to do a colon surgery (I can’t even begin to think on how to spell the correct name for the surgery at this time). Chip seemed to have stomach issues, and then we found he started having seizures, and arthritic, and then thyroid issues. This poor little guy has been fighting his whole life. I thought for sure when we came in there, that Tracy would review everything and we she would figure it out, fix him and we would come home and all would be peachy in our household again.

The more we kept talking the more options we kept running out of. And then she saw it. He got up and moved. Normally when we would come in for a visit, he would put on his “MANCAT” attitude and he never let her see him limp or walk with any sense of pain. Even though I told her, she never saw it firsthand. Well… let me tell you when she saw it firsthand, she cried and realized that she was not able to fix this unfortunately. We talked cried some more. I called my mom (Chip’s grandma) so that she could talk to him one last time and say goodbye. Since we hadn’t even had this in our thought process we weren’t there.

Tracy came back and we started the procedure. I won’t go into details. All I will say is that he was ready. I am glad he will not be hurting anymore. He will now be able to eat whatever he wants and not have to worry about gaining weight (thyroid issue), he will no longer have seizures, he can chase and bully as many dogs as he wants (he enjoyed doing that to his sister, Tee-Tee). I am pretty sure he will see his Grandpa, and his older brother (Thums, even though they never met, he heard a lot about him), and his Nana (my grandma). I told him to tell everyone hello and we love them.

I have had to leave him there before for surgeries and it never bothered me as I trusted everyone. Course I was one of the only ones that would come and visit him 1-2 times a day while he was there. But tonight, tonight was different. It was sooo very difficult to leave him. It was like if I didn’t leave him, then he wasn’t gone. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but that is what I felt. I knew it wasn’t true, but it was so hard to leave him. I knew Tracy would take very good care of him. I had no doubt in my mind or heart of hearts it was just one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

I had originally wanted to have some pics of him from when he was just an itty bitty baby…but those pictures are not digital (i.e. on the computer) so that would mean I have to go through boxes of pictures and I am sorry but I am just not ready to do that. I still have several of his things here and I think about him daily.

We are getting him cremated and we will have him with us at home…where he belongs.

He was dressed up as a Piggy for Halloween one year.
I just thought he looked so regal.
Chip- Up close & personal. This was one of my first pictures that I took when I got my new camera (then)  He was my model.

Chip waiting "in line" to be fed.  It was funny with him and his sister!

Here is a full length of my baby.  He came to me barely weighing 2 lbs now almost 20lbs.
His last day... sweet dreams... see you soon.
I love you