America's Got Talent and then some...

So I tried to do this post after the show first aired but leave it to me to have a problem. So here is the post now....better later than never, right??
Not sure if anyone watches America's Got Talent or not but I have been watching it this season.  They have some pretty good acts.  Last night were the YouTube auditions.  Now I didn't go online and check those out and vote for any of those but there were 12 (I think) that made it to the show and then from there we get to vote and the top 4 move on to the finals. 

Everyone is talking about the 10 year old girl, Jackie that sings like an angel. Trust me she does.  It gave me goosebumps! Even if for some reason she doesn't win this contest she will make it big, there is NO doubt in my mind.

Then there was this guy, Dan Sperry, a magician. He was AWESOME.  Not only was he good great, he had an element of surprise and humor. Humorous because Howie Mandel(one of the judges) is a germaphobe.  I get the whole germ thing, but it is still be funny even if it is at his expense.  And you will see at the end of his audition, what I am talking about.  Hysterically so!

Do you think these are good acts?  Do you think these should make it to the finals? Would love to hear what you think and feel about these 2 among some of the other acts.

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