Fire in the hole!

We are in the middle of making some minor home improvements. Our house is 21 years old. I never in a million years thought I would live in one house that long. Growing up we always moved around so much it just seemed like the norm. We are getting a new electric stove and a new refrigerator.

Our new(soon to be delivered) electric stove

The beautiful Samsung 29 cu ft French door  fridge w/ water & ice on door (2nd ice in freezer!)
I am SO excited about the fridge. Why?? The fridge is a 29 cu ft French door with a water and ice maker ON the DOOR. Now you have to understand I have NEVER had a fridge with a water and ice maker ON the DOOR (OK I did for a short span of 10 months while I was married, but that is an entirely different blog, if ya know what I mean).

We are selling our old fridge and stove for a really really cheap price. Surprisingly someone has bought both fridges (yes we were one of those families that had 2 fridges) and the old stove. Yeah for us. So when our friend came over to get the fridge the 2 guys that we had here working were nice enough (maybe because I begged hee hee) to help take the fridge outside and load it up on their truck. It didn’t take long. As we were walking back to the front door, all you could smell was FIRE and there was so much smoke it was crazy. Thank goodness, one of the guys that are working is a retired fireman.

Our kitchen on fire (OK..maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but just slight)
The Kitchen was on FIRE! YUP!! That is right. Remember I said the stove was OLD? Well when the guys were taking the fridge out they must have accidentally hit one of the knobs. They turn on rather easily. No one seemed to notice this…until we saw flames coming from the kitchen. Jeff (retired fireman) was working on the cupboards above the stove and had a blanket on top of the stove in case anything fell so it wouldn’t damage the stove. Tito was also painting in that area. Apparently when the knob got turned on, it didn’t take much time at all, to light that blanket and the paint tray.

The house filled up so quick it was amazing. The stove looked like it was ruined! Amazingly it is not. Jeff took the range top off and went in the backyard and scrubbed his little heart out and it ended up looking like a brand new stove! Jeff said to me, “you know the next time you want your stove cleaned, just ask me, and don’t start a fire to get me to clean your stove!!” He thinks he is so funny. I assured him that once we get our new stove I won’t start it on fire; I will just call him to come clean it!! LOL

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  1. OMG, complete disaster averted! Way to make lemons into lemonade!!
    Congrats on the new appliances...getting those always makes me a happy girl:)