Get Fuzzy - Satchel finally comes out ahead

Not sure if anyone reads the comic strip Get Fuzzy but it is my FAVORITE comic.  I have followed it for years.  In fact I really think that these two are in a way related to my two.  Bucky would be Chip -(my male black and white kitty as he basically runs the house) and Satchel would be my Tee-Tee, granted mine is a little brown girl but she is so much like Satchel, (as they are both nervous, and both like to wear jewelry (his-watch, she -necklaces)).

Many times I have read this strip and looked at my "kids" and said, "Gee, sound familiar, guys?"  I know it does to them, because it sure does to me! It almost always brings a smile to my face if not make me laugh out loud.  I had to share this one because like I said Satchel actually comes out ahead in this one, which is rare.  I do have to admit... I am worried about what will happen to him on Monday!

Get Fuzzy

Not sure why I am unable to get the entire comic to show but if you click on the comic you will be able to see it full size.

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  1. FWIW, I finally managed to see the strip after I saved the image to the local machine. comics.com rolls old strips off the end of the history after about six months or so.

    Just thought you might want to know.