It’s just another obstacle right?

It seems that whenever we do anything (and I do mean anything) we always seem to run into a problem or a bigger mess or an obstacle. Nothing ever seems to go smoothly for us. My father used to say “If it weren’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all”. I, being the optimist, would tell him that wasn’t true and remind him of all of the positive things and good things that do happen to him / us as a family. I would name some name, but since they are so far and few between, I can’t really think of any at this moment. All the while in the back of my head kind of wondering if maybe, just maybe he was right. Although I would NEVER tell him that, but I often wondered.

Right now we are doing some “small & easy” home improvements in our home. Please note the key words, small and easy. Now for most people that would be true but for us, not so much. Here is a rundown of some of the “small” obstacles we have come face to face with.

• We finally bought a new fridge. I am SO excited over this you have no idea. There are 2 obstacles that happened with the fridge. The first is that online it tells you that the width of it is 35 5/8 inches. My opening is 36 inches. When the guys came to deliver it, it was 36”. OK... Really? Are you kidding me? Someone has to be pranking me, right? I mean this is a measurement on a Samsung fridge that is on a website that people all over the world use to assist them in choosing the correct appliance. LOVELY!! The fridge could not be put into its place and had to practically be in the middle of the kitchen. UGH! We also needed to have a water line put in because we were still living in the caveman era. This was supposed to be an easy thing to do. Well… it would have except for the fact that once Jeff (our contractor guy) went underneath the house he also discovered that our A/C unit was leaking so badly we basically had a small lake under our house. NOT GOOD. I have been trying to get a hold of our A/C guys and no one is returning my call. The A/C isn’t even a year old. I am beyond words on this one. So because the way the A/C duct is run underneath the house he also needs to cut another entry door on the other side of our house so that he can have easy access to make the water line. An obstacle or a problem??

• We are also getting a new stove, an electric one. We previously had gas but before we purchased this one we checked with someone (who will remain nameless, (clears throat) Jeff) who told us we already had a 220 set up. Woo-hoo! WRONG! No 220… so now we had to buy the parts for that and have Jeff put one in for us. Just an obstacle (he tells me) no worries. My father had put a 220 line right outside so that he could use his tools. Well, after he had been sick we remember him telling us not to use it. We didn’t know why, just not to use it. Jeff thought he was going to be able to use that, as that would be an “easy” fix. Wrong! In fact what Jeff did find was rather scary as all HELL. After my father became ill at times there were “friends” that would offer to help out. With my dad not well and not able to check things you have to believe that people know what they are doing and are doing what they say they are doing. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Jeff found out that someone hooked the 220 wire to a 110 plug. That is a major fire hazard. It was a miracle that our house didn’t burn down. Thank you GOD. Thank you Jeff for finding that. An obstacle or a problem??

• The kitchen and the utility room are being re-painted. Why repainted you ask? When we had our house painted back in December, the wonderful man (said with heavy sarcasm) painted our kitchen YELLOW. Now normally yellow for a kitchen is pretty normal, but this yellow is an OMG, scream at you from across the street kind of yellow. Get my drift? I thought so. So we are fixing it and doing the utility room as well. Supposedly this professional painter (I laugh while I say that one) that did our house couldn’t paint our utility room because it was wallpapered and you can’t paint over wallpaper. In case you are wondering, that is so NOT true. So a friend of ours, Tito is painting the rooms and helping out with some other fix it items. When he moved the washer/dryer you will never believe what he found. No no… no dead animals or bugs. Geesh.. I so knew your minds were going. Not in my house anyway!! The dryer duct was not attached correctly. When we bought the dryer it was delivered and installed by Sears. Talk about another fire hazard. We always wondered why we kept having so much dust in the utility room, but didn’t know that was the reason. Thank you God. Thank you Tito for finding it and fixing it. An obstacle or a problem??

• The ceiling fan in my room was dead, well it was on its last round. Jeff was going to install a new one for me with a remote. Normally that would be a quick and easy job. For some reason or another (truthfully I don’t remember what the whole obstacle was) it turned into being a long job. He actually had to build an extra box so that the remote part of it could fit up into the fan on the ceiling. And as for the other ceiling fan in the dining room, Jeff was not able to use the remote at all. BUMMER. Welcome to my world. An obstacle or a problem??

• Last but not least we asked that everything be done by the end of Saturday. We just wanted to have the kitchen/utility room done. The floor, painting, the 220 line and the water line. I know that there were “obstacles” that came up but they told us that it would be done. “No problemo”. And as par for the course it is not… A bit disappointing to say the least. It is just when someone says they are going to do something, I kind of expect that… you know? I surely don’t expect them to go meet someone for another bid when they still haven’t finished this job that was promised to be done by a certain time. Now if there was not a time limit on this it would not be a deal at all, but this was important. Unfortunately both my mom and I get overwhelmed and stressed by things easily. I happen to be going in for a rather important medical treatment on Tuesday and we asked them to have this done so that I could have some time to relax and regroup myself before my treatment. Things never work out the way I would hope or like or expect them to… An obstacle or a problem??

I could list several other items as well, but I think this pretty much gives you an idea of what I am talking about. And I am only talking about the most recent work we are getting done. I won’t even begin to tell you about all of the other “obstacles” that have happened every other time we seem to have something done. We are supposed to get new fencing and I pray that there are NO obstacles for Jeff…or us for that matter.

I have always called them “problems” and Jeff likes to call them “obstacles”. Let me tell you after all of the “problems” or “obstacles” that we have gone through by now I am so OVER it, so exhausted, so tired, so “done” that I just want things to go smoothly. I don’t want a “problem” or an “obstacle”, whether it be big or small. Whether it can be easily fixable or not. I am glad that he can smile and say it is just an obstacle and that it can be fixed and not to worry. I wish I could too. An obstacle or a problem??

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