CUJO reborn


Doesn’t she look sweet and innocent? Yeah, I know she does. This is my little brown girl. This is also the one known as my Dad’s perfect favorite daughter, Tee-Tee. The reason she was known as this is because she simply was his favorite. I mean let’s think about it, she never talked back, never asked for money, or rides anywhere. She always wanted to be with him. See, favorite daughter. Heck, it took the pressure off of me.

After Dad passed, Tee-Tee became diabetic. I kept telling him that if she did become diabetic he was going to have to give her the injections. Humph! Wouldn’t you know it, she doesn’t become diabetic till after he dies. Once again it just goes to show you just how much she does love him. She waited to become diabetic until after he died so he wouldn’t have to give her the insulin shots. Let’s face it, we know Dad wouldn’t have been able to do it, and it still would have fallen on me.

I have to give her 2 shots a day. Once in the a.m. after her breakfast. That one seems to go pretty easy. I am thinking because she also gets 3 little pills at that time. I know most dogs you would have to trick them into taking the pills. NOT this one. She thinks they are treats and can’t wait for them. One is a liver flavored glucosamine and the other 2 are homeopathic tablets, Traumeel. They are for her hip and back pain. They are sugar coated so basically taste like candy to her. They are ok for her to have with her diabetes, don’t worry I checked it all out.

However, when I give her the shot in the p.m. it has become a joke. It is like she turns into CUJO. I guess she thinks it is supposed to scare me….but it doesn’t. I just smile at her and tell her to give me a kiss. She does but the whole time she is showing me her teeth (as if to scare me).

This is what Tee-Tee turns into when she gets her nightly insulin shot!


My nephew got married!

Seth & Amberlie Owens

My nephew got married on Sept 18, 2010. I still can’t believe it. It seems surreal really. My sister has 4 children and this is her oldest, Seth. They live in Alabama and I really don’t know any of her children, my nieces and nephews. It’s strange to say that and know that. I have met Seth and Caleb her 2 oldest sons. They were young… not even sure if they remember me. Ok… back onto the real subject. (Can you tell that this bothers me??)

Seth got married! He freaking got married. He married his girlfriend, Amberlie. I have never met or talked to her. They are both young. I am happy for them. The wedding was a quick wedding. They say they are not preggers. As long as they are happy that is all that matters.

Truth be told when I heard he was getting married I was a bit sad or disappointed. Not that I didn’t want him to get married. It is just that I had always imagined, well I truthfully imagined that Dad (Paw-Paw) would be there. But I guess he was there, looking down on Seth. Seth was his first grandchild. They had a special bond. Anyway I had always thought that we would be able to go; that there would be plenty of time to plan and for me and mom (Maw-Maw) to be there. To be able to be there and see everyone for a joyous occasion and not a sad one. To be able to celebrate in their new beginning.

I guess it wasn’t meant to be…

So I hope they had a beautiful wedding. I pray for them to be blessed with everlasting love, good health, common sense (b/c let’s face it not enough people in this world have it let alone know what it is),enough money to always pay the bills and have a little left over. May they be filled with love, and happiness in their souls and hearts.

Mr. & Mrs. Seth Owens on their wedding day
 I had to include a picture of the cakes.  My sister, Tina did them.  She did the flowers and cakes from my understanding. 

Wedding Cakes


Easy Targets?

I am sure you have heard me complain or get on my soapbox about this before, but I just feel I have to air this out another time. We are being walked all over again. Why is that? Are we easy targets? Do we have “SUCKER” written on our faces? What? Seriously, what is the freaking problem?

We have had some much needed work done around the house. We have had several different “handy man” or licensed contractors here to do the work. It doesn’t seem to matter who refers them to us, if they are licensed or not we always end up getting screwed. I just don’t get it. Anyone know why this always seems to happen? I like to think we are good people. We pray. We treat everyone nice, like how we would like to be treated. I mean seriously what gives?

We go over everything we want done with them and what we expect. They always seem so nice and genuine. My mom is so trusting, too trusting for her own good. Me on the other hand we have been screwed so many times I don’t trust anyone anymore. I hate to say that but it is true. I never thought I would be like that either. It seems like even though they say they understand what we want done it doesn’t get done that way. Or even if they do, do it the way we want they might damage something else in the process and just laugh it off. Really? Really? How can someone do that? How can someone do that? Whether you are a handyman or a licensed contractor or a friend, why would you and how could you?

Some recent examples:

Our A/C was installed almost a year ago. Well it was leaking and needed to be fixed. We have tried endlessly to get a hold of the company. No one returns our calls. They were so nice when they were here to install it. However, since it has broke not so nice in my point of view. So we had to buy the parts and pay someone else to fix it.

When we had to have a 220 hooked up it was necessary to create another crawl hole in our house. So the gentleman that did that installed the new window/cover. It needed to be painted to match the house. We have several different types of pain in our sheds as we had both the exterior/interior painted not too long ago. He grabbed a can of paint and thought it was the correct color (Navajo white). When I went out to check it out, it was a sand color from one of our rooms. Oops! He said that he would take care of that. That never happened. So again, we had to pay someone else to fix his mistake. Luckily we did have the correct paint for some reason he just didn’t see it.

When the fridge was delivered it was going to be a tight fit width wise. So we waited until the “gentleman” could shave off an area on the cupboard so it would slide in easily. Oh he shaved a piece off of the cupboard. So much that part of the counter top split and broke. But he will take care of that. We are still waiting for that to be taken care of. And he ended up denting our BRAND NEW SAMSUNG FRENCH DOOR FRIDGE. That was a little upsetting to say the least. If ya know what I mean.

We needed to have new fencing done. The redwood fencing is showing its age. So he took a look at everything measured and gave us a price. His price was a decent price. So I bought all of the supplies. He finally got started 3 months later because of reason after reason and then did the picket fence. He still needs to return to straighten it out, shall we say. As for the rest of the 6’privacy fence he realized he measured or “guesstimated” wrong. Ooops!! Are you kidding me? He had me buy 6x6 panels and we should have 6x8 panels. So he loaded them all up and returned them for us. He did that like speedy Gonzales. Let me tell you. He says you can get the 6x8 panels everywhere. Really? Nowhere in California. When we bought the 6x6 panels we bought then when they were on sale. The 6x8 not made in California and SO NOT ON SALE. He tells us not to worry as he going to find them for us. He wanted to be paid for ½ of the fencing job. My mom God love her was going to pay him; until I started throwing a HUGE FREAKING FIT. I tried talking her out of paying him at all or at least not half. She still paid him, not half but still more than what I would have given him. He said he needed the money for his house taxes. SO. And this affects me how? I know I sound like a horrible bitch, right? This is the man that has told us for months, that thinks of us as family. He would NEVER take advantage of us or do us wrong. Really?? I have sent him 2 emails asking for him to come over to fix the fence and the counter top that he trashed. He has NOT responded. Trust me he so does not want me to show up on his doorstep. I don’t care of all of his neighbors are fireman, police man, and FBI people.

Four examples are enough... at least for me they are. If I remember any more I am gonna be way more depressed than I already am.

So do we deserve this? Are we horrible people? Are we too trusting? I am at the point that I no longer give people the benefit of the doubt. Why should I …. I am the one that always end up getting screwed for being the “nice one”.


You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...

I borrowed this from my cousin for today's post.  My father was from the south and we always enjoyed the "redneck" jokes.  Hope y'all do to!

1. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...

The finance committee refuses to provide funds for the purchase of a chandelier because none of the members knows how to play one.

2. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
People ask, when they learn that Jesus fed the 5000, whether the two fish were bass or catfish, and what bait was used to catch 'em.

3. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
When the pastor says, "I'd like to ask Bubba to help take up the offering" and five guys and two women stand up.

4. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
Opening day of deer season is recognized as an official church holiday.

5. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if...
A member of the church requests to be buried in his 4-wheel-drive truck because "It ain't never been in a hole it couldn't get out of" (Love it!)

6. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
The choir is known as the "OK Chorale".

7. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
In a congregation of 500 members, there are only seven last names in the church directory.

8. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
People think "rapture" is what you get when you lift something too heavy.

9. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
The baptismal pool is a #2 galvanized " Wheeling " washtub.

10. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ....
The choir robes were donated by (and embroidered with the logo from) Billy Bob's Barbecue.

11. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
The collection plates are really hubcaps from a '56 Chevy.

12. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ..
Instead of a bell you are called to service by a duck call.

13. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
The minister and his wife drive matching pickup trucks.

14. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
The communion wine is Boone's Farm "Tickled Pink".

15. You Know You're in a Redneck Church if...
"Thou shall not covet" applies to huntin' dogs, too.

16. You know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
The final words of the benediction are, "Y'all come back now, Ya hear".

God Bless and don't fergit ta say yer prayers...


Oh no not the “C” word

I was talking to my cousin the other day and we got into a conversation about the dreaded “C” word. You know the one, the one that most women don’t really like to say let alone hear. I happen to be one of “those” women. Well he will sometimes say it. When his wife, Michelle worked at her job, she worked a lot with people in Australia. I guess the “C” word to them is equivalent to the “F” word for us. I had heard that somewhere awhile back but have never been privy to a conversation with someone from down under to experience it! When she first started working with the Australian area it was really shocking to her. I guess within a 15 minute conversation they might use the world a half a dozen times or so. After hearing it so often she basically got used to hearing it. After some time now she has come to use it from time to time.

I think most of us have those times when something happens and it seems when only a curse word will make you feel better. We all have that special word that seems to release the stress. For some it may be F-U-C-K, S-H-I-T, D-A-M-N and for some it may even be C-U-N-T. Micah and his wife from time to time have been known to use that word.

They have 2 beautiful little girls. Need I say more? Hee hee So the other day something happened and Charlie the oldest daughter wanted to use a curse word... well here is how the conversation went.

Charlie: Mommy I want to say a bad word, a curse word, but I don’t want to upset you and Daddy.
Mommy: What is the word Charlie?
Charlie: I don’t even want to say it. I do want to say it because I think it will make me feel better.
Mommy: What letter does the word start with?
Charlie: C
Mommy: Tell you what; how about if I let you say the word now, but then you can never say the word again?
Charlie: I don’t want you or Daddy to be mad at me.
Mommy: Why don’t you go talk to Daddy then?

(Daddy has been listening to this entire conversation) Mom and Dad are both thinking that their daughter want to use “THE C” word.

Charlie: Daddy, I am upset and I want to say a curse word, I think it would make me feel so much better.
Daddy: What is the word?
Charlie: It starts with a C.
Daddy: Well if you really think that it will make you feel better then maybe you should say it. Maybe you should just say it and get it over with. Remember though that if you say it now, you can never say that word again. Do you think you can do that?

My cousin and his wife are both sarcastic smart asses at heart. They are funny hilarious. They are great parents and take wonderful care of their 2 beautiful daughters. My cousin thinks of the “C” word as the mother of all curse words. I would have to agree with him on that one. So when his daughter came to him and told him that she wanted to say a curse word and it started with a C, he was elated. He was so proud of his smart little daughter. Here she is so young, upset and she had the general idea that if you are upset enough saying a curse word is suppose to make you feel better. Meanwhile mommy and daddy are exchanging looks back and forth wondering if they should let her do this or what? If they let her do this then she has said the word and promised to never say it again for the rest of her life. But if they let her do this, will this scar her for the rest of her life?

Charlie: If you and mommy aren’t going to get mad at me then I guess I am ok with saying the word.
Daddy: We won't be mad.  We told you that it was ok for you to say it this one time. 
DRUM ROLL please.

Charlie: CRAP!

Can I just tell you that my cousin was so disappointed? It was hysterical. As soon as he started telling me the story I knew Charlie wasn’t thinking about “the C” word, at least not the one he was thinking about. Here he was thinking that his daughter was going to make him proud in such a non traditional way. And then…he was so let down. I was laughing so hard…. I almost peed myself.

Outta the mouth of babes…


Remember when?

The other day I was driving home and saw a father and a daughter taking a walk. She was about 3 years old and oh so cute. He was holding her hand but what struck me was she was walking on the side of the street. I immediately heard my father’s voice in my head, “A true gentleman always walks on the side of the street.” That has always stayed with me. My father always did that with me and my mother. I will never forget when he first told me that.

You just don’t see that much anymore. So of course it got me to thinking and wondering if people teach their children these types of things nowadays. Here are some things that I grew up with as a “staple” in my daily family life. It makes me wonder that if maybe these types of things were instilled upon the children growing up today that maybe, just maybe things might be a bit different.

~We had a family dinner every night. It was rare when we didn’t. It wasn’t something I dreaded either, it was rather nice. (Value = Family time is important priceless)

~My father never cursed in front of us. It was so rare that when a curse word did come out of his mouth, you knew something horrible was about to happen! (Value =A sailor mouth does not make you more of a man)

~My father always opened doors. He opened the car doors, doors to buildings and pulled out your chair for you. (Value = Chivalry is always welcome)

~We always had family conversations. I knew what was going on in the family dynamics. I wasn’t kept in the “dark”, so to speak. We always communicated. They always made me feel as if I was an important part of the family. My opinion mattered. We discussed things before they happened. I was a part of the decision making (to a certain degree). (Value = Communication is fundamental and necessary)

We weren't so caught up with our cell phones, and computers and everything and anyone else.  We knew that family was the most important.  I learned the most important lessons from my parents, not from school, not the internet, not from friends.  My family is who taught me the most important lessons in life.  They are the ones that helped me navigate my way through the tough times and have stood by my through it all. 

What happened?  Where did all of this go?  I don't see this anymore.  The parents are all caught up on their blackberries and laptops, the kids are texting or sexting or on their computers or Wiis.  No one is communicating and no one knows who is doing what.  And then the world wonders why the kids do what they do.  Parents... WAKE UP... be a family and reconnect and communicate.

I don't understand what parents /families are thinking or are they???


Don’t put a paint brush in Jeff’s hand.

We have been having some work done around our house. Some much needed work if you ask me. We were also able to get a new stove and new fridge. If you remember in a previous blog I wrote about how nothing is ever easy and we always seem to have obstacles and yet here we go again.

Jeff our angel was over doing some things around the house. This is the retired fire fighter. I will have to tell you all about him another time as he is a great person and has some great stories. He was referred to us through a friend and literally has become a part of our family, an angel if you will. Mom and I really feel blessed to have found him. He reminds us so much of Dad with the quality of his workmanship. You just don’t find that anymore.

When we got the electric stove we had to have a 220 put in. Of course this wasn’t an easy task because we were never told it had to be double grounded and blah blah blah. Like I said thank goodness we have Jeff otherwise we would have been up a creek without a paddle if ya know what I mean. He was able to take care of this. However one of the things he had to do was cut out another opening in our house for a crawl space and work area.

The colors of our house are Navajo White and the trim is a very pale peach. He finally got the screen and door/window done like he wanted so he installed it the other day. We thought we had some left over paint from when we painted the outside of the house (awhile back). I looked but I only found the trim color. After a few minutes he tells me he found it. I was like ok. I was in the house and figured no worries. Mind you he has always told us the one thing he doesn’t like doing is PAINTING. I can hear him outside painting that area. Of course when he is done he wants me to come look at it. So I appease him and go out there to look at it. Right away I notice it is NOT Navajo White. I get right in front of it and take a few steps back and see that it is a color from when we painted the inside of the house. Which is one of the light browns!! I tried not to laugh too loud, but I just couldn’t help myself. I told him that it wasn’t Navajo White. He said sure it is. I pulled him away from the house so he could take a look at it, and while I am pulling him away he is saying once it dries it will match. He looks at it and says, “Oh Fuck, it doesn’t match. You should never put a paintbrush in my hand.” Just so the record is straight here, I never put the paintbrush in his hand. Granted I/we are grateful that he did do this, but I did not make him do this. Don’t you just love the way you always get blamed for something someone else does?

Then he proceeds to tell us, that he thinks he is colorblind! Nice time to mention that to us now bucko! So on the driveway side of our house; we have an area that is a light brownish color. And because he saw some areas in the nearby area he also painted those “scratches” so it is a bit “colorful” on the driveway side I will say. He says he has some Navajo White paint at home. However, since he says he is color blind, I just want to make sure that it really says that color and he is not going by the looks of it.

He said he felt bad about doing that. So then he offered to paint the rest of the house in the “new” color that he did the door/window in. Ummm… yeah, thanks but no thanks.


Wordless Wednesday -A Typical Day at Kitten Rescue's Sanctuary - 2009

A friend sent this to me in an email and I LOVED it.  So of course I had to share it with you's.  It was too cute not to.